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The Case for a Middle Class Party

Updated on April 20, 2014
Creative Commons Attribution: Billy Hathorn
Creative Commons Attribution: Billy Hathorn

The Case for a Middle Class Party

Pundits (the talking heads on TV) are constantly saying that we should not be engaged in class warfare. Well we didn't start it. The rich are engaged in attacking the middle class in a war of attrition. Foolish people ignored the Reagan administration's decimation and destruction of the middle class and then ignored reality as Bush Jr. went after the working class too. American is being turned into a Banana Republic with a few billionaires and the vast majority reduced to poverty. The middle class is shrinking and a nation without a strong middle class cannot sustain democracy and freedom. To repeat, no country without a large and strong middle class will last long as a democracy.

So simply as a matter of necessity, we the last of the Middle Class must not lie down and die. We cannot disappear without a fight. Our families are depending on us. We cannot accept that "new normal" that our children for the first time cannot expect an improvement over the life their parents have led. We cannot accept that our children will be worse off than us.

comparison of executive and worker pay

In 1965, U.S. C.E.O.'s in major companies earned 24 times more than an average worker.

By 2000, US C.E.O.'s were making 300 times average workers pay. Now we do not live in an Age of Envy. Those executives earned their pay doing such hard work as:

  • laying off Americans
  • outsourcing jobs to foreign plants
  • forced to fly in corporate jets while we get our genitals felt up by the TSA at airports
  • forced to accept larger and larger pay packages by compensation committees
  • ramming companies into the ground through almost superhuman incompetence
  • getting the middle class to bail out companies too big to fail while little startup companies (the ones that create jobs) are catching hell
  • taking credit for the work of employees
  • fighting affordable health care reform using fools in aluminum foil hats
  • getting away with mass murder (pollution poisons people and causes cancer) and other things that would get ordinary mortals shot down in the street by SWAT teams
  • using taxpayer bailout money to take vacation holidays at resorts (AIG did this)
  • maintaining an arrogant attitude -- REALLY hard work. Over in Japan by contrast, executives have been known to commit suicide for shameful behavior or performance. American executives, thank God, have no morals or ethics whatsoever. They snicker in ethics classes at Harvard B school.

We cannot let this outrage go on. We must pay C.E.O.'s a million times what we pay janitors. After all, we only clean up the mess they make. Global warming and climate change and record-setting weather is just our imagination. We enjoy sending our children to die in wars protecting their oil. We enjoy high gas prices when Detroit won't build enough electric cars. We enjoy being evicted from our homes. And most of all, we enjoy being the clients of charities we used to be able to contribute to as donors. Who needs a middle class anyway?

99% ?

more like 99.9%

Occupy the United States of America.

When the Tea Party took guns to Town Hall meetings and shook them at Senators the police did nothing. So they got even bolder. Punching liberals. Shooting a Congresswoman.

But let people left of center try to exercise their Constitutional rights to assembly and free speech and petition and FOX encourages the police to beat them. Nothing has changed since the Sixties. The police look the other way at anyone right of center while anyone left of center risks his or her life at the hands of riot police to exercise rights. An Iraqi veteran was beaten bloody by police in Oakland.

That said, if Tea Party members want to join us or dialogue with us, then they are welcome. More heads for the police to beat in. Priority number one ought to be removal from office of police commissioners who allow their police to run wild. Priority number two ought to be keeping watch on the US Department of Homeland Security that cavalierly tosses our names into terrorist databases because we are left of center AND NO OTHER REASON. If we don't watch them, then we can expect the same assault by the government against the people as happens in Syria and that happened in Libya and Egypt. We live in a cryptocracy not a democracy with the Patriot Act replacing the US Constitution. Where was the Tea Party when the Patriot Act was voted for by all but a couple of members of Congress?

Find your voice while you still have one. The Tea Party folks are right about that much.

what you need for a strong middle class

Leave your preconceptions and dogma at the door. It doesn't work in the real world.

