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The Case for a Voters Party

Updated on October 17, 2012

the case for a voters' party

Most of us are unaware that the original US Constitution does not give us the right to vote. Nor was it added with the ten Bill of Rights. It was not until late in our republic after the Civil War that most whites in the North realized that they could not vote any more than blacks in the South. Poor and people without property were effectively excluded.

Most of us do not know much about voting. It is not our birthright -- though it should be. A fundamental fact is that our vote does not count because of the Electoral College. Electors can (and sometimes do) ignore the popular vote. On several occasions, the candidate who won the popular vote was not who actually took office.

Politicians control elections not impartial non-partisan third parties. With enough money and power, you can ensure that you remain in the US Senate for example for life. With that same money and power, you can exclude third parties from the ballot. And that is why I do so many hubs about third parties.

Democrats are notorious for staying home on Election Day if the weather is bad (one drop of drizzle is rumoured to fall), they don't vote. One assumes that they melt like sugar in the presence of moisture. Or like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

So-called Constitutionalists may be as bad as most Republicans in that they would be quite happy if most people did not vote. Libertarians, Greens, Tea Party, and other third parties are quite the opposite. They want as many of their members voting as possible.

As for Republicans, they have a whole arsenal of voter suppression techniques from voter intimidation to over-hyped exaggerated charges of voter fraud (almost nonexistent according to statistics and police records). Republicans believe that if most people can be discouraged from voting then only rich people will vote -- and they are right according to studies of voter behaviour. Only rich people vote consistently.

General turnout never gets above about sixty percent. Considering that people have died to win you the right to vote, voter turnout should be one hundred percent.

end the Electoral College

We need direct democracy not representational democracy. But until one hundred percent of the population is Congress instead of representatives, then we need to at least have the popular vote count. We have known for a long time that the Electoral College is a bad idea but there has never been a mass movement and a sustained strong effort to end it by either a Constitutional Amendment or the National Popular Vote Initiative.

most voting district lines are drawn by the duopoly

The duopoly is the Republicans and the Democrats.

forces are now gathering to end the Voting Rights Act

Yes, you read right. The powers that be want to take away your right to vote. And you are partly responsible because you are letting them do it by being asleep at the wheel.

I have no doubt that if the American people do not wake up, that they will bring back slavery, make it legal to beat women, take away the right to vote for young people, and perhaps bring back poll tax.

What if you had to be a millionaire to vote?

What if only billionaires could vote?

The reactionaries are on the march and back before the Bill of Rights, only rich planters could vote. You do not have to like that historical fact for it to be true. So get off your butt and find out about the people trying to destroy the Voting Rights Act. Don't wait for me or for anyone else to do it because no one can stop them but


voter education

If you have a mouth, then give a free class to teach people who don't vote to vote. Check the demographics. Any reference librarian at any public library can help you identify groups and types of people who have a habit of not voting. The internet has lots of resources. Don't forget to utilize voter groups like the League of Women Voters.

What you can do:

  1. Volunteer to teach non-voters to vote. Don't ask anyone's permission. If you feel that you need permission, then I give you permission. Learn everything that you can about voting until you can answer any question that anyone could possibly ask. But I give you permission to say: "I don't know but let's find out." if someone asks a question that stumps you. Now go and find an empty classroom or suitable room. Put up some posters. Place free ads on local TV and local electronic bulletin boards. Ask everyone you know to tell everyone that they know. Physically drag a few non-voters to your class. If you feel the need to be polite, then bake cookies that even Hillary Clinton would like and that should attract a few attendees. Pot-luck also works. Use gimmicks to get people to come. Use free plugs and accept offers by people to give your class free publicity.
  2. Stuff your head with voter education information until it is bursting. Make yourself the local expert on voter education so that reporters and others have to come to you since you are the local expert on the subject.
  3. Armed with this information, ratchet it up to the next level. Train and teach voter education teachers. Teach teachers to teach nonvoters to vote. They will fan out and educate non-voters to vote.
  4. You now have a Voters Party composed of non-voters and former non-voters. By some estimates, non-voters and independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats added together.

National Popular Vote Initiative

register to vote

Don't be lazy. If you are not a registered voter, then register to vote.

  • use the telephone directory or Yellow Pages and find the phone number for voter registration
  • ask a reference librarian at the nearest public library how to register
  • ask at the nearest Post Office if all else fails
  • go to a rally of a third party and tell their volunteers that you want to register: I GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL HELP YOU (or they are the world's most inept political party)

voting information

Electoral Dysfunction: A Survival Manual for American Voters
Electoral Dysfunction: A Survival Manual for American Voters

Imagine a country where the right to vote is not guaranteed by the Constitution, where the candidate with the most votes loses, and where paperwork requirements and bureaucratic bungling disenfranchise millions. You’re living in it. If the consequences weren’t so serious, it would be funny.


how Republicans bamboozle voters

While they scream voter fraud (which they define as any vote for a non-Republican), no one pays any attention to real problems. They define voter fraud as any vote for a non-Republican. Actually, it is impersonating another voter. Like nearly everything they scream about, it is a non-issue. Who will risk prison to cast one vote? Very few apparently because actual voter impersonation has been alleged less than a dozen times since 2000. And that is only alleged. Not even proven.


