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The Brainwashing of America

Updated on June 9, 2019

Antoine is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, June 9, 2019. Our French friend, Antoine, is at the stove preparing home-made cinnamon rolls with warm butter. I am beside Antoine mixing up a batch of French lattes to complete the meal. Antoine has just returned from a comprehensive trip around the nation. He stopped on many college campuses and spent quality time observing this next generation of citizens. He stopped in many large cities and overheard conversations about life in this country that turned his dark head gray. He's worried, dear Poppers. Please join us this morning for breakfast and a chat. Talking about the things that trouble us is important. Antoine needs us. See you soon.


It Starts With the Children

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table this morning. As Pop explained, I have just returned from a trip around the nation. My findings are sobering, to say the least. One of my stops was at the University of Maryland. I overheard Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips asking students who they trusted more, the Trump administration or Communist China. Our future leaders chose Communist China. It isn't only stupidity that created such an answer. Responses like this are being fueled by the presence of cultural exchange centers on college campuses that are funded by the Chinese government. Anyone who thought this was a great idea needs to go back to school and start at the beginning. The CIA considers these groups to be a national security risk, serving as spy centers for the Chinese. There are 91 such centers in our country. There is somewhat of a push to have them removed, but it is slow to get off the ground. The students who were questioned admitted that they don't know anything about the Chinese government, but they believe that any attempt to get them off campus is "racist." I don't know why parents are wasting money on these kids. They will graduate as uninformed as they were when they went in. They will have beliefs, but they will be formed by liberal professors and Chinese spies. The combination is toxic and dangerous.


More Trouble in the Schools

La Plata High School in Maryland is the perfect example of education going into territory where they don't belong. A student in the school was punished in her high school class for refusing to write the Islamic conversion creed that says that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Her teacher told the class that most Muslims 'faith is stronger than the average Christian's belief in God. The class was also shown a power point presentation that taught the students that Muslims believe that Allah is the God of Christianity and Judaism. We shouldn't be ignoring incidents like this, because they are a sign of what is to come. Given the reluctance of the left wing media to talk about sensitive issues like this, we probably don't know of many more such examples of schools pushing propaganda.


We are Puppets

Evidence of fake news, censorship of conservative viewpoints and outright lying is all around us every single day. Turn on CNN and get the news as seen by liberals who beat the tenets of journalism to death and replaced it with fantasy, bigotry and lies.

Yahoo users are exposed to a constant stream of liberal interpretations of the news. Their articles target conservative points of view. They oppose the president, his supporters, Christians, Israel and everyone and everything that doesn't conform to their leftist philosophy. They aren't dispensing news anymore than CNN is. Americans are having lies and distortions shoved down their throats on a steady, unrelenting basis.

Facebook imposes their bias regularly, as well. This article may not make it past their censors if they spot the picture of the mosque. I thought we valued free speech in this country, but it appears to be losing its appeal among many who are brainwashed and undereducated.


Save this Baby

This adorable baby deserves to grow up in a nation that values her right to life, her right to free speech and her right to demand the truth from those we put in place to serve and protect us. The only way she will get a fighting chance is if we get rid of the brainwashing in our schools and universities. We need to teach history so that future citizens will learn from our mistakes and never repeat them. We need to protect our past and stop tearing down statues that falsely offend our sensibilities. We need to give zero tolerance to those who stifle free speech. We need to graduate true journalism students who understand that they have a responsibility to cover the news and present it truthfully. We need to elect people to represent us fairly, and we need to rid ourselves of self-serving losers who pretend to work for us while working only for themselves. All of this is possible. We just have to want it enough and believe in it enough to make it happen. Let's do it!

Antoine's Song

Let's go

Children of the homeland

The day of reckoning has arrived

Against you tyranny's ugly flag is raised!


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