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The Casey Anthony You Don't Know

Updated on June 19, 2011
Monster or victim?
Monster or victim?

Love is blind!

In the videos below, Casey Anthony does not seem like a monster who could kill her child in cold blood as she talks from behind bars to her father George. George Anthony is a loving and decent father, and you can tell how deeply depressed he is over Caylee's disappearance. Casey cries real tears, but what is behind them? I think she is feeling horribly guilty over what she did, and how it is going to impact her family for the rest of their lives. Think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you and your family and then magnifiy that a thousand times over, and you begin to get an idea what this family is going through.

At this point in time George Anthony believes that Caylee is still alive and still with Zanny the Nanny, somewhere..... Over and over again he tries to get Casey to open up and tell him where Caylee is, but of course Casey will not answer that because little Caylee is wrapped up in garbage bags and left to rot with animals chewing on her little bones. What I cannot understand is how Cindy and George could stand behind their daughter and believe she was innocent of any wrong doing when her car smelled of a decomposing body. It was so bad that the car still reeked of death two years later. I just wonder what Casey told them to make them believe this smell was from garbage in the trunk. LOVE IS BLIND!

Yes, Casey is evil, but her family is not. George and Cindy are the most decent people you could ever ask for, as is Lee, their son. I have watched almost a 100 tapes with the family talking to Casey, and over and over again, in a horrific and difficult situation they have acted with class. Imagine yourself in their shoes. they did not deserve this, their lives will never ever be the same again, and then they have to put up with the media at the very worst time of their lives, adding insult to injury. The stress of it all got so bad that George Anthony even tried to end it all, and frankly, I don't blame the poor man. But, did that end the media circus? No, the media smells blood and they are not going to let up until they get every last nasty detail out in the open for the rest of the world to gloat over. I think it is SICK, just as sick, if not sicker than what Casey did to her child. Don't these poor people deserve a little privacy?

What this family has had to endure is beyond human suffering. I just pray that the good Lord will allow them to heal and go on. As for Casey, she will have to live with herself and that could well be the worst punishment of all. I think she truly does love her family and did love Caylee, but she is also selfish and spoiled, and for that mistake she will have to pay for the rest of her life.

This guy Patrick from high school is nice enough to stop by and offer his help. WHY doesn't she ask him to look for Caylee?

Casey had the most loving parents you could ever want.

George Anthony talks to his daughter behind bars. Casey seems worried about Caylee.

George Anthony talks to Casey Part 2

George Anthony tries to kill himself.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The problem comes down to what the jury was legally bound to make analysis of. There was little or no physical evidence left from the original crime to present as anything but cirumstancial in legal terms. Yes Casey probably did commit the murder. I also think at least the Mother was complicit or possibly involved, I don't believe the parents were guilt free in any way. '

      IQ tests for juries really cannot be made standard, otherwise the same would hold for the criminals being compitent to stand trial. We prosecute people with below 80 IQs for murder all the time. We prosecute the mentally ill. We convict the uneducated. We put to death the morally bankrupt. Psychopathology is not truly recognized for what it is, that is my word on that subject. I do not wish to spark a debate about genetic predispositions in criminal behavior. But I would remark on one area before I run off...

      Let us say the situation was reversed, and Kaley was the psychopath who let say poisoned and murdered her mother.

      Or like Kipland Kinkle in Oregon shot her to death ( Kipland took down nearly 24 students and his own parents before school that morning, he was only 12 at the time. )

      Or like the Jonesboro kids who at 10 and 13 trapped half a dozen younger students in an ambush as they were leaving their school building.

      Or lets get real nasty about it, and bring up the case in Littleton Colorado.

      Kipland Kinkle came from two cult of the humanities sociologist school teacher parents, obviously athiests blah blah blah.

      The Jonesboro boys on the other hand, we publicly know to come from a good chruch going Baptist background, and were being raised by a single mother and grandmother. They single out girls in their ambush, so Christian women had caused their own kind of dysfunctional repression.

      In Littleton, the two boys there came from a conservative NRA saluting, masculine single father with a Nazarine background. God Guns and Government philosophy, very partiotic, but probably very paranoid.

      And before anyone blames single parenting, need we bring up Jefrey Dahmer, Ted Bundi and John Wayne Gacy, who all came from two parent divorce free homes. Ick...

      My point is, being god fearing or godless ( I meant to use lower case G's in both cases ) probably has no bearing or effect on psychopathology. I wonder how many people who think Casey should have the death penalty or worse, would put a child under 15 in the electric chair. Or would the condemn them to a lifetime of instituionalized care in an asylum? Should they have the right to breed? If people are wrong to have abortions, then why not just make breeding a commodity of livestock husbandry. Then no human would have an abortion without being authorized sane to breed in the first place.

      Or better yet sterilize and kill the children, do the same with the women and men. What would be your choice in such matters. Please do not think I am being critical of anyones values. But if society deemed me unfit to live or breed, I would willingly accept their verdict. Personally though I would prefer to be put to death.

