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The Case of the Microwave Murder

Updated on June 27, 2011

Sacramento police, the home of California's government, is ascertaining the death of a six week old baby, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, that occurred back in March. The mother, 29-yr. old, Ka Yang, who has three other children under age 7, was arraigned days ago for the murder with special circumstances-meaning she faces death herself. Mirabelle died from extensive injuries of thermal nature the police reported consistent with mircrowave oven burns. The child had been burned from head to toe and the source had eluded investigators. The odd thing about this was the fact the hair and pajamas were not burned, yet the pacifier was.

Ka claims to suffer from multiple personalities and police still are confused about the motive, if there was one. Maybe Ka simply did not want the child. The child was small enough to be placed in the large microwave oven and fried to death. Anything liquid in the oven will generate heat when mircrowaved including a person's blood. The grisly discovery was found when Ka broke down during questioning about her inconsistencies of the original story and admitted she found that murdering the baby was quite easy and clean by using a microwave oven. Kill from within.

How horrible.........


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