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The Case for a Survival Party

Updated on April 20, 2014
Creative Commons     Some rights reserved by Servindi
Creative Commons Some rights reserved by Servindi

the case for a Survival Party

The case for a single-issue Survival Party is simple: the alternative is not surviving. In other words, dying. Death.

Or is survival a single issue?

Creative Commons  Some rights reserved by niOS
Creative Commons Some rights reserved by niOS

to survivalists from anywhere on the political spectrum

whether you are ultraconservative, conservative, moderate, liberal, or radical . . . Welcome!

to people of faith

who believe that the big families that Big Religion encourages will doom the Earth . . . Welcome!

to scientists

who understand the risks of the Twenty-First Century from nanotechnology and biological terrorism to active SETI (as opposed to passive SETI) and Earth resonant asteroids and a public that does not understand science . . . Welcome!

to members of the Lifeboat Foundation

who are thinking about survival of the human species . . . Welcome!

to anti-communists and anti-Nazis and

former John Birchers and former anarchists and libertarians fed up with the Libertarian Party, this is the only party that officially condemns totalitarianism . . . Welcome !

to ignored minorities

whether Roma, Zoroastrians, Druze, Hasids, Tibetans, Kurds, Sikhs, Jains, . . . Welcome!

to Native Americans

especially those belonging to tribes and bands not recognized by the federal government, not having a reservation, and seeking cultural survival . . . Welcome!

to Inuit

seeking cultural survival in a time of global warming . . . Welcome!

to Virgin Islanders and Pacific Islanders

threatened by a rise in sea level . . . Welcome !

to the middle class

destroyed by Reagan's policies . . . Welcome!

to the working class

destroyed by Dubya's policies . . . Welcome!

to the formerly upper class

destroyed by Bernie Madoff, Enron, Lehman Brothers, Thornburg Mortgage, WorldCom, Enron, Conseco, Global Crossing and other Wall Street crooks . . . Welcome!

to the homeless

who have no political party that cares about them . . . Welcome!

to the third gender

neuters -- who were born neither male nor female nor hermaphrodite . . . Welcome!

to the survivors of torture

in other countries or even in America . . . Welcome!

to the survivors of abuse

whether sexual, psychological (verbal), or physical at the hands of child beaters, senior beaters, wife beaters, or husband beaters . . . Welcome!

to victims and survivors of rape


to survivors of muggings

and violent crime . . . Welcome!

to survivors of police brutality

Until we replace lethal weapons and training in use of deadly force with non-lethal weapons and sensitivity training, attitudes will not change. To survivors of police beatings . . . Welcome!

to survivors of war

civilians and veterans alike . . . Welcome!

to survivors of auto accidents and plane crashes


to survivors of disasters

who were screwed by FEMA , , , Welcome!

to tornado survivors

who need government programs and insurance policies that make it easier to build storm cellars . . . Welcome!

to Alaskans and Louisianians losing coastal land to the sea

the only way to save your land is action to reverse global warming, lower the sea level, stop beach erosion, protect wetlands and build-up new land . . . Welcome!

To the people in Louisiana: Does "Mister Go" need to go?

To others, MRGO is the acronym for Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. Annual flooding used to build up mangrove bayous on the Louisiana coast and Louisiana gained more square miles each decade. But with the type of flood control that the Army Corps of Engineers does and global warming (a.k.a. climate change), Louisiana is now losing total square miles of area to the rising sea level and erosion from super-hurricanes.

Creative Commons   Some rights reserved by mrsdkrebs
Creative Commons Some rights reserved by mrsdkrebs

Survival Party platform

Rachael Lefler requested that I expand on ideas. Unlike the politicians in DC, promise kept.

Survival Party platform

To survive we need:

  1. to have less crowding by the phenomenon of Big Family (couples with more children than they can feed, clothe, house, doctor, and educate). To have smaller families, we must stop Big Business from encouraging big families, stop Big Media from constantly portraying big families, stop Big Government from creating tax incentives to have big families, to stop Big Religion from encouraging big families by voting with our feet (walking away from such churches and mosques), and to stop Big Medicine from encouraging big families by cutting federal and state funding for fertility clinics and fertility drugs. Instead contraceptives and birth control should be encouraged. Those who attack this with lies should be reminded that a one child policy would be voluntary (even in China you can have more children if you are willing to suffer the downside). And such Big Family advocates should be put under a microscope to see if their children are on drugs, pregnant out of wedlock, in jail, dropouts, obese, running up credit cards, on food stamps, runaway, on the streets, in gangs, or otherwise are a burden to society.

  2. to listen to the scientists we pay to research dangers to our survival – especially to reverse climate change.

  3. to repeal the Patriot Act and shut down the NSA so that freedom will survive.

  4. to stay out of wars because every war sows the seeds of the next war, maims veterans physically and mentally, and causes national debt and deficit.

  5. to avoid Reagan-type economics and policies that destroy the middle class.

  6. to avoid Dubya-style policies that destroy the working class.

  7. to punish corporate executives who bankrupt individuals and to stop[ rewarding corporate criminals with bailouts.

  8. to seek ever harsher and ever more Draconian punishments for corporate executives whose corporations pollute the air, water, soil and food with cancer-causing poison because this corporate crime is mass murder. In the Old West, they summarily executed well-poisoners because it was obvious such criminals hurt everyone – no need for soul searching – it's just common sense.

