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The Case for a Write-In Party

Updated on November 6, 2012

No one believes you when you say none of the above.

Do you really tire of voting for the lesser of two evils?

Satan versus Lucifer?

The Devil versus The Antichrist?

Then why don't you do something?

Why not write in a write-in candidate?

If you write in a write-in candidate . . .

Then you are a member of the Write-In Party.

the genesis of the idea

I voted today and noticed that half the ballot was candidates of one party running unopposed. I thought to myself: "Self, third parties have been trying to get their people in office and fighting a hopeless uphill battle against Republican and Democrat controlled boards of elections. The answer has been staring us in the face."

The two-party duopoly has the country in gridlock. We see elections decided by one or two votes or we see one party just giving up in some Congressional districts. When the latter happens, their candidates run unopposed. Many voters don't bother to vote. It is too expensive to run for office. It can cost millions. Even billions. Some offices don't have even one candidate of either major party fielded.

I wrote in more write-ins today than in any previous election. Why? I had planned to vote for president and vote a certain way on a measure and a state constitution amendment and then vote for every third party candidate I could find. As long as they were not Communist Party or Nazi Party, they had my vote. If both a Libertarian and a Green were on the ballot, then I planned to vote Green Party.

The third parties are mostly gone in my state and given up the ghost. But for every office where there was someone other than a Republican or a Democrat, I voted Green for one office, some new third party in my state for another office, and there were a lot of offices where the candidates identified themselves as "Nonpartisan". The "Nones" (as in none of the above) are truly on the move.

And we are not talking about Independents because Independents are starting to form their own parties.

Aren't elections about money?

Corporations are persons and actual flesh & blood people are non-persons in this crazy country. To change this, we need to find a way around this whole business of buying votes and buying Congress and buying one's way into the White House. If Romney wins, then it means multi-millionaires like him will be preparing the way for billionaires like Trump to run and buy their way into office.

So what is the solution? Don't spend money. Use volunteers and free publicity for one purpose only:

Get illiterate American to spell write-in candidates names right -- otherwise the Republicans and Democrats who control the election boards will disqualify ballots cast for write-in candidates. Teaching people to spell. Maybe offering free literacy classes for adults.ballots. And make sure that Write-In Party voters go to the polls with a slip of paper that has the names of Write-In candidates correctly spelled.

If this is done right, no money (or nearly no money) need be spent.

Lots of people could database all local offices that are vacant with neither Republicans or Democrats running and not spend any money other than for electricity to power a computer and for an internet connection. Free wifi is available at many Starbucks and free internet access is available at most public libraries. And database software can be had for free.

A second database could exist for all offices where a Republican or Democrat is running unopposed but there is considerable sentiment in the population to throw the bum out.

Volunteers could agree to be on a slate of candidates. Anyone can ask volunteers to teach people how to spell their names correctly. The whole idea of the Write in Party should be to spend as little money as possible. Perhaps even make a game out of it. Seeing how little can be spent. The party leader is whoever gets into office spending the least amount of money. Zero. Why wait forever for campaign reform that will never come? Third party people want spending limits or government to pay for campaigns or a law to outlaw anonymous donors (usually the Koch Brothers or ExxonMobil) or a law to reverse the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court to make money = free speech and to make corporations persons.

Why wait? Write in is something we can do now.

Write-in candidate

Go to Wikipedia and look up the article by this title.

Write-in candidate

electronic write-in is simple

Even people who cannot type can hunt and peck with one finger. If you can thumb an iPhone or cellphone or other device, then you can write-in a Write In Party candidate.


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