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The Case for and against the Tea Party

Updated on April 20, 2014

The original Boston Tea Party

put the blame on Native Americans.  Today they continue that tradition of blaming someone else.
put the blame on Native Americans. Today they continue that tradition of blaming someone else.

The Case for the Tea Party

  1. It endorses reduced government spending
  2. opposition to taxation in varying degrees
  3. reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit
  4. adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution [The problem is that only rich white planters could vote back in those days. Poor whites, women, minorities and many others were shut out of the political process. Like today.]
  5. disengaging from foreign entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan, In this, they find common cause with left wingers who also want us out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  6. no bailouts of banks
  7. get out of the Middle East
  8. stop hassling border states like Arizona and Texas as they try to keep their local schools, hospitals, DSS and law enforcement from being overwhelmed
  9. marriage is an institution for heterosexuals only [gay unions for homosexuals]
  10. stricter measures against illegal immigration
  11. Demand a balanced federal budget
  12. Simplify the tax system
  13. Audit federal government agencies for waste and constitutionality
  14. Limit annual growth in federal spending
  15. reduce earmarks
  16. "We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world." [This quote from Ron Paul finds common cause with those on the left who also believe this.]
  17. Tea Party leaders have made efforts to kick out the racists.

The case against the Tea Party

  1. The Tea Party is violent. At town hall meetings, they would bring guns and point them at members of Congress. This was long before Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a right wing nut. If left wingers carried on these antics, the riot police would have been called (as we see with Occupy Wall Street). Which proves that the right wing can get away with murder while left wingers get their heads beaten. In a fair equal world, right wingers would be beaten by cops too or no one would be beaten by cops. Take your pick.

  2. The Tea Party calls health care reform the end of freedom and yet they seem to be free.

  3. The Tea Party is anti-health care, anti-reform, and one assumes pro-sickness and pro-corruption.

  4. The Tea Party is anti-union and anti-labor. If people cannot unionize and engage in collective bargaining, then they are denied a basic Constitutional right. The Tea Party is by definition always pro-management even when Wall Street screws Main Street. Unions and social safety nets are two of the hallmarks of a strong middle class but the Tea Party seems committed to a Banana Republic with a few rich, no middle class and the vast majority poor.

  5. The Tea Party engages in hate speech. They compare President Obama to Hitler and Stalin. If President Obama was like them, the President would have long since had the Tea Party rounded up, tortured and executed. It's not wishful thinking on the Tea Party's part (one assumes) it is simply hate speech.

  6. The Tea Party asserts that Obama supports Islamic terror. Then why did he have bin Laden killed? When Bush shipped over pallets of cash (US taxpayer's money) to Iraqi and Afghanistan and that money found its way to terrorists, no one accused Bush of being a terrorist.

  7. The Tea Party creates racist images and then acts surprised that comparing the President to a monkey is considered racist. No one living in America can be that isolated as to never have met or seen a black person. No one can be that stupid. Impossible.

  8. The Tea Party asserts that Obama wants to exterminate whites. His mother was white. The grandparents who raised him were white. Absurd on the face of it.

  9. The Tea Party is in league with the John Birchers and Birthers who claim that Obama is not a real American because he's black. Or some such loopy logic. Ignored in the whole debate was the fact that US Senator John McCain was not born in one of the Fifty States and therefore had no right to run for president. Again, a double standard. A low one for right wingers and an impossibly high one for left wingers. [And moderates who are neither left nor right are ignored altogether.]

  10. Some Tea Party members like to bring up the Black Panther Party (as if it had anything to do with anything). Declassified documents prove that The Black Panther Party was so infested with government infiltrators from various intelligence agencies that 99% of its membership must have been government agents trying to entrap members with drug, explosives, gun-running and other entrapment schemes. What was the goal of the Black Panthers? Head Start, school lunch programs and safe communities for little black children. Ideas taken for granted nowadays. At the time, police forces in the city neighborhoods of black people were overwhelmingly white and unsympathetic to little black children. The white cops treated young black children as grown adults and were eager to put them through the criminal justice system so that with a police record, they could never get a job. Grown black men were called “boy” even in places outside The South. When white men carry guns to protect themselves and their wives and children, society usually yawns in boredom. When black men carry guns to protect themselves and their wives and children, society usually freaks out. J. Edgar Hoover the head of the FBI was a vicious racist and cross-dresser who arranged the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (the King family believes this) and freaked at the idea of the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims who also believed in self-defense. Finally, the Black Panther Party believed in community policing, that is, police officers should come from and live in the community that they patrol. No racist cops commuting from an all white suburb into the inner city to beat up on black people all day long. Community policing nowadays is considered cutting edge police technique. Be sure to lecture the next Tea Party member you meet on the reality of America.

  11. The Tea Party is no hope for a new third party to replace the Republicans and Democrats. They consider themselves the right wing of the Republican Party. Likewise, the Libertarians also prostituted themselves to the Republican Party and will never become a party to replace the Republicans and Democrats.

  12. The Tea Party is built on anger and fear. These are not positive emotions nor do they result in positive outcomes.

  13. The Tea Party has a hatred of non-whites and at their rallies if a black person happens by, they may grab the black person and hustle them to the podium to “prove” that they have black members. Even the Tea Party has that much PR sense. Sad. The Tea Party is based on bigotry, hatred and especially racism toward African-Americans.

  14. The Tea Party has a hatred of a black president. It's okay to hate a president but not because of his or her color.

  15. The Tea Party will not take President Obama's word that he is a Christian. Therefore, we do not have to believe that the Tea Party contains any Christians. They must all be devil worshippers.

  16. The Tea Party denies global warming and climate change. These people cannot be well-educated and hold such a belief.

  17. The Tea Party wants to pass an 'All-of-the-Above' Energy Policy. This insanity would encourage oil drilling in ANWR, mountain top amputation by coal companies and fission. They delight in the failure of one solar company and don't care about the hundred other American solar companies trying to hold their own against Chinese solar companies dumping their products in the United States at below market prices.

    The Taliban objects to being compared to the Tea Party -- at least according to News Room.

editor's note

I had planned to include pictures of racist signs and misspelled signs at Tea Party rallies but that would have been too easy.

The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban

The Case of the Tea Party: For, Against or Neither?

In summary, members of the Tea Party and members of Occupy Wall Street talk to each other. I know that for a fact that there is communication between the two movements. When this communication breaks down, the powers that be must laugh at how they are screwing both groups.

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