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The Case for a Civilian Party

Updated on April 20, 2014

civilians: a case of lack of identity

A civilian is someone not in the military. What kind of identity is that? Defined by what you are not. Is is no wonder that wars are so common when the noncombatants are so disorganized. It is no wonder that world peace seems as remote and far removed into the distant future as ever.

Make no mistake. It generally is not generals who start wars but warmongering civilians. Case in point: The Iraqi War was started by people who never served. Kerry was a multiple decorated veteran but was pilloried by Republicans who never went to Viet Nam. Bush went AWOL from his National Guard unit to campaign for chicken hawk Republicans and has never been prosecuted. Chicken hawks are pro-war but are too cowardly to fight on the front lines. Real military people tend to be anti-war because they have actually seen the horrors of war (people blown to pieces for example).

So the Civilian Party is not anti-military. It is pro-peace. It is for looking before we leap and not putting our children in harm's way because we want to distract from pressing domestic issues like no jobs, filthy air, filthy lakes & rivers, overpriced energy, crumbling infrastructure, food dangerously contaminated with chemicals, national disasters & recovery, and the national debt. Even the military themselves have pointed out that national security means the people back home have jobs, clean environment, strong economy, reliable transportation systems, andsafe food & drugs. Otherwise, what are we fighting for? Blood for oil? We are not the first, second or even third to point out that oil addiction lowers national security because we are enriching the people attacking us. We are not getting low priced oil from Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan and even if we were, then we should switch to electric cars anyway because it is better for the environment.

So exactly who are we as civilians? We have already said that we are not against the military because they protect us but that protection needs to be at home. The US Air Force, the US Army and the US Navy were apparently all overseas on September 11th, 2001. And when the hurricanes Katrina and Rita slammed the Gulf States and especially Louisiana, it was the relatively small and underfunded Coast Guard that came out as the heroes to rescue people. During other national disasters, we need the National Guard at home not overseas.

So are we isolationists? Or are we for an intelligent foreign policy (for a change) ?

Are we small government advocates? Perhaps. But do we understand the role of government investment in new industries? Only the stupid fail to understand that the poles are melting (despite the news footage they've seen on TV) and that green is the only way to go. So why are tax incentives structured to encourage death and dinosaur industries like oil, coal and fission? Why are the idiot politicians cutting programs, grants, and tax breaks for green industry? Don't they understand that green industry is the only sector that is generating lots of jobs? Don't they understand that green industry will help get us out of the Second Great Depression? Don't they care that green industry gives us the only chance of reversing climate change?

So what are we as civilians? Why is it so hard to answer the question? No wonder that in so many countries, the military despairs over the lack of civilian leadership and declares a coup d'etat. Is this where the idea of a dedicated Civil Service comes from? Can we trust Republicans to govern when they clearly and plainly state that they are against government and deliberately set out to make darn sure that it does not work properly. The Bush Administration proved that.

We need a vision of what it means to have a civil society. No crime, few (or no) wars, manners, and an advanced civilization. What does that mean? Does civilization mean the Golden Age of Greece without the slavery?

Perhaps this is our identity as civilians.

The Civilian Party

Almost all people (near 100%) in a limited poll, think that to put the Republicans and Democrats out of business and to replace them that we need a party based on a broad consensus rather than a narrow single issue party. I, your editor, have kept back those sort of ideas and not published them because the big parties today (the Republicans and Democrats) are broad and bland and do nothing.

67% of people (in a limited poll) think that the best idea for a political party is one based on our (mostly) civilian status. A significant percent of the population is military rather than civilian but even they come from families that are mostly civilians. Babies and seniors cannot be in the military for example. And not every married couple has both husband and wife in the military. Most often it is just one of them. So most of us are civilian and thank God for that. There are countries like Burma/Myanmar where the military does not like who is elected president and simply has a coup d'etat. If the military tried that stunt in this country, there would be a lot of generals fired (at the very least) and a lot of generals arrested and thrown in the stockade or brig.