      I have thought about this for many years. And am interested if anyone has any opinions that are balanced on this issue. I believe morality, logic, science, religion, Atheism and God have all failed to provide anything other than more rhetoric, and also excuses for more bigotry.

      Vicarious condemnation of the sinners of the world is the blood lust of the Christian. Vicarious comdemnation of the morally bankrupt is the bloodlust of the Atheist. Fuck both of those points of view.

      We are talking about Human beings.

      That is where my dilema always stalemates to me. Whew, sorry Magnoliazz, but you know me. I always got an opinion. Maybe your animals could serve jury duty and get a decent verdict.

      I am sure the Goats would not do as Baaaadddddly. LMAO

      Keep on Hubbing my lovely thoughful friend. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • sharewhatuknow profile image


      7 years ago from Western Washington

      How the jury could have let Casey go completely free is beyond my comprehension. I never saw Casey as pretty or beautiful. I saw her as a sociopath that either killed her beautiful little girl in cold blood, or accidentally killed her by giving her the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

      That is where "Zanny the Nanny" came in. Zanny being a nickname for Xanax.

      Casey committed a crime and the jurors let her get away with it.

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 

      7 years ago from Texas

      I am still quite upset over the verdict.. I don't know if she killed Caylee in cold blood but in the least she was negligent and what is worse, lied to cover it up. That part is obvious. She is the only one that knows what happened to that little girl. I still can't believe she is walking a free woman. I'll tell you this much though, she is far from free. She is the most hated person in America and whether it be sooner or later, KARMA is going to catch up with her and as bad as this sounds, I'll be smiling when that day comes.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Nice to see you here Lone Ranger. I agree with you, Casey Anthony would have probably lived longer if she had stayed in prison, now there are people out there who are going to hunt her down and probably kill her.

      Can we blame Casey's parents for what she became? I say NO, she is no different than million of other young women in America who are very spoiled and very vain. What she did to her little girl Caylee takes things to a whole new level. You have to be really evil to do what she did. What made her evil? I don't know, but I have no doubt that she made her pact with the devil when she killed her baby.

      Her day will come, God will take care of this, just wait and see!

    • profile image

      Lone Ranger 

      7 years ago

      My Dove:

      Casey Anthony is just another diseased American psychopath, who only wants what is in her own best interest. Moreover, too many mothers in this country believe their children are extentions of themselves and if they want to remove what they consider to be a hang-nail...they just cut it off and remove it from their lives.

      That's all little Calley was to her mother...a major inconvenience that had to be accessory that no longer accentuated her lifestyle. And, like you said, many women in this country have done worse to their own babies, so why should psycho mom have to live by a higher standard than the rest of her twisted sisters? Statistically speaking, at least two of those women on the jury had abortions of their own and at least 3 of the court jesters had no children at all.

      Now, I highly doubt that Casey came from a loving, decent, moral family...I think it was probably a dysfunction junction and like a river, Casey took the path of least resistance and her parents did next to nothing to dissuade her descent into the third circle of Hell, thus I do not subscribe to the theory that she became a monster all on her own (monsters aren't born - they're made). But, be that as it may, she made her own choices and she will have to answer for them...and I pray that the Angel of Justice will pay her a visit in the very near future.

      Perhaps her life expectancy would have been longer if she was granted the death penalty by the court jesters posing as a jury. The average convict on death row lives 20 years before their judgement is carried out, but I doubt Casey will live to see that on the outside of prison.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you Lone Ranger for leaving an intelligent and insightful comment. If you and I had been on that jury, Casey would have been found guilty.

      I am amazed at the public outrage over the verdict considering that every day women all over America kill their babies with the help of an abortionist. I am wondering when this fact will dawn on the American public. In fact, Casey Anthony probably killed her child in a more humane way. Sickening.

      There should be a law that all potential jurors need to take an IQ test before doing jury duty. This jury was too dumbed down to understand the evidence. I for one am not surprised. Common sense is dead in this country, and that is the biggest crime of all. What a bunch of idiots, I am betting they just wanted to get out of there and go home too.

      What I wonder about is how Casey Anthony can even live with herself. She could not even give that precious child a decent place to rest after killing her. I bury my farm animals with more dignity and respect. Not only did she kill her child, but she brought dishonor to her entire family. Poor George, he already tried to commit suicide once, but that did not stop Casey from throwing him under the bus. What she did to her family is simply criminal. They will never have a normal life again.

      Maybe Casey Anthony will go on to marry Howard Stern, they deserve each other. She already said she wanted to be on his show, what do you want to bet that is where she will turn up?

      I just hope that God's justice catches up with her, and believe me, it will!

    • profile image

      Lone Ranger 

      7 years ago

      I said from the beginning that the Casey Anthony murder trial was two trials in one: (1) Casey Anthony's murder trial and, (2) whether or not America is willing to convict a good looking woman.

      It is already known by the American Medical Association and the FBI that at least 33% of all SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) cases are actually post-birth abortions (a.k.a infant homicides) perpetrated by mothers.

      It is also known that 58% of all cases of child abuse are rendered by biological mothers, with biological fathers way down the list.

