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The Case Against Roethlisberger

Updated on April 16, 2010

The Boy's Club

Blash and Big Ben before the alleged incident
Blash and Big Ben before the alleged incident
Cops and alleged rapist.
Cops and alleged rapist.

A Picture of the 'Alleged' Rape

I was raised by women.  As such, I have never been much for boys’ clubs. I never really liked locker rooms, or the whole boys night out unless it involved something with females.  I would have never joined a gang. I was not made for the Army; my mouth is too big.  I like team sports but I often find it offensive being around men because they degrade women. I tried to be a cop but it was not for me.

Now I love women. I love to look at them. I am visual just like any man and a beautiful or sensuous woman really turns me on.  I love to watch women dance and I love to dance with them.  Put a beautiful naked woman in front of me and my mind runs to prurient and blood rushes through me so fast I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. However, those women who raised me taught me that when a woman says no, they mean no and that I should be respectful of that. Ben Roethlisberger and Jerry Blash should learn that lesson.

It seems that Big Ben and Blash, a local police sergeant in Milledgeville, GA, both decided that the young alleged victim was lying.  Blash was the first officer the girls approached the night one of them accused Roethlisberger of rape.  Blash’s words exact were: “We have a problem. This drunken bitch, drunk off her ass, is accusing Ben of rape," said Sgt. Blash "This pisses me off. Women can do this. It's bullshit but we've got to do this, we've got to do a report. This is BS. She's making shit up.”

Ben, for his part, told a friend that the Police were at the club that night because he and a girl had been fooling around in the back and she fell.  He went on to say that he had told the police after she fell that he told her that he wasn’t going to do anything else and she should leave.  The friend said he took “fooling around” to mean kissing and such. It seems that cops surrounded Ben that night.  There are several pictures of him with cops, including two with he and Blash.  Any guy who has ever been at one of these male testosterone bashes knows that the conversation runs to sports and women.  Men point them out, talk about their anatomy, and talk about what they want to do with them.  So let’s paint an imaginary picture of what happened that night and you let me know how accurate you think I am.

Ben and his body guards, two off-duty officers from Pennsylvania, go from club-to-club.  According to both parties, neither knew or asked where the other was going to be.  They see the same girls as they go from one stop to the next.  In the last stop, Ben stops to shoot the bull with a group of officers.  Some of them are on duty and some are off.  They all take some time to bask in Ben’s last second touchdown throw to Santonio Holmes with .35 seconds left in their last Super Bowl.  Ben takes time to explain just what happened.  He signs some autographs.  He takes a few pictures and retires back to the VIP room with his bodyguards at the door. 

A diagram of the bar shows that the VIP room was cordoned off from the rest of the bar and there was a hallway next to it that lead to the small bathroom.  There was a black curtain that covered the entrance to that hallway.  This group of girls stated that they had talked to Roethlisberger twice earlier that evening.  He called the alleged victim a tease. Once, he made some crude sexual remarks they said.  So, the bodyguards spot the same girls enter the last bar.  He tells Ben about it. 

According to reports, there are already several girls in the VIP area.  He instructs his employee to invite the girls in.  Reports say the women and just Ben and his friends.  He offers them several shots and then picks his prey.  His bodyguard escorts a very inebriated young lady back to the hallway under the guise of having her sit down.  All of the witnesses reported that the young lady was escorted to the back and Ben followed her.  The young lady reported that Ben came into the hallway with his penis exposed and said, “You can do what you want too.” It was as if he thought it was a trophy that all young women craved.

“I told him no, that this was not ok,” she said.  She gets up and tries to get away from him.  She enters the nearest opened door and Ben follows her.  Reports say that he comes out about 10 minutes later.  Her friends talk to the two cops that are trying to stop them from getting to their friend.  They tell them that it is not ok.  One of the cops says that they don’t know what one of the young ladies are talking about. They talk to the club manager and he says “Ben is a professional quarterback, he would never do anything to hurt his reputation.”

The young lady’s friend report finding her outside and that she says we have to leave here now. She tells them what happened and they flag down Blash. He takes their report and goes to his colleagues with his assessment of the victim.

I have a daughter. It outrages me that men allegedly stood by and watched as one of America’s heroes abused a human being. Not a bitch and not a whore, but a college student: a person who was out to have a little fun with her friends not to look at Big Ben’s penis. What if this was one of our daughters and Ben was an illegal immigrant or black. He wouldn’t need suspending.  He would be in jail and condemned to the penitentiary.  Something happened in that bathroom and because the alleged victim is a woman and she ran into a boys club of athletes and cops and she is not to be trusted. How sad.            


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    • BJBenson profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      I hate to say that women are treated badly every. I don't know a country that the females have true equal rights.The bad thing is sometimes women don't even stand up for each other or their own children.I am sure God is watching him and all the others.


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