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The Black History Month Scam

Updated on February 1, 2016

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What is Black History Month?

Black history month is a 28 day period of time (during the month of February) that 'celebrates' the history of black or melinated people. The month-long celebration began as 'Negro History Week' [1926] started by Carter G. Woodson.

Who was Carter G. Woodson

The Problem with Black History

It seems that no matter where you go in the United States there can be found various ideals regarding black history month. To me, the most important thing to acknowledge is that black history seems to begin at the start of the transatlantic slave trade. We now understand that melinated[black] people have made up most of this planets history (so for several million years) and for the passed 6 or so thousand has been European haploid groups that have added to the worlds historic recording.

Black History Month

Black History Month
Black History Month | Source

We Can't Forget but we must Control

We as melinated[black] people can't forget any aspect of our history but we must begin to control the image of black history month. Starting our history as slaves is the worst thing one could do for the cultivation of our children. Learning that pre-Hellenistic African peoples built the pyramids at Giza, and that the richest man on earth to this day is Mansa Musa would do a world of good for our children.

Mansa Musa [Richest Man who Ever Lived]


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