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The Case for an Anti-tax Party

Updated on August 4, 2012

the case for the Anti-Tax Party

Taxes are bad because government uses the money to attack taxpayers.

The best government is the smallest government.

The best way to keep government small is to eliminate income tax.

There was a time before income tax and government functioned without it.


The State of Taxation

There have been anti-tax movements in the past. The USA got started because The British spent a lot of money defending its colonies in the French & Indian War and naturally expected the colonists to be grateful and to pull their own weight by reimbursing the crown (by paying taxes). American colonists gagged when they drank tea and could not swallow tacks without a great deal of pain. They stamped their feet and that was painful too. Joking aside, both sides had a point. Standing armies cost money but the colonists apparently had no voting representation in Parliament (any more than the District of Columbia does today) and so did not have a voice in the tea tax nor the stamp tax.

Hypocrisy then and now. The difference is that we do have representation now and they are not listening to us. We would like to see some of the money that we slave for as wage slaves. One cannot feel much sympathy for corporations since they can pass taxes along to their customers in prices except in cases of price freezes or controls.

The future seems to promise more taxes as wars pile up debt and the trend in all nations is toward higher taxes. Death and taxes seem certain. Also certain is that few people are cheerful givers nor lovers of the high-handed methods of the IRS -- the enforcers who extract taxes from us.

Where modern hypocrisy enters is the whining over social expenditures of the government which is mere pennies compared to the Trillions of dollars spent on arming the military, slushing funds to the spies, and infusing the fusion centers of the Department of Homeland Security. Goodbye peace in the garrison state, goodbye privacy in the cryptocracy, and goodbye freedom in the police state. Remember this when you hear fools whining about the cost of welfare, the cost of underfunded second rate schools, and the cost of Romneycare (supposedly the loss of freedom). Actually we lost our freedom when Congress passed the Patriot Act and President Bush signed it into law. Only fools don't know that. Government cannot "take over" Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid when it has always controlled those systems. Those systems have never been private or run by corporations or run by you or me. "Take over" implies some prior status of not controlled by government. There was never a prior status. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were created by government. But hysterical fools are coached and conditioned to scream on cue.

If you want to hate Romney, then hate him (he is certainly a devil worth hating). If you want to hate payroll deductions, then go ahead. I hate them too. If you want to hate taxes, then please do because being anti-tax is what this party is all about. If you want to hate "entitlements" then you are an idiot because:

1. they took that money out of your paycheck and

2. you are entitled to get it back because

3. it is your money

Remember that when some politician tries to manipulate you against entitlements. Rich people are entitled to their money. Middle class people are entitled to their money. Working class people are entitled to their money.

As we have seen taxes go by many names. Levies, fees, permits, licenses, US Customs, duties, fuel excise, and toll roads. There are subsidies taken from you and given to the poor starving multinationals like ExxonMobil. Energy companies (oil and electric power utilities and gas) are not gracious when they receive these subsidies nor do they pay to repair the damage they cause to the air you breathe, the water you drink, or the soil in which your food is grown. They spend excess profits to pay public relations liars to villify the EPA and deny climate change instead of cleaning up the mess they leave to taxpayers. These "corporate persons' often pay no taxes at all even though they have the most ill-gotten capital gain.

This is the state of taxation. I say start by eliminating income tax forever (that's your money) and then eliminating property taxes (that's your land).

Tax Day protest

the man in the foreground holds a sign which says "United We Stand" but is next to a woman who has brought a chair so she would not have to stand
the man in the foreground holds a sign which says "United We Stand" but is next to a woman who has brought a chair so she would not have to stand

Norbert Norquest did not go far enough

No new taxes? Wrong. No taxes. The country managed to exist quite well before the income tax for example.

While we would like to see all taxes eliminated, at the very least get Uncle Sam's hand out of our pockets because he is feeling us up.


1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Anti-tax Party here. 2. organize Anti-tax Party county committees starting with your county.

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