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The Catastrophic Scenario for America After the 2016 Election

Updated on September 11, 2016
Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine

As details about Hillary Clinton's health ooze out, much like her email scandal, which few can deny she has not lied about, there is some real cause for concern. Democrats state there is nothing wrong with her health, Republicans, smell another lie about something important.

Watching the video of her being supported and then collapsing after attending the 9\11 event was shocking, even to those who do not support her. Something was truly wrong and the doctors at first said it was due to allergy and related medication. But, few bought the story and the truth emerged that she had pneumonia for several days, which accounts for the hacking cough.

A few years ago, she did suffer a near stroke and has been taking blood thinners since then. Genetics are not in her favor: Clinton’s family history includes a father who died of a stroke and a mother who died from congestive heart failure. She has two brothers, one of whom has premature heart disease. That is significant and no doubt hovers in the back of her mind. Her past medical history is notable for a deep vein thrombosis in 1998 and in 2009, an elbow fracture in 2009 and a concussion in 2012. The blood thinners, first prescribed in 1998, are a precautionary position because of the threat of a stroke from the vein thrombosis. And then it did happen, late 2012, a concussion that caused a blockage in the brain. Quick intervention saved her.

However, the worst case scenario is if Clinton is elected and President of the United States and while in office, has a stroke or heart attack and dies. That would mean the Vice President clown, Kaine, would become President. This would be catastrophic, far worse than anything imaginable. He would be totally inept and thrown to the sharks. Let's say the same thing happens should Trump be elected. His VP is Pence. A person far more capable to be president and to be taken seriously.

Health does matter for the candidates that are the oldest ever. The scenario just shown is why it is important. When Kennedy was assassinated, LBJ stepped in reluctantly and proved to carry on. Can you remotely imagine Tim Kaine as president should Clinton die in office? Is Clinton's health good enough to handle the stress of being president? Do we know all of the details?


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