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The Business Elites' Request for the Removal of Donald Trump

Updated on May 20, 2017

The New York Times reported President Trump was boasting to Russian officials. “I just fired the head of the FBI, he was crazy, a real nut job”, stated Donald Trump. Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s top diplomat, was rather happy and convivial with Trump’s administration so he decided to make some jokes himself.

However, what resonates in the dark corridors of the White House are the embarrassing leaks that undermine Trump’s administration. It’s no secret that The Donald has a personal grudge against the New York Times, often mocking them as a failed enterprise. The New York Times know that the rich and privileged enjoy the company of the White House fraternity.

The Roman Emperor Tiberius would often ask his adversaries for a pledge of allegiance by kissing the imperial ring. Once they would kiss the imperial ring, Tiberius would give them the option and method of their death.

FBI Director James Comey may have understood Roman history and refused to kiss the imperial ring. Comey may have exchanged peasantries by telling Trump he wasn’t under investigation, but Comey had his own agenda and was secretly giggling behind Trump’s back knowing fully well that Trump was actually closely being investigated.

Comey’s virtues did not correspond with Trump’s elitist behavior towards an administration stacked with business elites. He believed that Trump’s empirical virtues were not good for the American public. The business elites in the Trump administration believe they are the ruling class and play a significant role in the departure of the managerial and bureaucratic elites that have dominated the White House.

The concept is based on the shape of ideas of a dynastic business family that demands loyalty as a symbol and a personal enrichment towards their family. This is a direct conflict with the well-entrenched US borderless transnational corporations driven by homogenizing the global world.

Trump’s business elites are suffering from an inward disposition stemming from his own leadership. That means that the US corporate values of globalization are not embedding themselves into the national values and will of the American conscious.

Globalization plays a dominant role in business, however the most coherent picture that Trump offers international business is simply “Making America Great”. However, this goes against the composition of US business and their relationship with America.

Business elites are not in power to constrain democratic citizenship; they are in power to manage capitalism and democracy for the benefit of the organization. The business elites are aware that capitalism can be hijacked by small groups and therefore their relationship with political elites is crucial.

Unfortunately this is something that Donald Trump just doesn’t understand. He managed to stack his cabinet with business elites to satisfy his agenda of “Making America Great Again”. Business elites are not in a habit of populating the word “great” with satisfactory business practices. For them, the term “great” becomes an undiscovered term.

Business elites may ask themselves what the exact mechanism and methods are behind “Make America Great Again”. The words themselves are meaningless because it negates their existence and power. Remember, wealthy business elites remove themselves from any responsibility from unsafe nationalism that erodes their power and privilege. The business elites’ function is to participate in the production and legitimacy of the state.

Many of the business elites are thrilled to be part of Trump’s administration; however they may have realized that Trump has completely gone berserk with seemingly contradictory goals. Business elites define their social networks and cultural identities through their compatriots, not Donald Trump who possesses the linguistic skills of a regressive 10-year old.

The business elites endorsed Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, and they’ve realized that nothing positive can ever come from Donald Trump and his imperial family. When Trump embraced the business elites with open arms, he failed to realize that behind closed doors these business elites engaged and talked amongst themselves.

Business elites establish close congenial relationships with the presumption of Democratic ideals and economic efficiency. It’s highly unlikely that Trump’s White House leaks are perpetrated by Obama’s political elites whose primary goal is to resist Trump’s agenda at any cost.

Trump’s business elites realize that the word “great” that Mr. Trump pontificates was borrowed by foreign nationalism that caters to a destructive Republic rather than a competitive efficient market. It was America’s frequent acceptance and adaptation of foreign beliefs that expanded wealth as prominent feature to expand and prosper by reducing geopolitical distance to innovate global business.

America’s frequent communication and interaction with its allies does not limit their difference and isolation from each other, it simply generates wealth and efficiency in the globalization of international business. Trump’s administration is not a dialogue of innovation, dynamic market efficiency, or prosperity towards its allies, it is a frequent interaction with an imperial family that prioritizes their own wealth and enrichment rather than the common man.

Trump lacked the technical knowledge to identify that administrative and managerial elites are far more loyal than business elites hungry for an extra dollar in their pocket at the expense of the wellbeing of others.

Trump acknowledged Ivanka Trump as an influential figure in the imperial family. This means the white, uneducated Americans that voted for Trump have lost their voice in the American Dream. A poorly-paid official exists to secure his or her employment. Business elites on the other hand have a keen appreciation of vested flexible scruples and vast resources to mirror their own agenda.

American historians have to come to terms with the fact that bureaucrats are contribution-dependant politicians and that the polarity between business elites and bureaucratic elites was never diminished by Mr. Trump. Any time a US corporation has to respond to competition and investments abroad Trump simply picks up the phone and threatens corporate elites. He has become a state actor and an extreme political threat to their survival of the fittest.

Trump’s economic and industrial vision is not compatible with globalized business. He lacks the credibility in securing geopolitical order and his paranoid nature of being loved by the US media elites has allowed business elites to move in as predatory competitors to combat an unproductive President. The reason why the business elites are quite good at insulating themselves from unwanted disturbances is because of the fact that they’re able to communicate amongst themselves and establish the American Dream as they see fit.

Some historians are changing the face of Roman history. Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula was accused of being the worst, paranoid ruler of ancient Roman times. All the documented evil that he brought to the Roman Republic was written by the historian and Emperor Claudius and of course many other historians legitimizing Claudius’ view. The ones who benefited from Caligula’s assassination were the wealthy Romans that picked Claudius as their new supreme ruler. The new supreme ruler allowed the production and efficiency of the Roman Empire to expand globally and position themselves as the innovative dominant player of the Ancient World.

The wealthy eat their own, it is the rule and has governed humanity since the beginning of its existence.


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