Elsewhere in the world, it is hard to listen to the news without hearing the phrase "military dictatorship" and their shenanigans. Don't they know how to keep their military on a short leash? What is wrong with Egypt? After decades under military rule, why would President Morsi be so stupid as to think that he only needed to listen to Muslims? Ignore the Coptic Christians. And ignore the vast majority that protested Mubarak in Tahrir Square. No, even narrower than that. Listen only to men in the Muslim Brotherhood. Ignore the women. No, even narrower than that. Only listen to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. No, even narrower than that. Morsi only listened to himself. Was he so delusional as to not see that this would lead to the military taking over again?

These stupid foreigners.

Wait !!! Not so fast. The USA has been constantly in wars since its founding. President Eisenhower warned the American people about the military-industrial complex. Naturally, Americans ignored the warning. So wars got bloodier and claimed more and more American lives (not to mention foreign lives) and cost more and more. The Republicans and Democrats (candidates running for office) got into the childish game of saying that they were more pro-war and pro-military than those commies and weaklings and anti-American traitors in the other party who are not waving enough American flags to prove that they are not commies and traitors.

It is well known that once you wave an American flag in front of the face of any American of suitably low intelligence you get what psychologists call a conditioned response. In layman's terms, a knee jerk reaction. All higher brain function and mental faculties such as judgement shuts down and no rational discourse can proceed. But even stupid low IQ Americans suspect something fishy is going on whenever a politician opens their mouth and (for once) the humble uneducated American is correct and in agreement with geniuses and PhD's who also suspect all politicians. This is why most Americans of whatever intelligence or education just do not trust politicians. We have been fooled by them so many times. But wave that flag and it is almost genetic and robotic and automatic.

I think of this whenever I hear Americans criticize French or hating French for daring to disagree with US policy. "Oh my! I must faint! I have the vapours! The French are not mindlessly echoing whatever our President says. They are thinking for themselves. We must stop eating French fires."

Give me a break. This is childish behaviour not adult behaviour. As an American, whenever you hear the French criticized for an honest difference of opinion and their virility and military prowess questioned, your reaction should be to slap the critic aside the head: "If Lafayette and the French had not stuck their necks out for us American colonists, we would still be a colony of England."

I personally do not require my family, friends or neighbours to agree with everything I say. If they did, then their advice would be worthless and I would suspect them of saying what I wanted to hear instead of what I needed to hear.

Another thing we need to learn from the French is that after they went through the French Revolution and The Terror and The Directory and Napoleon, they developed a permanent suspicion of super-patriotism and chauvinism and flag waving and jingoism. Yes, I know that you are not familiar with all those words. Look them up. I can't do your thinking for you. I am busy doing my own thinking for me.

Sp, in sum, we Americans are uncomfortably not all that far from military dictatorship. Not when you look at the military budget, the NSA sticking its nose into our private business, Homeland Security, the wickedly named "Patriot Act" and the national debt -- which is mostly a consequences of all those recent wars for oil.

Did we get oil?

Did we get lower gasoline prices?

Should we even be driving internal combustion cars?

Shouldn't we switch to electric cars like smarter nations have done?

Should the USA blindly continue down the path of stupidity just to please the oil companies?

As of this writing, isn't the USA is default as well as debt and deficit?

Will we ever learn?

Does any rational person think that the Republicans or the Democrats have any solutions?

What we have is nothing that you could call civilization.

What we have is nonstop wars, pollution, climate change, overpopulation, crime, crumbling cities, falling bridges, bad roads, second rate transportation, man-made disasters, and social problems.

This is not civilization. This is the Dark Ages.

We need civilization.

We need a civilized party.

We need a Civilian Party.

We need civics classes in schools and civics lessons for adult education.

That would be a start.

1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Civilian Party here. 2. organize Civilian Party county committees starting with your county.

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