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The Case for a Peace Party

Updated on December 23, 2012

What is the best argument for peace?

If you are interested in peace, then you may find this hub a good place to visit. Not to argue with other hubbers but to compile some wisdom on the subject that will ultimately benefit you, your children, your grandchidren, and your great-grands.

Who should care about peace?

  1. peace officers (public safety or police)
  2. diplomats -- both ambassadors and citizen diplomats
  3. other peacemakers -- negotiators, mediators, conciliators, and arbitrators
  4. peace movement activists
  5. pacifists
  6. Quakers, Amish, Mennonites, and other peace churches
  7. peace educators
  8. peace journalists
  9. peacekeepers -- such as United Nations troops or election witnesses
  10. peace builders -- such as aid organizations and foreign aid
  11. war resisters and conscientious objectors

peace officer

Peace is not simply the absence of war.  Unless violent criminals who disturb the peace are incarcerated, then none of us will experience peace.
Peace is not simply the absence of war. Unless violent criminals who disturb the peace are incarcerated, then none of us will experience peace.

peace educators

Peace is good for business.

Peace is good for business. War is bad for every business except the merchants of death. Prosperity for everyone but them or prosperity for only them? That is the ultimate question of the budget battle because the defense budget is 99% of the cause of the national debt and the national deficit and if there is a national default, then it will be responsible for that too. Our nuclear stockpile is already paid for so it is not like a drastic cut of the military to the bone will leave the country unprotected. Even a fraction of our arsenal could lay waste the planet and kill everyone on Earth several times over. The term is overkill. There is such a thing as a strong defense and there is such a thing as a ridiculous defense.

Peace saves lives.

Maybe even your life.

  • World War One 15,000,000
  • changing from the Yuan to the Ming dynasty took 30,000,000 lives
  • the Mongol conquest also took about 30,000,000 lives
  • World War Two 40,000,000

Peace saves time.

Often the map after a war looks like the map before the war. We could save time by not having the war.

When the map does change, it is often by only a little and the territory gained is not worth the years lost that could have been spent making money instead of burning through taxpayers' money in the national treasury. The lives lost represent years of education wasted.

It would save time to simply buy the territory if another country is willing to sell it. For example, the United States saved time in expansion by purchasing Louisiana from France and Alaska from Russia.

Peace saves able bodies.

Disease, accidents at home, accidents on the highway, and accidents in the work place cripple enough people. Do we need mass slaughter and land mines to produce a nation of amputees and stumps? We cannot take care of the patients we have. Do we need to create even more patients for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation?

Peace is wise.

War is stupid. War can blow your brains out and then your brains cannot be used to figure out how to make the world a better place.

Peace is sane behavior.

War is insanity. It leads to more mental illness in both the victims of war and in the soldiers who have to fight the war. When you see photographs of civilians standing in the rubble their homes, they look like they are in shock. This is because they ARE literally in shock. And the military tries to minimize the budget for post traumatic stress disorder because if they didn't, they would have no money or time for wars . And no soldiers either.

The warmongers and so-called leaders must be crazy to start wars. Perhaps we should throw them into asylum where they cannot get people killed.

1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Peace Party here. 2. organize Peace Party county committees starting with your county.

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