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The Blue Wall - Why Police Officers are Necessary for Every Community

Updated on August 11, 2016

The social compact theory is a political doctrine that most people do not understand academically, but people surely understand it from a practical standpoint. The theory basically encompasses the notion that all communities have security and emergency needs that the private sector cannot provide from a profit position. The answer to this social dilemma is to establish community police departments in locales of all qualified definable regions where law enforcement and emergency responders can operate in an official capacity. These are commonly called police departments and fire departments, often referred to as the Blue Wall.


Local townships are not the only social structures that need security agencies.States likewise also maintain official state policing agencies that assist the local officers in maintaining law and order, along with serving as official investigation officers when a crime has been committed. It is true enough that officers very often are not in the immediate vicinity when a criminal act occurs, but the capacity to investigate and pursue perpetrators is an important power when it comes to stopping subsequent criminal behavior by the same individuals. In addition, they also serve as official information clearinghouses following auto accidents and other calamities that result in civil claims. Officers actually do much more than serve and protect, as the motto goes.

Problems Rise

Criminal deterrence is another service provided by policing agencies in all communities across the nation, as many crimes are often abated when there is a significant chance police officers are in a specific location. The policy is one of deterrence by appearance. Common citizens may observe crime and attempt to stop it, but they do not really have the power to arrest. Actually, in many cases, even getting involved is something that very few individuals are willing to do for a variety of reasons. This creates a better condition for crime to flourish as well, which means the police must be very cognizant of the fact that many crimes are witnessed but not reported.

This potential is problematic for many localities that experience a high crime rate, as police department human resources are often depleted in areas of low economic growth and a growing crime rate. This disparity in economic viability of a community presents a specific problem for police and citizens alike, and being an officer in a high crime area can be much different from being an officer in a community with an extremely low crime rate. Because we know this disparity will always continue to exist, we will see even more need for the Blue Wall within our communities providing an acceptable level of security for reasonable law-abiding citizens.

David Firester is the founder of TRAC Intelligence, an intelligence analysis firm in New Jersey.


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