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The Case for an Education Party

Updated on September 29, 2012

the Education Party mission

upward mobility through education and a well-informed electorate

the Education Party platform

  1. free or cheap adult education
  2. declassifying government secrets
  3. shield laws to protect investigative journalists who do exposés
  4. have the FCC and watchdog groups compel the separation of news (NPR and PBS) and opinion (FOX)
  5. more emphasis on geography, consumer education, civics, and mathematics on local and state educational television and PBS
  6. more emphasis on science, history, geography, consumer education, civics, and mathematics in primary and secondary school
  7. revival of PTA/PTO in places where it has disappeared and especially at the senior high school level
  8. mandatory informed consent in physicians offices and hospital and education about patients rights via brochures in hospital ER waiting rooms, radio programs, school nurses, corporate health plans, public service announcements on TV, the US Public Health Service, and county health departments
  9. one hundred percent literacy including arithmetic literacy
  10. public education programs on commercial networks, the Internet, public lectures across the country, in schools (public, private and religious), documentary movies at theaters, and magazines to impress upon the public that there really are facts, not everything is an opinion

America and Americans cannot afford to be stupid!

Perhaps Rush and his listeners can afford to be abysmally stupid, but the rest of us have to compete in the global market place and stupid does not look good on a resume.

the Republican concept of heaven: no education

Republican motto : "You can fool all of the people all of the time."
Republican motto : "You can fool all of the people all of the time."

we are falling behind other countries

The United States is falling behind other industrialized nations. All you have to do is check statistics that compare the USA with other countries in whatever categories interest you. How long before we are number one in bad statistics? Do we really want to be number one in crime? Number one in food contamination? Number one in bridge and building collapses? Number one in infectious diseases? Number one in illiteracy?

Or put another way, do we want to be dead last? At the rock bottom?

we need better schools

We need more gifted education programs. We need more college prep programs. We need magnet schools. We need charter schools. We need Montessori schools and Waldorf schools. We need schools for smart kids.

We need to discipline children who give smart kids a hard time and teach them to respect intelligence. We need to remove smart kids from schools where they do not get respect from fellow students.

We also need to reform immigration to let in high IQ immigrants and deport low IQ immigrants. We need to cut athletic programs if such programs cannot prove that they raise academic performance. Harvard is not known for great athletes but is known for academic excellence and business leaders. We don't need our kids to sit on their fat asses watching other kids on the field. They need to participate in sports not observe them. What good is it to wear a State U jersey and be known as a mook?

People with intelligence need to learn a little confidence and not be cowed by the dummies. The fact that our inner city schools raise black kids to hide their intelligence for fear of being ostracized is an indictment of the society that allows discrimination, the black culture that tolerates low intelligence, the schools that fail the kids, the parents who don't put their foot up the misbehaving kids' asses, and the kids themselves who ought to stop and say: "Hey! There is nothing wrong with being smart. I don't care if I am swimming against the tide. God gave me a gift and so why should I be ashamed of it?"

[Editor's note: I'm white and as a young girl, I did not need my parents to tell me to resist group pressure. Although that helps. It was enough to know about group pressure. I could "do the math" and figure out that if group pressure exists, then I should be on my guard.]

Race to the Bottom

South Carolina and, to some extent the United States as a whole, is engaged in a race to the bottom by recruiting companies and employers (foreign and domestic) by telling them that American workers work cheap. Let's think about that. Who works cheap? Illegals. But Americans will have to work cheap if they want to work at all. Jobs are being exported as companies continue to downsize. The only jobs left in this country are part-time jobs that pay sub-minimum wage.

Even if Washington DC doesn't know it, we are in the Second Great Depression II. It may become worse than the first one.

How far down will we have to fall? Will every American work at unskilled jobs because all the science education is going to people in India and China and elsewhere?

What happens when the nation defaults on its debt and we become like Greece? Angry because of austerity programs because the nation ran up a bill fighting wars that no one but presidents wanted. Angry because one party wants to cut every program that might help ordinary people while saving corporate welfare. Angry because the other party is too cowardly to push the obvious green alternatives that would get us out of the mess of high energy prices, high debt, climate change, lack of jobs, and school cutbacks.

