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The Black Souls of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Updated on August 1, 2016

I must confess, a year ago, I was going to vote for Trump. I have never liked Hillary. But, that was last year. Now, Trump is simply a self-centered man, so narcissistic, so willing to stoop so low to punch back at an immigrant American family whose U.S. Army officer was killed simply because he was Muslim. It is unconscionable to even conceive that a presidential candidate would feel threatened by a man calling him a “dark soul” who needs guidance. It does not take much imagination what Trump speaks when in private about Khizr Khan, the immigrant who finally stood up to him and called him what other Republicans are afraid to say.

The apathy and anger Trump causes is like a tsunami of intolerance and arrogance. Trump acts like a rotten teenager and if elected, he would think he was “King” of America. The more he talks, the more I cannot stand him. His stupidity over NATO, Russia and Middle East, just shows he is incompetent to be President of the USA. How many more idiotic things can possibly come out of his mouth???

Trump is a con man. He seldom presents any details about how he will make America great again. This is not to say Hillary is a Godsend, by the contrary, she has a rather dark soul as well, although not has excessive. She continues to lie about the Email scandal and spins what the U.S. Attorney stated about her in her favor in a devil-like manner (it is stunning to see), then there is the Benghazi lies openly made to the public about the real situation, and more lies about her role regarding healthcare for children passed in 1997, in which, she had very little to do with. That was a bill created by Bob Dole, a Republican, in 1996, and one Bill Clinton liked and got passed. Hillary had zero to do with that (her bill was defeated in 1994). Fact checkers who fact checked Hillary’s comments about the Email called her the Mother of all Liars.

I suppose Trump might be called a black soul without class or reservations and petulant, while Hillary is a lesser black soul with class and with too much reservation but adult-like. Hillary’s fondness of socialism steers her policies and America will be more like a Sweden.

If Trump continues to be as he is, Hillary will win a huge landslide and Trump will just go back to be being a billionaire, like he said he would. To him, it’s just one more thing to accomplish.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 18 months ago

      I would say ditto for Trump

    • profile image

      Sunny 18 months ago

      Hillary is old, fat, unhealthy slob