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The Blessing of Trump

Updated on January 22, 2018

Trump's presidency may actually be a blessing in disguise

At a time when President Trump is receiving a lot of criticism for his opinions and views, many of us overlook the good his presidency has brought about. The very comments people criticize him for, have actually brought our country together.

From the very moment Trump began running his campaign, people stood up against what he had to say and held protests and rallies. But these displays of defiance had something unique. There were people from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicity, and cultures. There were people who had nothing to gain, personally, from these protests, who still came and made there voices be heard. It was what appeared to be a true United States of America.

Take the protests against the travel ban, that was directed towards mainly Muslim countries. Thousands of people, many of them Non-Muslims, protested at airports from Detroit to Dallas to Seattle and many other cities nationwide. Many of these people had almost nothing in common. Some were wealthy, some were religious leaders, some were politicians, and some were just the average person. But there was something that everyone had in common: they were all Americans who knew the value of freedom and justice and understood that there must be equality for all.

It is a concept that has shaped American politics, policy, and everyday life in America. The concept of the basic, undeniable rights and freedoms of every human being. It was a concept that required a unity of the people of America, a unity which was quite hard to find in the last few decades. A unity that has arrived with Trump. While there are still many differences in our country today, we have shown that when it comes down to the basic freedoms and rights of human beings, Americans will always stand together.

© 2018 Abdul Siddiqui


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 7 weeks ago

      The blessing is the complete and total destruction of the Republican Party. We are finally calling out the false religous leaders, racist and hypocrits. We are redefining that true patriots stand up to traitors and tyrants who threaten our democracy and its institutions. WE are going to need imigrants to replace all those who should leave this country if we do not put them in prison first.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 8 weeks ago from Toronto, Canada

      I am one of the people that wished for Chaos. I thought: "Another *%^&ing Clinton!?! That's ridiculous. Is The United States just switching from the Bush Dynasty to the Clinton Dynasty? With a break in between once in a while."

      So, the Orangutan-in-Chief is good. He's going to destabilize the country and send many people to the gutter, or even deeper in the gutter than they already were. Here, one might say that I am some sort of a heartless creature. I'm not and I can explain.

      I grew-up in a dictatorship. Something between how North Korea is now and how Cuba is now: not as bad as North Korea and not as good as Cuba. By the end of the 1980s we were literally nearly freezing in our apartment in the winter. The queues for bread were hours long. Water and electricity were cut-off several times a week at unknown times and for unknown periods. You can have the hot water shut-off in the middle of your shower ... ya, life was pretty harsh. Things kept going from bad to worse when finally in 1989 the Romanian people took to the streets. Thousands upon thousands died but in the end we (not so much me because I was only about twelve years old - I do remember seeing the tanks on the streets and the tracers from bullets at night) overthrew the dictator and ended a 45 year long dictatorship.

      It took a lot of pain from everyone to move the masses and that is generally the case: people don't take radical actions unless their own being is at risk. Thar for me is a problem: we shouldn't wait until we're starving to act. We should always be involved in politics, vote, be informed and so on. That's not how things are though so, in a weird and messed-up way I am happy the Trump is wrecking the country: finally people are waking up. I wish You guys well down there! May the best come out of this. Cheers!