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The Case for Immortality

Updated on August 18, 2014

The Case for Immortality

This is kind of ridiculous when you take the long view because

"in the long run we are all dead"

as the saying goes. Ridiculous because death is a life-and-death matter. We should not need to make a case for life. However, we are talking about ultimate life. Living forever. Not living for a short time and then getting sick of it and either consciously or unconsciously plotting our own demise.

Let's pretend that you are reading this because you really would like to live forever. Immortality sounds like a good deal. You have a lot planned for your life and living forever would allow you to get it done. Or perhaps you want to live forever because you simply love the luxury of time. Free time. Not having to rush. Being able to take your time. Sleeping as long as you want. Working as long as you want. Sex as long as you want. Playing video games as long as you want. Reading as long as you want. Traveling as long as you want. Thinking as long as you want. Without interruption.

For the more evolved, the above sounds great. Guess what? Is is great!


  1. Medical research obviously. But is this all?
  2. Safety engineering the world and eventually the universe so that accidents don't kill us.
  3. Crime prevention. Not that pre-crime and prior restraint stuff though. That would kill freedom and make life not worth living. But certainly it would be sensible to remove violent types from the gene pool by sterilization since capital punishment either isn't enough or isn't working. Perhaps voluntary sterilization. Murderers agreeing to sterilization as a way to avoid capital punishment or to get paroled.
  4. Natural disaster preparedness. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, blizzards, tornadoes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters can be forecast with varying degrees of accuracy and we are getting better at it. Along with better forecasting though, we need better evacuation and better building codes. And in the past ten thousand years or so, our species has not even seen the worst that nature can dish out: asteroids hitting Earth, a star going supernova, and a black hole hitting a planet,
  5. Man-made disasters prevention and preparedness.

Wars can be avoided by keeping fools out of politics. We can avoid dams bursting and bridges collapsing by simply insisting on good architecture and good engineering and good maintenance. Pollution, overpopulation, and climate change are harder to deal with because there are actually idiots who think pollution and overpopulation are good things (George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh) which would be okay if they were not so influential. Moreover, the culprits resist any attempt to save the human race because they think it is God's will for us to suffer and die. Sounds like blasphemy to me but other people apparently think God is a cruel vicious sadist. Which of course proves that they are devil worshipers because good is good and evil is evil. Dying is a bad thing. These people believe that to stop pollution and reverse climate change and stop fornicating and squirting out children violates God's plan. Again, where does it say in the Bible that poor stewardship of the Earth is a good thing? In every parable Jesus was always talking about good stewardship. Polluting the earth is really sacrilege because God made the Earth. Be fruitful and multiply? Fine when there was just Adam and Eve. But by the time of Jesus, people were using early methods of birth control (abstinence, herbs, and even infanticide). No where does Jesus condemn the practice since it was mostly confined to what medical dictionaries term "monsters" who could not survive anyway. They can outlaw abortion if they want but families will simply get RU486 on the black market. Nothing can stop illegal drug trafficking. I inject Jewish and Christian thought not to annoy atheists, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists but to deal with the usual objections to fixing the most dangerous unsolved problems of our time: overpopulation, climate change and pollution. One had to wonder if jailing the Koch Brothers and Rush Limbaugh would save the human race because our so-called leaders would then not be afraid to act. In the meantime, we have to breathe toxic cancer-causing pollution because Rush scares Republicans back into line and Democrats have no backbone. If a baby was drowning, they would say save it but Louisiana and entire nations are seeing their lowlands lost to the sea. Read up on Venice Italy, the Maldives, and Bangladesh and look at video of these places. If you are reading this, then you are intelligent enough not to need convincing. The problem is the people who say: "Don't bother me with the facts. Everything is opinion." The way to deal with the morons holding up progress on reversing climate change is to:

  1. Ridicule them as they have ridiculed the science
  2. Enforce the law where they have committed crime (Rush for instance got caught using drugs)
  3. Take away the broadcasting license of climate change deniers since they are a clear and present danger. Every scientist and every national leader has accepted the reality that the poles are melting measurably and you can see the Arctic Ocean has changed from floating white ice to open dark ocean absorbing heat from the sun.
  4. In some cases, the nuts really are nuts and can and should be put in mental hospitals.
  5. Criminalize denial.
  6. Attack them on Biblical grounds as I have done above. Do not give them a leg to stand on whether it is Scripture, science, opinion leaders (quote Republican conservatives who accept the reality of climate change), emotional blackmail (get their children to guilt them) or political.
  7. Politically destroy any politician who won't publicly admit the existence of climate change on a very simple basis: denial of reality means that they are mentally ill.
  8. Politically destroy any politician who won't publicly admit the existence of climate change on another basis: They are criminals. Dig up every crime that they have ever committed. Get them behind bars. Vote for their opponent in opinion polls and primaries and general elections. Contribute money to their opponent. Boycott the businesses of climate change deniers. They are trying to kill you so you need to respond. Recall them from office or get them impeached. Deluge the climate change deniers with postal mail, phone calls, and personal visits. But no email. That is spam.
  9. There are Christians (like me) who take the environment and our stewardship of it seriously as a responsibility. Ask such individuals to go and rebuke the Rush Limbaughs of the world.
  10. Of course, Rush may actually be a devil worshiper in which case we should pray for God to smite him. It is either the whole world getting destroyed or Rush. I vote that we pray and ask God to smite Rush. The troubles of Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox "News", should serve notice that God moves in mysterious ways.

It is most unfortunate that as I look across the Internet at websites devoted to immortality that this is the most political one. But what can you do? Space travel to move to a safer planet is not available yet. So we have to clean up this Earth that we have turned into a toxic waste dump.

Baroness Susan Greenfield giving a talk at the Said Business School, Oxford, as part of the Tomorrow's People conference on life extension in March 2006.
Baroness Susan Greenfield giving a talk at the Said Business School, Oxford, as part of the Tomorrow's People conference on life extension in March 2006. | Source
Photo courtesy of Alcor Life Extension Foundation.
Photo courtesy of Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Should there be an Immortality Party?

Unlike some other ideas I am testing, I am reluctant to politicize the ultimate idea -- ultimate life -- immortality but Immortalists may find themselves unable to sit on the sidelines as ephemerals destroy the planet because we live here too and will die along with everyone else if Rush and the Koch Brothers prevail.

Worse, hypocrites like Rush will claim that climate is not changing and then say out of the other side of their mouth something like "it's a good thing, they'll be able to grow citrus in Northern Canada." You just want to ask one of those Tea Party nuts who take guns to town hall meetings to . . . no, let's not go there. Even though the radio ranters tell their disturbed listeners in code words to take a gun and kill liberals.

Do you see why taking away their broadcast license is reasonable? They are engaging in criminal behavior that would not be tolerated if it came from the Left.

And there you have it. Immortality is way too important to be tossed back and forth between Left and Right politics. But again, what choice do we have?

Should there be an Immortality Party? And if so, should it be a small single-issue party to represent our interests among ephemerals? Or should it set out to win over one hundred percent of the world's population?

The only way we can ever be safe is if we all understand that Death is the real enemy not some jackass like Rush or some imagined New World Order that the Tea Party fears in its wet dreams.


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