  1. strong labor movement
  2. level playing field for workers and the unions that represent them
  3. no government debt
  4. no government deficit
  5. no government defauilt
  6. low taxes
  7. strong social safety net
  8. good public schools
  9. decent paying jobs and low unemployment
  10. low inflation so that your money is not worthless

analysis of conservatives

Poor conservatives hate labor unions because they have been trained like Pavlov's dog to consider them communist. Poor conservatives eagerly sabotage their own interests trying to please management in the fear that if they don't, then they will lose their subminimum wage jobs with no benefits. In the real world, this has not worked out for anti-union workers. The jobs have gone away anyway.

Another phobia of poor conservatives is the word "social". Society must be bad so they are antisocial and end up in prison. Social workers must be bad so they make their homes even worse by ignoring the advice of social workers. Social welfare is ideologically bad so they demand that politicians eliminate it at a time when they most need it. Sociology sounds like socialism so they don't take this course in school (if they even comprehend any science -- certainly not evolution or climatology). The Social Gospel sounds wicked so they ignore anything Jesus said. Social justice sounds evil so they join the Klan to undermine and corrupt the law. FDR's social safety net sounds dangerous so all the money we have had taken out of our paychecks should go to Wall Street. They know best since they are rich. Poor conservatives think LBJ's Great Society tried to help poor people like that commie MLK so we need to throw our unswerving support behind rich Republicans like Nixon, Reagan and Bush because they know how to screw poor people. Poor conservatives reject the Social Contract and prefer that Newt Gingrich take a contract out on America and kill it. High Society? Sounds like manners and etiquette and politeness. Better run to Rush and the other talk show screamers. They have no manners. If there are any other social words or social constructs, then poor conservatives will attack them.

Ironically, this make poor conservatives sociopaths.

analysis of liberals

No backbone. Always chicken out in any fight with the state or the government. And on the extremely rare occasion when they screw up their courage, it is always to do something stupid like take on armed cops or National Guardsmen in the streets in pointless demonstrations (where they will be gunned down) instead of electing real liberals and not the conservatives masquerading as liberals in the Democratic Party. Or stacking the Supreme Court with justices who don't do stupid things like accepting corporations as persons while completely ignoring real people.

Conservatives have enough sense to become cops so that they can beat up liberals. Conservatives become senior intelligence officers and FBI associate directors so that they can violate the rights of liberals. Liberals have no appetite for power and so end up powerless and helpless before the force of government. Back in the Nineteen Sixties, the paranoid radicals used to talk about government torturers trained at The School of the Americas. Most of the abuses took place outside the United States and were seldom directed at Americans even if they were liberals.

Not any more. Now, thanks to Dick Cheney, the US government has real torture chambers on its soil as well as elsewhere in the world. Amnesty International reports on abuses by the US government as well as that by foreign governments. They can take anyone and can get away with it. Liberals can't drop all the blame on the doorstep of conservatives. Conservatives have an excuse. They are mentally ill (because mental health is another thing they are afraid of) and lack any moral compass whatsoever. They don't see a problem with torture. Even when directed at Americans.

Liberals have no excuse. To mix metaphors: Liberals were asleep at the wheel of the ship of state. Now we are reaping a whirlwind.

personal sidebar

While conservatives tend to take criticism well (by ignoring it, to their own detriment), liberals just react by going into a coma. In private, I really let loose on Democrats and liberals. My conservative and Republican friends have enough sense of humor to laugh at themselves when I ream them. But I have never really cut loose and used all the profanity I am thinking when I think of liberals and Democrats. I always hold my tongue around my liberal friends. You conservatives out there might take comfort it that fact. You liberals should beware: Some day I will really speak my mind.

Those who saw the first version of this hub may now be chuckling at places where I have toned down the rhetoric. Yes, I am flesh and blood and sometimes an idea for a third party really takes hold and I put passion into making a case for it. Forgive the errors of spelling.

extra! extra! read all about it.

People are probably more likely to hear about this (The Middle Class Party) than they will about the Coffee Party. I never even heard of the Coffee Party until a week or so back. The Coffee Party is NOT one of my brainchildren. But because I am so disgusted with the Republicans and Democrats, I try to encourage any and all third parties (except the Communist Party and the Nazi Party). That is why when I heard about the Coffee Party, I did a hub about them.