The solutions are inexpensive but there are no leaders with the backbone or thick skin to go green, cut defense, eliminate oil, coal & fission, give the breaks to green industry (not the companies exporting jobs and polluting our beaches and Yellowstone), and emphasize science education. Why? Because the politicians are bought, paid for and owned by the oil, coal and fission industries.

literacy and illiteracy

Literacy is more than basic reading, writing and arithmetic. It is also being able to find the United States on a map of North America. It is also knowing that July Fourth is Independence Day. It is knowing that the Civil War was caused by the southern insistence on slavery. It is being able to balance a checkbook. It is knowing that politicians can be removed from office by recall instead of by bullets. It is being able to understand the national issues and news beyond the trivial fascination with gore of accidents, crimes and disasters. It is functioning like an adult. It is knowing that seeking help with mental illness is a sign of strength not weakness. It is knowing that education is important and that political parties that demean public education and the intelligence of your children deserve to be made extinct on the political scene. I speak of course about the Republican Party that makes no secret of the fact that it wants you to be stupid so that they can better fool you and pull the wool over your eyes. The education of your children is important but so is your education. Adult education is important too.


America is a country with more than a strong streak of anti-intellectualism. There are even people who brag about being stupid. There are EVEN people who make a career out of being stupid (Rush Limbaugh) which would be harmless were it not for the fact that they convince naive people to follow them like lemmings over the national cliff. I refer, of course, to his single-handed (and so far successful) effort to prevent any effective action to reverse climate change. Just think, if you still can, that one man could be responsible for murdering the whole human race because the United States is the only country holding up progress on reversing climate change. Unfortunately, the one country in question (US) is also the most influential and most powerful. Unfortunate because it would be better fortune if we used our clout for good instead of evil.

The Marching Morons

""The Marching Morons" is a science fiction story written by Cyril M. Kornbluth, originally published in Galaxy in April 1951. Refer to the Wikipedia article.

Dummies for Dummies

I asked a reference librarian if this title existed. They have every other topic. For the record, no -- not yet.

Symptom: The Complete Idiot's Guides

When book series like this become too popular, then we have a right to wonder if people are simply afraid of rigorous reading matter and afraid of mental challenges. If we are afraid of challenges, then it would explain why we find ourselves a mentally challenged nation.

Why Johnny can't read

Maybe Johnny has to study under a naked light bulb or other harsh illumination that hurts or strains eyes. Maybe Johnny needs glasses. Maybe Johnny can't concentrate with all the boom boxes booming and all the ghetto blasters blasting. Maybe Johnny is given no encourage to read. Maybe his parents never read to him as a preschooler before bedtime. Maybe his parents do not provide a good example by reading the newspaper, reading magazines, and reading books. Maybe his friends are illiterates and you need to get him around a better class of friends than drug addicts, gang members, teen prostitutes, and teen parents. Maybe you need to enroll Johnny in a remedial reading program. Maybe Johnny needs a tutor. Maybe Johnny needs to be in an after school program. Maybe we could learn a few things from the Japanese emphasis on education. Maybe we could learn a few things from Israel which has the highest percentage of PhD's.


1. Record your commitment to register to vote with the Education Party here. 2. organize Education Party county committees starting with your county.

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    • Toni_Roman profile image

      Toni_Roman 6 years ago

      What's FB? Permission granted regardless. Post away. And please be aware that if you read my stuff bashing the Tea Party, then it is NOT directed at you. (God forbid!) I am very pro-third party in general but I have problems with the racist and fascist tendencies of the Tea Party (a wing of the Republican Party rather than a new party, bringing guns to town hall meetings, shooting congresswomen, et cetera).

      I am determined to help the rise of third parties that will push the Republicans and Democrats out of existence. That duopoly has done enough damage.

      Please pass the word to every parent, student, teacher, college professor and pro-education person you know. It is a single-issue party but it can have a huge impact on other parties and on politics, Perhaps it will get organized enough to elect intelligent people -- the whole point of it. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image

      TeaPartyCrasher 6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Always nice to see pieces that mention America's disdian for the intelligent; starts in the schools, IMO. And the fact that we're becoming a 'McEconomy'.

      But folks like Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, Robertson, etc need a dumbed-down population so folks will buy what they, and their corporate sponsors, sell them.

      Permission to post this on FB?