      Women are known to receive preferential treatment in many westernized societies. In America, women are known to get off from traffic violations twice as often as men. Studies have also shown that if a crime is perpetrated by a female, it is seen by our society as being 44% less offensive, than if the same crime was committed by a male.

      In the same likeness, a woman who kills her husband gets half the time (on average) in prison a man would get if he kills his wife and that's assuming she gets convicted at all, because many of them use the "abused wife" defence successfully in court.

      The bottom line is that justice is not blind and Lady Law is a dubious slut who has prostituted her integrity in favor of politics and social expediency. Therefore, an over abundance of men get sent to prison, while women are more apt to be released or sent to counseling.

      Taking all these things into consideration, it seems that the evidence should lead one to conclude that our society considers the life of a female to be superior to that of a male.

      America is not ready or willing to make women suffer the same levels of accountability and responsibility that are imposed upon men. Yes, America demands that women should receive equal pay and equal rights in the workforce and abroad, but they are not required to fight to protect their country and in many cases are not required to face the cold hand of death or iron fist of justice like their fathers, sons, and brothers.

      This trial was all about whether or not 5 men and 7 women were willing to concede that a good looking, young woman committed an act worthy of the death penalty. Please understand that America has adopted a culture of death such that the cruel and brutal murder and dismemberment of babies and infants are not only ignored and given upbeat euphemisms - they are often funded through tax dollars!!!

      This degenerate jury found Casey "not guilty" of commiting a crime worthy of the death penalty, but they never said she was innocent. She is, however, guilty of murdering her child and this spineless jury is guilty of lacking enough moral conviction to render justice regardless of the cost!

      In this country its all about a woman's right to experience "Bella Vita" - "the beautiful life", even if that means burning innocence and justice on the altar of sexism and moral relativism.

      Having said all that, I believe, having a mother like Casey Anthony, it may have been in little Caley's best interest to have left behind her hedonistic, promiscuous, murderous, and immoral mother for the warmth, safety and love of her Eternal Father's Heavenly home, while her spirit was still pure and innocent and uncorrupted by her mother's life of sin.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hi again Blake, I have been following this story for the last week, and even now, I am going back to youtube to watch the stuff that I missed.

      Her boyfriends all testified against her. I thought that was interesting. They probably knew her better than her parents.

      In my mind, there is no doubt that she killed her little girl, and threw her away like garbage in a swamp, I bury my animals with more dignity than that.

      I still can't wrap my mind around it, how she could do such a thing. You see her playing with Caylee and they make such a loving picture, but....even though her boyfriends said she treated Caylee well, they had no problem at all believing the worse, that she killed Caylee.

      Then there were all the lies. If she had nothing to hide, why would she have to lie about everything. I'm sure her parents knew she killed Caylee too, but it was so awful they could not admit it to themselves for a long time.

      You are right, they should have gone for a lesser charge. No one wanted her to get the death penalty because of what her parents already went through.

      I predict that life will not go well for Casey. A lot of people hate her, she will have to be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life.

      Thanks for stopping by, I am happy to see you. Dreamreachout and I missed you!



    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I Suppose by now you have the verdict. I have only basic thoughts on it, am also interested in yours Magnoliazz. Wheater Casey is truly guilty or not.

      American is not ready to put a single mother on death row. ( Even one who has killed her own child ) There are lots of double standards in the legal system, and how it treats men and women.

      Men and women pedophiles get treated differently. So do male and female murderers for the most part. This case fell into the grey area between those two extremems. Also the defense did an excellent job on their case and definately cast reasonable doubt into the picture.

      The prosecution on the other hand basically dropped the ball, they should have pursued a lesser charge but would have ended up getting a conviction.

      Since the prosecution decided to play hard ball, the system failed to give justice.

      I personally think all murders should be death penalty if we are going to have a death penalty. Since reasonable doubt allows many cases to be won for the defense, when the prosecution wins the death penalty should be standard. But that is just my opinion. I am sure if I committed murder I might feel differently. Either way I wanted to make sure i made a comment on this hub when the case ended.

      Love you Magnoliazz

      Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Do you NOT see through the façade of Cindy Anthony? Think back 3 years ago….Cindy Anthony even admitted that she gave the FBI analysts the wrong hair brush, deliberately, as she knew that Casey had murdered Caylee. In the trial, Cindy Anthony testified that she researched chloroform on the computer in 2008. Hmm...Good memory? Cindy has lied from the beginning and no one (except Nancy Grace and cult of followers of course) should be surprised at that.

      Cindy Anthony is a deceitful, controlling, and manipulative woman with a covert-aggressive personality. As shown throughout the trial and in the last three years, Cindy Anthony uses tactics all great manipulators use – they make it seem like they are the one’s hurting, caring, and defending (sound familiar?). Practice made Cindy Anthony very effective at displaying mental and interpersonal behavior to get things to go her way. Look at the film bites HLN shows – It is obvious Cindy is always in complete control. Even the HLN poster boy, Jesse Grund, stated during his interview that there were times that Cindy Anthony referred to herself as “Mommy” when talking to Caylee in front of Casey.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Magzz, whats this all about? I dont know the background!!


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