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The Chinese Civil War!

Updated on October 23, 2010

How did Chang Kai-Shek fail?

America’s brief existence is filled with well-intentioned acts of benevolence. Some may argue that most of the United States interventions have been selfish in nature and laced with hidden agendas. However others could state the case that the USA is a nation that was born via ideals; the ideals that derive from being a Judeo-Christian nation. Ideals of such as honesty, integrity, charity, and kindness are addressed throughout the Old & New Testaments in the Holy Bible. Ironically the Confucius Five virtues in which the renowned Chinese leader Chang Kai-Shek devoted his life to, are the mirror image of the aforementioned Biblical virtues.

Moving forward the purpose of this post is to expose the harsh possibility that Chang Kai-Shek’s lofty vision for his beloved China excluded the needs of the “common people”. Thus the failure of Chang Kai-Shek, he did not obtain the “hearts and minds” of his people.

Although most human beings would consider Ren, the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity; Yi, of honesty and uprightness; Zhi, knowledge; Xin, the virtue of faithfulness and integrity; and, Li, correct behavior, or propriety, good manners, politeness, ceremony, worship the most noble of goals to pursue within a society. Combine those merits with Chang Kai-Shek’s desire to instill and maintain filial piety; the honoring of ones parents which happens to also be another virtue mandated within the Holy Bible and some may consider that Chang Kai-Shek was striving for the unattainable Utopian society to be realized for his China.(1)

Moving forward detractors of the United States humanitarian efforts throughout the years may evaluate America’s presence in China during their Civil War as a failed mission. Some may even make a case in point that the Truman Administration merely “threw money” into the situation via America’s support of Chang Kai-Shek Nationalist Movent; thus exasperating the conflict by not becoming involved in armed combat against the Communist threat. Some could argue that President Truman decision not to become overtly involved in conventional warfare in opposition to the Communist; only strengthened the resolve of Mao’s Red Army which was comprised primarily of poor peasants.(2)

In essence it would be feasible to view the intellectual, and some may even state the spiritual connection between Chang Kai-Shek and American leaders in Washington D.C. as a natural and somewhat mutual admiration. Chang Kai-Shek was a highly educated and refined Military leader and statesman. However Mao was able to win the “hearts and minds” of the multitude of poor peasants in China who found very little value in lofty idealism; sympathizers of the Communist movement may state that the poor in China were quite simply fighting for survival.

The Chinese Civil War could leave one pondering; had Chang Kai-Shek refused assistance from America and led his troops into battle on their own merit utilizing centuries of Chinese experience perfecting what Chinese Military genius Sun Tzu described as “The Art of War”. Would Chang Kai-Shek have earned and retained the respect of his army. Thus defeating the Communist threat as opposed to retreating into Taiwan in defeat? (3) Unfortunately for the United States, Western Civilization as a whole, and the multitude of Chinese human beings that have in the past left and continue to leave China due to its oppressive Communist rule; this question will never be answered.






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