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The Case for the Full Employment Party

Updated on April 20, 2014

Why the name the Full Employment Party

Because the Full Un-employment Party or the F U Party -- catchy as that might be -- is not what we are after. We do not want everyone out of work. Instead, we want jobs for everyone. Zero unemployment.

But for years, economists have told us to settle for 4%. Great unless you happen to be in that four percent. Now the "new normal" is 8%. Great unless you happen to be in that eight percent. The last time populations were shuttled off to a non-existence bit by bit, group by group, a few at a time was Nazi Germany. The people who were not sent to the death camps kept their mouths shut and while not guilty of the sin of commission (genocide in this case) like the SS, they were guilty of the sin of omission (genocide in this case) by not doing anything. Except for Dietrich Bonhoffer.

Now unemployment is a long way from genocide in terms of bad things but the principle of people not caring definitely still applies. And when you can't feed your family or avoid eviction or foreclosure, you get damn mad. Mad enough to say throw out the economists and politicians telling us to accept higher unemployment as "the new normal". How about throwing out incompetent elected officials and incompetent economists as the new normal? If they are as smart as they think they are, then they better find a way to obtain zero unemployment -- full employment -- or out they go. Out of office.

This is the mission of the Full Employment Party.

Why the name the Full Employment Party? Because the workers party sounds commie. That whole anti-communist thing is about muzzling anyone who is not a billionaire. Besides, blue collar workers are not the only people who hold down jobs. So do white collar workers and pink collar workers. Even executives hold down jobs but we don't cry when they lose their jobs any more than we cry when blue collar workers lose their jobs. But we should cry.

Or we are no better than Nazis.


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