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The Case for an Anti-Fission Party

Updated on August 4, 2012

naming the party

Actually, we should go back to the old name -- The Fusion Party -- since you can be against something only so long. You can't spend your whole life being against. You need to be for something. In this case, we need to be for alternatives like wind, solar, hydro, tidal, nanoantennae, geothermal, and eventually fusion.

I only changed it to the Anti-Fission Party because no matter what I did with the old hub named The Case for a Fusion Party, the system kept kicking it out and it felt like censorship.

The Case for an Anti-Fission Party

Ed Begley Jr. in the video below sums up three basic reasons:

  1. nuts with fissile material
  2. not even pro-nuke people want to live next to a plant or radioactive waste site
  3. humans are only human, they make mistakes but nuclear mistakes are fatal (whole cities don't get cancer if a solar panel cracks and needs replacement, you just call a technician)

Follow the link over to "Reasons to Ban Fission" if you need more reasons. And, please, if I overlooked some reason that you kinow of, please make sure you bring it to my attention.

If you are here at all, then you are probably already somewhat familiar with the idea that some people think nuclear power to supply energy is a bad idea. What remains is settling details like: As opposed to what?

The obvious supply alternatives are wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and tidal. The conservation and efficiency group points out that if we simply switch to hyper-efficient nil-waste cars, homes, offices and factories that can run on ultra-capacity batteries; then more and more people will drop off the grid (or sell power back to it) and power plants will idle for lack of use. They have a point. There is no end to greater efficiency and we're not even using superconductors to any great degree yet. Triple panes and lots of insulation that makes it possible to heat homes in winter with body heat alone or with heat pumps and subterranean cooling systems can cool in summer.

Still others have said that if the oil companies and electric power utility companies want to gouge us on prices then more and more people will simply and finally get disgusted and put up solar panels and windmills. What about institutions like factories and office buildings? They keep the nuclear (and coal) plants in business. That is true but lots of companies are looking into co-generation and other alternatives. Energy is one of their highest costs. This is driving them to eventually go anti-nuclear. They only need a slight nudge from us as consumers and stockholders to turn permanently anti-nuclear. Let us be gentle but let us give them that nudge.

Well, this case for an anti-fission party probably reads like a do-it-yourself ramble and that's okay. As you may see below, you don't need me to think for you or tell you why being ant-fission is a good idea. Your own brain will help you to figure it out. Just do your own research and gather the facts.

Emotionalism? Should we leave that to the Tea Party idiots who are determined to screw up the prospects for all third parties?. We need an alternative to the Republicans and Democrats and becoming a wing within one of those parties as the Tea Party has done is not the way to do it. But not everyone thinks with their brain. Some people think with their adrenal glands. Let's take a reality-based approach and instead accept that some people are right brain dominated and other people are left brain dominated and any brain scientist will say that the world needs both types. Okay. Then once armed with some basic facts, perhaps the passionate amongst us can handle the rallies and perhaps have more luck at activism and increasing our numbers so that the Anti-Fission Party can be a viable alternative to the Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans refuse to save the Earth (their religion, Satanism, demands that it be destroyed so that Satan can then duke it out with Christ). The Democrats have no backbone. This come from constantly bending over to please the Republicans but even a jellyfish remains afloat. The Anti-Fission Party has to make maximum use of its thinkers and its feelers to out-organize the Republicans who want us all to die and the Democrats who have expired.

Helen Caldicott, Seattle, March25, 2010

Chernobyl 20 Years Later

the anti-nuclear protests in Japan

Anti-Nuclear Power Ad


Plutonium is a mostly man-made element with three notable qualities:

  1. more poisonous than nerve gas
  2. makes the worst weapons including dirty bombs
  3. near impossible to properly dispose of

the case for an anti-fission party

The case for such a single-issue party is made every time another nuclear incident is in the headlines or hits the news. People have opposed fission almost as long as the technology has existed. Impetus for greater activism, however, gained momentum with the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then the first incidents at power plants.