  • most voting machines are built by Republican-owned companies
  • most voting software that run electronic voting machines is programmed by Republican-owned companies
  • most other aspects of elections are controlled by Republicans (FOX "News", secretary of state in key states, judges, policy, etc.)
  • opinion polls organizations are often owned by Republicans and these polls are used to declare Republicans winners early and thereby discourage people from voting when they get off work ("What's the point?" they think and give up)
  • experts on electronic voting machines and computer technology have said that paper ballots are safer [If computer people know that hardware and software can be hacked, then why do non-information technology people trust an untrustworthy technology? Is it a generational thing? Are young people that naive and trusting?]

quote from Josh Israel of Think Progress dot org

"Requiring voters to present government-issued photo IDs would do next-to-nothing to stop voter fraud, could cost the states millions, and could disenfranchise millions of legitimate citizen voters. But, as more and more Republicans are admitting, they could accomplish their real aim: disenfranchising enough Democrats to win elections for Republicans."

Quoting a nonvoter: "My one vote doesn't count so why bother?"

Shut up and vote.

  • Local elections have been decided by one vote.
  • Your vote counts in hamlets, villages and small towns.
  • With polarization of voters into almost equal camps of Reptile Republicans and Demon Democrats, even in big cities and major megalopolises your one vote can be the domino that knocks over other dominoes.
  • When you do not vote, your family and your neighbours and your friends will copy you and not vote either. You b*stard! You just swung an election and the guy you hated the most got into office! You have no right to complain when politician X jacks up your taxes, takes away your privacy, sends you off to war, makes you pay for it, lets polluters f*ck up the air & water & soil, denies climate change which in turn jacks up your electric bill and insurance premiums from all the crazy weather, riles up crazy foreigners by invading their countries and so they threaten us and so cops squeeze your privates every time you go to an airport, bridges collapse, your kids are stupid because the school budget is cut, and on and on and on because you did not vote, you idiot.
  • Even when you vote for the winner and the winner wins by a clear landslide, your vote contributes to that landslide and it gives the winner a mandate to get something done. It makes the opposition less likely to obstruct bills in Congress like the Republicans obstructed President Obama.

Your one vote on Election Day in November every four years is not the end of your obligation as a voter. It is part of your responsibility to:

  • vote in primaries where the real action is. If the man or woman that you want is eliminated in the primaries, then don't expect them to magically re-appear on the ballot in the Fall. It is not going to Happen. Primaries are in some sense more important than general elections.
  • vote every year not just every four years for president.
  • vote in special elections. These may occur at any time of the year for reasons such as an unexpected vacancy, death, resignation, recall or criminal conviction. There have been cases of a local office held by someone behind bars. We always knew politicians were crooks but sometimes this is literal.
  • vote as a member of a jury. You could put a politician behind bars where they belong.
  • vote not only for people in third parties (preferably the Voters Party) but vote for or against constitutional amendments, propositions, initiatives, bond measures, referendums, and other items on the ballot. Always turn the ballot over to see what is on the back.

On the matter of obstruction. You also vote, in a way, when you call up your representative or senator or mayor or county councilman or governor or other office holder and remind them of their promises. You also vote when you write them old-fashioned letters. I don't care how much you think the United States Postal Service is "snail mail" and that email is modern and that text messages or other social media is cool. The fact is that you can generate millions of emails with an app and so politicians are right to ignore electronic messages. Too easy to spam them.

Write a legible handwritten or typewritten letter using proper etiquette, stick it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on the envelope, and mail it (drop if off at the Post Office). If your hands are too broken to do this, then move to a country where they will chop off your hands for trying to vote or communicate with your elected representatives. Amputees and the impaired are excused from this bit of humor.

You also vote in a way when you visit the local office of your elected representatives. Even when they belong to the opposition party, they are aware that they represent every constituent including you so be:

  • polite
  • well mannered
  • courteous

As much as I despise Republicans and Democrats, I will admit that they are human beings who respond favorably to simple decency and kind treatment. Call them by their proper title: "Mister or Madame President" , "Representative" , "Senator" , "Governor" , "Mayor" , "Alderman" , "Councilwoman" Smith whatever the case may be. Smile. Shake their hand. Do not sit until they wave to a chair or otherwise indicate to be seated. Mouth off to the president and security might jump on you as a possible terrorist or assassin. You might spend overnight in jail and experience a body cavity strip search. Your family will disown you. Your political party will cuss you out.

As for the third branch of government, the judiciary, you should not approach judges unless you are with an attorney. A judge has the right to throw you in jail for contempt of court. I have witnessed this happen and the judge did not even cite contempt as the reason. It scared the crap out of me and I wasn't even the person being thrown in jail. I might not like Justice Roberts but I would mind my manners around him. You should too.

How to establish the Voters Party

1. Write in candidates: Write in yourself or a person who identifies with the Voters Party since doubtless the duopoly will do everything it can to keep the Voters Party off the ballot. So simply write in the Voters Party candidate.

2. Spend no money. Money is what corrupted politics. Use free publicity only. Use free volunteers only.

3. Concentrate on easy low hanging fruit like dogcatcher and other local offices where neither a Republican nor a Democrat is running for a vacancy. After the Voters Party gets people into any office that it can, people will be used to seeing the Voters Party as a choice the same way that they are used to seeing Libertarians and Greens on the ballot in many places.

The difference of course is that Libertarians are seen as a wing of the Republicans shoved aside by the Tea Party. The Constitution Party is seen as fringe. And Green Party is seen as single issue. Of the established third parties, I am most sympathetic to the Greens though. The Voters Party could be broad-based but at the same time draw on the power of the single issue of abolishing the Electoral College.

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