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The Chicago Drivers Guide to Rideshare Profits: Follow the Money/Prime Locations- City Center

Updated on January 14, 2017

L Town

 The "L" train is Chicago's famed elevated rail track system that serves the city and nearby suburbs including all 10 featured prime locations.
The "L" train is Chicago's famed elevated rail track system that serves the city and nearby suburbs including all 10 featured prime locations. | Source

Go to the rideshare cash

The label “go to quality" is accorded to those aspects of a location that ensures proven ability to provide reliable rideshare revenue to driverpreneurs (drivers/entrepreneurs) who serve Chicago. The weighty presence of go to qualities (gtqs) separates the good places for drivers to earn cash from the prime places for us to ply our trade. The prime locations have multiple go to qualities that attract riders and their cash.

The prime locations in the city center, Lakeview, Lincoln Park and the Loop, are rife with go to qualities. These L named communities with a prevalence of "L" train stations within them are good places for drivers to go to for big earnings.



Lakeview is an area steeped with go to qualities. It shares many of the same deep streets with Lincoln Park, its neighbor to the south. It too has the double dose go to quality aspect of being close to the Loop and bordering the lake. Lakeview truly lives up to its name.

Lakeview is home to single millennials, professionals and single unit home owners who love their cubbies. They also love to share their cabs to the Loop and River North where many of them work. This gives me the chance to do a morning “loop the Loop.” I can and have left the Loop and driven right back up Lake Shore Drive (or I-94 west) to get more morning pickups.

Lakeview GTQs in the spotlight

Red hot rideshare magnet zones

Wrigley Field and its home Wrigleyville double as rider magnets and featured attractions. The lesser known blocks of buildings that host Lakeview’s many residents are also good places to reap in rideshare revenue.

24-7 r factor

The aforementioned morning “loop the Loop” opportunities spark the morning rush. The area’s proliferation of bars and restaurants keeps it going day and night.

Happenin Housing

Lakeview provides an abundance of tall buildings full of tall prospects for rideshare revenue including many that have offered yours truly drivepreneur repeat business.

Featured Attractions

Wrigley Field, Music Box Theatre, and park land accompanying Recreation Drive

Go to Qualifiers

Deep Streets
Thoroughfares that are good for rideshare revenue
Lake Shore Drive
Red Hot Rideshare Magnet Zones
Places that attract rideshare riders and revenues
DePaul University campus in Lincoln Park
Transcendent Transportation Hubs
Places where one or more modes of public transportation meet and provide prolific rideshare opportuinities.
Union Station in the Loop
24-7 r (reliability) factor
Business is available all day, every day.
morning and evening commuters along with bars open throughout the night
Off Peak Hour Options
The non rush business is good
rider rush at 1:00 p.m.
Happenin Housing
Individual and collective rider magnet residential/hotel properties.
The Palmer House
Featured Attractions
Tourist draws that bring people to Chicago
Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park


The Lincoln Hotel, Lincoln Station (bar and grill) and Lincoln Ave occupy space here. I detect a theme here. The area maintains a go to qualifier theme to go along with its affinity for things named Lincoln. This vibrant urban hamlet includes industry, pricey lake front property and a plethora of businesses lining its busier thoroughfares.

It has similar but younger demographics than its northern neighbor Lakeview due to DePaul University’s presence. DePaul’s campus is one of many rideshare magnet areas which also include real estate replete with rideshare revenue residents.

Lincoln Park GTQs in the Spotlight

Deep Streets

Lincoln Ave, Ashland Ave, Clark Ave, Fullerton, and Lake Shore Drive provide dq routes. Webster delivers a good two way street alternative to the oft cluttered Fullerton.

Transcendent Transportation Hub

The Red line/Brown line “L” stop at Fullerton near Sheffield. Travelers on this train can get off either the Red or Brown lines and transfer to the other. This is a busy stop with rich rideshare revenue traffic.

24-7 r factor

Lincoln Park like Lakeview is a great place for Uber pools and Lyft lines thereby providing similar opportunities for morning “loop the Loops.” Also, its numerous bars and restaurants keep it going throughout the day and night.

Featured Attractions

Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Zoo

The Prime Place 10

1 Bucktown

2 Evanston

3 Hyde Park

4 Lakeview

5 Lincoln Park

6 Loop (the)

7 River North

8 South Loop

9 Streeterville

10 Wicker Park


The Loop

Corporate headquarters, government offices, retail giants, colleges and hotels are among the places within Chicago’s “Loop” central business district. The various locales make it a red hot ride share destination location. The Loop also plays host to the city’s biggest festivals such as Lollapalooza and the Taste. The Loop can also boast of Lower Wacker Drive, the best short cut deep street in all of Chicago.The Loop is full of go to qualities.

Loop GTQs in the spotlight

Transcendent Transportation Hubs

People must get to the Loop and of course they don’t all drive. Many among them take the following regional rail systems:

Union Station- This is a large (4-5 blocks north/south) train station with many entrances (pickup or drop-off points and a bus hub at its south end. It serves Metra and Amtrak rail lines.

Ogilve Transportation Center- This station serves Metra regional rail lines for North, Northwest and West bound trains.

South Shore- This rail line begins in Indiana and ends at the Millennium Station in the Loop.

L Trains- The separate rail lines that form Chicago's "L" system are identified by a color coding scheme. (the red line, blue line etc) Practically every color of the L train rainbow choo choos its way across the Loop.

Off Peak Hour Options

The Loop normally generates a decent 24-7 r factor for us driverpreneurs. The advent of festivals brings with it continued ability to get rideshare revenues. The day time off peak hour options are exceptional.

Happening Housing

The Swiss, Hyatt and Millennium Park Fairmont , all of which are close to another, provide repeated sources of trips as pickups and destinations. The Palmer House and lesser known Central Loop hotel are good rider magnets also. The Loop also has a residential building in its western wing that is one of the single best happenin housing locations in the city.

Featured Attractions

The Willis Tower, Grant Park, the Bean (in Millennium Park) Chicago Theatre among others reside in the Loop. Lollapalooza and the Taste occur on an annual basis at Grant Park.

The L named places on the prime 10 list are especially productive for the driverpreneur who wants in on the rideshare revenue that is out there. Time to drive is time to thrive.


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