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The Case for an Independent Party

Updated on October 17, 2012

the case for an Independent Party

As the number of people who identify themselves as neither Republican or Democrat continues to rise, it makes sense to simply call it a political party.

founding document

Our founding document has already been written: The

United States Declaration of Independence

adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 before there was a US Congress in the form (and mess) that we know it today.

Who is an Independent?

  1. Any one who says that they are independent -- this is the obvious definition.
  2. Any one who polls identify as neither Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Green or other third party -- this is the not so obvious definition that is useful for pollsters.
  3. Any one who uses an upper case "I" as in Independent when they self-apply the term to themselves -- this is a tweak on the first definition and is useful for any one trying to organize an Independent Party. One might note that Libertarians are careful to distinguish between upper case Libertarians (party members) and lower case libertarians who adhere to the philosophy and see it as an educational movement but don't belong to the political party.

What is an Independent?

An Independent may be a litany of not's and non's --

  • not a Republican
  • not a Democrat
  • non-partisan (not useful politically as a result)
  • bipartisan (and perhaps aberrant sexually too)
  • moderate (except the Moderate Party exists in Sweden)
  • centralist, centrist (except Center parties exist in many countries)
  • nonaligned
  • none of the above (there are actually attempts to get "none of the above" on the ballot in some places)

circa 2007

the percentages have changed
the percentages have changed

When did the Independent Party idea get started?

Perhaps it got with the United States Greenback Party that existed from 1874 to 1884.

Where does an organized Independent Party exist?

Today an organized Independent Party exists in the states of Delaware and Oregon.

Why be an Independent?

Because you are fed up with the Republicans and Democrats.

How can you possibly organize Independents?

  1. If you are a self-described Independent, then work up a list of fellow Independents. Whenever any open discussion turns to politics and people express equal dismay at both Republicans and Democrats, then ask people to raise their hands if they are Independent. Get the contact information of whoever raises their hand. Name, mailing address, phone number, and email.
  2. Hold meetings of people where everyone invited is a self-described Independent. Make it clear that you are not Tea Party or any other third party. Make it clear that you have no agenda. Instead spend the time figuring out what Independents in your community want. Figure out what Independents in your state want. Figure out what Independents in the whole country want. Surprise! I do not have an agenda. I have no clue as to what Independents want. The Independent Party may be different from single issue parties in that respect. It need not be ideology like the Libertarians nor anti-health care nor hatred of Obama in particular or black people in general. [I will express the opinion that such a tendency is self-destructive and even Tea Party extremists often have enough sense to pull back from jumping off that cliff and they will kick out racists.]
  3. Independent Party might also organize and figure itself out on the county level and even on the international level. The US Republican Party has chapters in other countries (mostly for Americans living abroad). The US Democratic Party also has chapters in other countries not only for Americans living abroad but to spread the idea of democracy to other nations. Likewise Libertarian parties exist in other countries and there are Green parties in half the countries on Earth. So why not at least pick up Independent votes from US citizens living abroad as employees of American companies, diplomats, students, vacationers, missionaries, and a dozen other reasons?
  4. Open a dialogue with the Independent Party of Denmark. If something comes of it, fine. If not, fine. Open a dialogue with the Independent Party of Uruguay. If something comes of it, fine. If not, fine.
  5. Join an existing Independent Party or start one in your state. Be careful not to get confused with the Independence parties who are into such questionable activities as secession, guns, and racism. [Sarah Palin is or was involved with a party theoretically prepared to take up arms to break away from the United States and start another Civil War. Now you know the real Sarah Palin.]

existing organizations that the editor neither endorses nor condemns

The Independence Party of America includes Reform Party and Independent Greens. Its ideology is non-partisan democracy and populism. The Independence Party of Minnesota is centrist libertarians. The Independence Party of New York includes liberals, conservatives, centrists, capitalists and socialists. According to conventional wisdom, these people should not be able to talk to each other without knives slashing and guns blazing. Therefore, you might find them a refreshing change from "conventional wisdom". I personally do not like socialism but I can co-exist with the others.

How do you identify yourself politically?

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