Because I did not know much about them at first, I published the world's shortest hub. I got dinged for that. So I made it longer. And because I don't like misrepresenting or misquoting people I like and their platform and position, I quoted them verbatim. I got dinged for being repetitive with too much content overlapping with content elsewhere on the internet. So I made the hub much longer and I got dinged for being too commercial (or was I dinged for commercial first and then overlap?). I forget. Anyway, I give up. I simply wanted people to learn about the Coffee Party and go to Coffee Party websites since they are a better alternative to the Tea Party. But I can't get the word out about the Coffee Party because the Hub police have prevented me from publishing "The Case for the Coffee Party" and threatened to take down all my hubs if I persist in submitting it to go online. I give up. The Coffee Party is not my baby and I have no skin in the game and no emotional investment other than wanting people to know another alternative to the Reptile Republicans and Demonic Democrats. I wish the Coffee Party well but I am no longer risking my own ideas for theirs. If their publicity is so poor that few people have heard of them, then it is not my problem. They should join the Middle Class Party because it at least has me going for it. I am a one-woman army.


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    • Toni_Roman profile image

      Toni_Roman 6 years ago

      You refer to inflation but this affects both CEO's and workers and the ratio is widening as I pointed out. Regulations would not happen without the corporations that control the country allowing them. Some industries even insist on regulation because it keeps out new companies and protects big established companies. Taxes are easily passed on in prices domestically though I will grant that it hurts international business. Union thugs? I can think of one union where the label applies (the one started by La Cosa Nostra) but what are powerless workers supposed to do? Have no voice and no bargaining power like in pathetically poor Southern states where the workers vote against their own interests? Even in communist states where you have to belong to a union, the "workers paradise" is no paradise. The workers have no say that anyone is obliged to listen to. Unions both in capitalist economies and communist economies understand that if they drive companies out of business that they have no jobs. The number of knuckleheads who don't understand this simple fact is small. At General Motors, the United Auto Workers have a seat on the board of directors -- an actual voice. I am neither pro nor anti-union. I simply thought I should respond to your comments.

      If corporations flee to other countries, then they are allowed to do so. We Americans are also allowed to treat them as enemies and slap them with even more Draconian regulations and taxes. If corporations export jobs, then we Americans can and perhaps should punish them in as many creative ways as we can dream up. Likewise, we are free to reward companies that create jobs in America with lower taxes and looser regulations. One exception, I have no sympathy with any company domestic or foreign that pollutes. Their CEO's should be arrested under existing laws against pollution and mass murder. Read my anti-pollution hubs to understand my animus toward polluters.

      There was a time when unions were blue collar meaning working class meaning lower class --lower economic class, that is. That time may have passed. Some unions' members average enough to qualify as middle class and securing the future of the middle class is the point of this party.

      Are you middle class? If so, what do you suggest to strengthen the middle class?

      If not, do you care what happens to the middle class?

      Which regulations bother you the most? I hope it isn't environmental regs because other nations are sloppy in this regard. Nigeria, parts of Australia, Eastern Europe and China are simply irresponsible when it comes to a clean environment. I invite anyone who thinks environmental regulations are too tight to spend a day at the top of a smokestack breathing the fumes that come out or a day swimming in the effluent that pours out conduits into nearby bodies of water to kill the native species while invasive species flourish.

      Do safety regulations bother you? Injured workers have a bad habit of filing lawsuits when they lose an arm or leg in a poorly designed factory.

      I mention environmental and safety regulations because whenever bosses complain about too many regulations, they are generally implying the EPA or OSHA. And the middle class has a right to feel that its lives are meaningless to owners who don't care what happens to deafened, blinded, maimed workers forced to breathe bad air at work, bad air in traffic and bad air when they get home.

      Lastly, do not take offense at anything I say. Your opinions are welcome and know that you are getting an intelligent audience here on Hub Pages that will respond on the merits and not personally as happens in some tacky forums. Please analyze and point out the flaws. In this way, the Middle Class Party can hone and polish its platform. Thank you!

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      When you discussed CEOs and their earnings along with what they began to do you were right, but one must consider several things, The money came way up from the 60s, salaries will follow, the firing and moving overseas? What would anyone do with the regulations and taxes Democrats have been imposing for the past 40 years? Not to mention free reign by union thugs? ......just food for thought!