  9. to put homeless poor individuals into abandoned homes and to encourage organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

  10. to rescue Americans who are being held and tortured by terrorists, pirates, and foreign gangs and to make sure rescued Americans receive both medical and mental treatment until they fully recover.

  11. to make use of scientific research into why abusers beat children, seniors, wives, and husbands and to prevent abuse by mandatory registration of abusers (just like with sex offenders).

  12. to make use of scientific research into why rape happens and to prevent rape – even in prisons. Judges should be able to order castration for male rapists and the equivalent for female rapists.

  13. to make use of scientific research into why America is so violent for the purpose of lowering the violent crime rate and to re-engineer American society until murder is a thing of the past. Those who hate “social engineering” are part of the problem.

  14. to take lethal weapons out of the hands of the police completely and to take lethal weapons out of the hands of SWAT teams and replace them with non-lethal weapons (exceptions for extreme situations). Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry may seem quaint but in real life the British bobby system of unarmed policemen worked and community policing where officers patrol where they live works. If the USA faces gang wars like in Mexico, then the solution is to arrest every member of crime families. Execute the adults and put the children up for adoption. Problem solved.

  15. to throw police officers guilty of police brutality (beating suspects) into prison serving long sentences for first offense. Zero tolerance. No “three strikes”, no slap on the wrist, no suspension, and no desk duty – prison.

  16. to give victims of crime (or their surviving immediate family) priority in our justice system by giving civil action against victimizers priority over criminal prosecution. The reasoning is simple: criminal prosecution costs us taxpayers money while civil action takes money from victimizers and gives it to the victims. This is justice. Caps should be taken off monetary damages.

  17. to give individuals more rights than corporations and to remove judges from the bench who are owned by corporations – especially Chief Justice Roberts.

  18. to increase personal and public safety by accident prevention and safety engineering

  19. to mitigate natural and man-made disasters by earlier early warning systems, better preparedness programs, more national stockpiles, refugia, civil defense programs, encouraging all Americans to have disaster kits, encouraging home shelters, drills, support of disaster relief organizations (like Red Cross), annual national broadcast of a survival test (we've had similar broadcasts in the past), national survival teach-ins, asking the First Lady (or First Gentleman) to encourage Americans to look out for each other in times of disasters and not go looting, better risk management, enforcing existing building codes (so our bridges and tunnels don't collapse), enlightened insurance companies, and making the head of FEMA not a political appointee so that the agency is no longer a political football. Katrina/Rita showed us the folly of that.

  20. to protect wetlands – especially in Louisiana where the land is disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico.

  21. to make the United Nations take some action with regard to global threats such as not reversing climate change, an Earth-resonant asteroid and any intelligent civilizations out there. Pearl Harbor should have taught us not to be caught with our pants down assuming that it can't happen here to us. We now live in a world that would surprise Nineteen-Fifties science fiction authors.

  22. to improve the public image of Survivalists. We are not lone nuts obsessed with stockpiling guns as if we could eat bullets. We are the nice people next door who are prudent and want our children and parents to survive.

Astronaut Susan Helms during survival training.

report to members of the Survival Party

The Survival Party has no national organization yet and it does not belong to one person. It belongs to Survivalists. However it has what few new political parties have -- interest as shown by comments. So keep the comments, criticisms and suggestions coming and this baby called the Survival Party may well survive.

Creative Commons License Some rights reserved by US Army Africa
Creative Commons License Some rights reserved by US Army Africa

1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Survival Party here. 2. organize Survival Party county committees starting with your county.

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    • Toni_Roman profile image

      Toni_Roman 6 years ago

      1, Expanding on ideas? Will do.

      2. You are exactly right. No one is against survival but we need to come to some sort of consensus on what's best if humanity is to survive.

      3. DDT. I have worked on a farm and farm workers like factory workers and mine workers are exposed to chemicals and we hate what they do to our health. Biological controls make more sense than chemicals in controlling bugs -- unless the biological controls are invasive species rather than native species that fit into the native ecology.

      4. I am more optimistic about the conquest of malaria than you but that's okay. Everyone concerned about a particular problem is part of the solution. Therefore, you are more of a solution to the malaria problem than I am.

      5. Bald eagles are a national symbol and an endangered species. We should make the bald eagle the mascot of the Survival Party -- unless you have a better suggestion.

      6. I agree that human life takes precedence over wildlife but remember that coal miners used canaries as warning if the air was poisoned. I think the term is indicator species (somebody correct me if I used the wrong term). Salamanders are another such species. If they disappear in a given area, then pretty soon all the animals higher in the food chain will disappear . Humans are at the top of the food chain and species are disappearing right and left. As a white girl myself, I get your point about feeling privileged. Point taken. But to expand, it is also about seeing warning signs. Again, you are right about not being spoiled. But as survivalists -- excuse me upper case-- as Survivalists, we need to see warning signs if we want to survive.

      Rachael Lefler for president on the Survival Party ticket. Sounds good to me.

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 6 years ago from Illinois

      Interesting. I'd like to see you expand on your ideas a bit more. I wouldn't say anyone is exactly against survival. We just disagree about what's best for humanity's survival and what isn't sometimes, like when it comes to climate change and who's to blame for climate change and how to cope with it. I think one important thing we need to do is legalize the use of DDT around the world. Bugs are getting out of hand. Malaria is killing people and we're not doing what needs to be done to stop it. Why? Because some privileged white girl wrote about how it was killing pretty bald eagles? When did wildlife become more important than human life?