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The Chinese Are Stealing Our Trade Secrets To Hegemony....

Updated on January 19, 2016

The Chinese Are Stealing Our Trade Secrets To Hegemony…

Last Sunday, a Sixty Minute segment reminded us that literally billions of dollars are being lost to our Chinese adversary by way of the latter’s outright theft of our Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property via Cyber-Warfare; and, apparently, because we are beholden to the Chinese for funding our massive, amorphous debt, and like that classic, iconic scene in the movie, Animal House, we are willingly bending over and taking 'it'. I am not here to blame the current Obama or the previous Bush's Administration because both are woefully implicated in our negligence to protect our trade secrets and intellectual property. There are probably those who believe and are going to say that we are engaging in the same Cyber-Warfare with other sovereigns, including the Chinese, and that we have done this in the past and continue to do so - only with less success than our Chinese counterparts.

What then should America do to combat the theft of our Trade Secrets? Even asking this question is ironic because, were the Chinese or others to look around their respective homes, more than likely, the modern amenities seen and used were probably made down in our Silicon Valley, yet, we, apparently, cannot concoct any firewalls to thwart the Chinese and others from stealing our lucrative Trade Secrets. What of our vaunted CIA Intelligence unit engaged in Industrial Espionage… where are the conspicuous Midas thefts/successes of foreign Intellectual Properties and Trade Secrets… are they lacking due to the fact that the rest of the world is not making anything worthy of our theft? It could be that we cannot say or make privy what we are doing vis-à-vis our Industrial Espionage missions because, as it is the wont of Intelligence gathering, only failures are made known to the public, but successes must be kept a secret... so not to betray our methods and assets in the fields.

A decade or so, my mentor warned me about how cavalier and negligent we were and are for not concentrating and combating what the Chinese were engaged in then and now in stealing our Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property, and hell-bent on gaining hegemony in the very near future. Even in the Caribbean, where I hail from, the Chinese conspicuous, panoramic footprints are all over the place: doling out funds to build Infrastructures; rapaciously buying up the land in Belize and other Caribbean Islands; defacto control of the Panama Canal; and, of most import, setting the stage and establishing beach-heads in our hemisphere for when the war between us comes. It is said that were you to ask the top Chinese military officials about a future conflict with America, they truthfully believe and would tell you that they are indeed planning and preparing for such a war with America for the prize of being top dog on the world’s military and economic food chain. Perhaps… it is prudent for a given country, vying for dominance, to prepare for war, especially with other countries with opposing political ideologies.

As a young man debating my dad, in the late Eighties, on the issue of foreign policy, he told me then not to worry about the Japanese… about them gaining economic hegemony because of the salient facts that they could not feed themselves and had to import most of their energy needs. I accepted my father’s premise then because the Japanese did not have the military might to procure their food or energy by fiat, unlike the current Chinese regime that has the military might - is flexing said might - and moreover, holds the markers for our debt now numbering approximately two trillion dollars. Somewhere, I read where Human Beings must adapt to survive… and so I supposed I must nudge my child to start learning Mandarin - the only problem is that, so far, my wife and I have only been blessed by the Lord Jesus with a daughter and we all know how much girls are cherished in China.


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    • profile image

      Josuee 3 years ago

      An exceptionally great psubilh. This short article covers for me personally what this particular topic is determined by plus some of the essential benefits that can be resulting from knowing about it as should you. A buddy once remarked that you've got a completely different way of thinking whenever you do something for several as opposed to when youre just toying with it. When it comes to this kind of subject, I believe you're taking, or even begin to think of, a far more professional as well as thorough approach to each what and how you write, which allows you to carry on and obtain better as well as manual other people who have no idea anything by what you've discussed right here. Thank you.

    • pacecharging profile image

      pacecharging 5 years ago from New England

      Been reading the news the past couple of days? Looks like the most recent space of hacking / cyber terrorism, or whatever we might want to call it, directed at the US came from China, and probably even their military.