After World War Two, the early victims of the nuclear power industry were radium workers whose bones turned to dust before they died and soldiers used for test subjects at above-ground atomic bomb tests and those downwind of such tests. Later victims were workers at government nuclear facilities and individuals like Karen Silkwood.

We are now in the year 2011 and it is now obvious to anyone with a brain that this industry is as dangerous as the technology. In the name of nuclear non-proliferation (of atomic weapons), nuclear exporting countries like the USA, Russia and France build breeder reactors for countries with mentally unstable leaders. Then we act surprised and object when such crazies use their new reactors to build atomic weapons and sell this technology to other countries that support terrorists. That is proliferation. We are crazy to spread this technology and they are crazy to accept radioactive materials. Most of the countries receiving nuclear technology have low energy needs (unlike the US) easily met by hydroelectric dams, abundant sunlight, abundant wind, and even petroleum (although oil has problems too).

Uranium mining and the fission industry are responsible for strip mining, pollution of soil, contamination of food, destruction of communities, cancer, high taxes, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, atomic war, the threat of doomsday, proliferation, the possibility of nuclear terrorism, much of the national debt, needless deaths, halting progress in alternative energies (along with the oil and coal industries), the growing inventory of plutonium, and corrupting politicians. This is the case for a party that is anti-fission.

the case for a political party, The Anti-Fission Party

The name "Anti-Fission Party" does not roll melodically off the tongue like Democratic Party or Republican Party but it does accurately describe the preoccupied focus of said party. Until such time as we are able to hold a national convention and decide on another name, this is the name.

Anti-Fission Party

Our motto:

"bringing clarity to politics"

our concerns as a third party

  • ballot access
  • coalition politics
  • building an inclusive movement

Solution: power politics.

Helen Caldicott - Say No to Nuke 1

Ed Begley Jr going anti nuclear at the Go Green Expo with Remy Chevalier and Bradford Rand

Matthew Modine going Anti-nuclear at the Go Green Expo

Power - John Hall - No Nukes

arguably the first anti-nuclear movie: "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

From Protest to Policy: Beyond the Freeze to Common Security (Anti-Nuclear Weapons Movement) [Hardcover]

Pam Solo: Books

States and Anti-Nuclear Movements (Environment, Politics and Society) [Illustrated] [Hardcover] States and Anti-Nuclear Movements (Environment, Politics and Society) (9780748603961): Helena Flam: Books

The Burning Question: The Anti-Nuclear Movement Since 1945 [Hardcover]

Ruth Brandon: Books

Anti-nuclear vigil lasts and lasts: trio witnesses to peace 24/7 for 25 years.(COLUMN): An article from: National Catholic Reporter:

by Colman McCarthy (Apr 12, 2007)

"Origins" may not be a useful book: read below why

Origins, Goals and Tactics of the U.S. Anti-Nuclear Protest Movement (Rand Note, N-2192-Sl) by Victoria L. Daubert and Sue Moran (Mar 1985)

This book may not be useful because protest itself has limited value. The Anti-Fission Party is not interested in standing outside the corridors of power and being beaten by police. We are interested in being inside and having our hands on the levers of power so that nuclear can be shut down completely and permanently and worldwide.

The way to do that is not protestors whose signs are ignored by the TV cameras but convincing corporations (one by one) to go anti-nuclear. That is where the power is. Let's learn from the Nature Conservancy. Don't fight the nuclear industry. Get Wall Street and corporate America solidly on our side and the nuclear workers who only see a paycheck will see the writing on the wall and find nuclear-free jobs -- if cancer does not kill them first.
Use your heads for thinking not for giving cops a target upon which to practice swinging clubs.

Anti-Nuclear Power Activists by Nationality: American Anti-Nuclear Power Activists, Australian Anti-Nuclear Power Activists

by Books LLC (or LLC Books)

you feel like this but it makes more enemies than friends

this is a lot more productive

Planning an anti-nuclear rally?

Let me know and I'll list it here and give you free publicity.

the un-enlightened

Exelon Corporation is the largest nuclear company in the United States,

1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Anti-Fission Party here. 2. organize Anti-Fission Party county committees starting with your coun

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