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The Catch-22 of the War with ISIS

Updated on September 24, 2014

President Obama finally has stepped up to the plate and realized that the only thing ISIS will understand is fight. A fight they will lose militarily, in time. As America whacks this mole into oblivion with the other Arab nations who have joined, other moles with raise their head from the Jihadist camp to mimic ISIS, they too, will find their path to hell. However, right now, the worse of all evils seems to be ISIS. The beheadings simply appalled the West and rallied us into military action. There will be a time when ISIS is a much lesser evil, and as we hammer them and degrade them, their competitor, al-Qaeda is still growing in Yemen and other places. There IS a competition between them and al-Nusra, the off shoot in Syria fighting Assad and the Free Syrian Army, to attack America with another spectacular 9\11 attack. This is all a game.

The good thing, so far, is none of the Jihadists have decided to become allies and focus their assets on America. As the war against ISIS continues, we are helping the Assad regime and al-Qaeda. But they are the lesser evils, right? No wonder Assad is glad America is finally attacking them and not Syrian forces, yet. Attacks in Yemen continue, but not on the scale as against ISIS. All of the Arab nations also attacking did join because it benefits them this time. The Saudis were very angry when Obama refused to bomb Syria the first time, so mad, they began to arm the opposition. Now, they are happy to join in because it serves their purpose. Underneath all of the Arab support there still lies the guiding religious sect that steers much of their action.

ISIS is Sunni, so naturally, all of the Arab countries that are not take this into heavy consideration about military action. For the West, the overriding reason is moral- good versus evil, with deep roots in Christianity. After all, that is where the concept comes from. God is good, Satan is evil.

The intensity of the hatred between Sunni and Shiite or other sects under the Islam banner is a driving force in daily life and how their leaders make decisions for their country. As we destroy ISIS, there is Iran, who also benefits because they are Shiite. Their main goal is to get a nuclear weapon so they will become real threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. They indicated they would help the West fight ISIS if they get better terms on the nuclear negotiation.

The future of the area after ISIS is defeated is easy to see. There will be the Syrian war still. Will the West bomb Syrian troops or only train and provide weapons to the Free Syrian Army, a more moderate group. But, how moderate is this? If they topple Assad, will they be moderate still? radical? Iran will be a strong influence in Iraq and Iraq will not want any help from the West. Iraq will continue to be a hotbed for terrorists because the Iraqi army is inept. Al-Qaeda and al-Nusra will still be active and stronger

This game is called Whack a Mole. It goes on forever.


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