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The Case for a Freedom Party

Updated on April 20, 2014
Creative Commons Some rights reserved by symphony of love
Creative Commons Some rights reserved by symphony of love


"If you choose security over freedom, then you will get neither. And deserve neither. The price of freedom is being willing to make security a low priority and work instead on changing people into law-abiding free men and free women who respect the rights of others and thereby less security is needed."

freedom should be free

If freedom isn't free, then what other Orwellian doublespeak can we expect? War is peace? Ignorance is strength? Freedom is slavery?

An adequate defense is fine but no less than World War Two's allied commander in chief and president Dwight Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex. A former four-star general! And today with fission and terrorism, government has an excuse to establish a police state or garrison state to "protect us". Protect us from freedom.

Is America really free? Let's find out.

Can a woman go topless on a beach without being arrested? In Europe, they can.

Can polygamists get married? Gays can. And guess which one has the Bible to back them up in a supposedly
"Christian" country?

Can you go anywhere in public without a city government, police or corporate camera watching your every move? Doesn't sound free to me.

The income tax was supposed to be temporary. The income tax, decades later, is still with us. The IRS can take your children away -- over the objections of parents and the DSS. Did you know that? Property tax means two things: one, if you don't pay it, then they can take land away that may have been in your family for generations. And two, even owners are effectively renters because property tax is like rent. No pay, eviction.

You can get arrested for seeking certain personal services. You get to fill in the blank as to what those personal services are.

You need a permit to work on your house. Doing it yourself. At least in many, if not most, municipalities. Regulations are fine if they protect society but not when only the individual is affected.

I am personally against drugs of all kinds but we all know that individuals possessing small amounts get longer prison terms than drugs lords with planes, speed boats, ships, DEA agents and Border Patrol guards on payrollm and private armies and mercenaries. Even if that drug lord murdered a family. Because they can afford the best lawyers. Is this individual freedom or justice?

Can you enjoy peace and quiet without a boom box or boom car shaking you out of bed? Do you have to live way out in the rural countryside to get quiet and save your sense of hearing? And even if you do, jets overhead and off road vehicles and dirt bikers without mufflers and hunters may disturb your quiet. Their freedom damages yours because the country has no Quiet Zones.

Can you take a deep breath without inhaling toxic air pollution? No. Neither can your children or your ailing parents or grandparents.

When did corporations start having more freedom than individuals ? When Roberts became chief justice? Or back when Teddy Roosevelt and other presidents were trust busting? When did corporations become persons and persons become second class citizens with no rights or freedom?

Freedom of Information Act. How can we run a democracy when the damning information about a corrupt government gets classified? Dubya was the worst of recent presidents at slapping "TOP SECRET" on his crimes. The culprits are long dead before the documents are declassified by the National Archives. Is this freedom?

Americans are afraid to take vacations because their job may be eliminated when they come back after a week. Is this freedom.

Stuck in traffic. Is this freedom?

Paying one, two, three, four, five, sic, seven and eight dollars a gallon. Is this freedom?

We could give a thousand other examples (and plan to) but show this page to any statist or totalitarian who says America is free. Start rattling off examples of the lack of freedom in America until they run in fear because you are freedom-loving. No one is more of a threat to slave masters than free people. This is because you have a free spirit, a free will, and a free mind with free-thinking free thoughts (that really scares some people).

The Freedom Party believes your emotions and your body should also be free. That means your emotions should not be manipulated by statists and totalitarians and your body should not be kept in a cage unless you committed a violent crime.

Crowded jails and prisons are the result of jailing for property crimes and nonviolent crimes. By law, judges should have to give alternative (non-jail, non-prison) punishments to nonviolent criminals such as community service, compensation to victims (or their families), apology to victims (or their families), fines, a dollar of which goes into a National Prison Trust Fund, probation, parole, halfway houses, drug treatment programs (some localities have separate drug courts), and dozens of other alternatives to jail and prison. There are millions of laws on the books. This means that you are breaking some law right now. With that many laws, how can you avoid breaking one? This means you can be sent off to jail no matter how law abiding you are.

Freedom should be free. America is not free. As we proved above. Having to listen to the brainwashed saying that America is the land of the free and some skinhead beating you up if you say that we are not only proves that we are not free. What happened to free speech? Why should you need a permit to walk in a procession? Why do police almost automatically harass groups exercising the right to freely assemble?

Free speech and free thought mean nothing if you do not have freedom of action to go with it. You can think about what you'd like to do but try and do it. You should be free to do anything as long as it does not hurt anyone else.

Kick that impotent Libertarian Party to the curb. We are about getting our members into office not "educating the Republican Party" and ending up controlled by them.

Act now! Join the Freedom Party.

1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Freedom Party here. 2. organize Freedom Party county committees starting with your county.

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