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The Choice Is Clear - Obama For President

Updated on February 12, 2009

Bull Moose Magazine Endorses Obama

By James F. Henry

Bull Moose Magazine Publisher

The major political parties have made their choices for the candidates who will represent them in the November election. After two weeks of electioneering, stumping, charging and counter charging, it is obvious the American public will be best-served by Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

Just as Abraham Lincoln came from the state of Illinois, destined to transform American politics forever, it is fitting that the nation's first African American nominee should hail from the Land of Lincoln.

Barack Obama has been destined to lead for decades. He served the citizens of Illinois as a member of the state Legislature. Before then, he established himself as a proactive leader who worked to improve his community of Chicago from the ground up. Grassroots organization, voter registration drives, striving to empower those who have been left behind by many administrations.

Barack Obama had the skill to take a high-priced job in a top law firm, but instead he chose to teach law students, passing along his considerable knowledge, particularly in the area of Civil Rights Law, a profession in which he excelled.

Politically, Obama has proven himself to be tough and astute. When he announced his candidacy, the so-called experts predicted this campaign would fail. He was going up against Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and a fellow Senator from New York. No "new comer" in Washington would ever have the means to compete against the ultimate political heavy weight like Clinton.

Yet compete he did, and along the way Obama inspired millions of people, many of whom are first time voters. He won in Iowa, which is predominantly white, showing that his appeal could cross over the racial divide.

In his first major decision, aside from the decision to run in the first place, Obama showed extreme wisdom in choosing Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate. Many wanted Obama to choose Sen. Clinton, myself included, but Obama recognized that in these dangerous times, it is critical to the country's security to be surrounded by competent foreign policy experts. Clinton will, no doubt, be among the people whom Obama consults on a variety of issues, but when it comes to matters of foreign policy and judicial appointments, it is comforting to know that Obama has such a valuable resource as Joe Biden to whom he can turn at any time.

It is also comforting to know that after eight years of Republican rule, with players like Karl Rove pulling Bush's strings, Americans will have a man in the White House whose only special interest will be the voters who elect him in November.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that Bull Moose Magazine endorses Sen. Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States.

Elect Barack Obama President of the United States

Sen. Barack Obama
Sen. Barack Obama


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    • ginosblog profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      Have you had enough change yet or are you hoping for more? I'd like to know where you stand. Where do you think we are heading with all this government and taxes shoved down out throats. I really hope you are happy. Oh yea. Did he not say in his campaign he would not tax folks under $250K. I believe he misled you guys. I got a whole page of misleads but I won't go into them. I just gotta know. Do you still love him. Are you that far left that you care not for America and know nothing of world history pertaining to health care and socialism. We use to be the best. Now we are the blundt of world jokes and I really don't appreciate your president's play for power.

      By the way. Who was it that said the election was not foul? What's the name of that favorite Obama group, oh yea, ACORN?

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      Well I'll tell ya, after eight years of illigitimate government, it felt very redeeming to see an election go off without anyone claiming foul. Of course, it feels even better that my guy one. All around, I think this election is good for America.

    • dawei888 profile image


      10 years ago

      Was interesting to read your write-up after the election. It seems that American people were also in agreement with Obama's positive attributes which you mentioned in your article.

    • dboman profile image


      10 years ago from Gainesville

      So, why do you consider that comment spam?

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      I've decided to approve the voluminous message above despite the fact that it is spam, because I believe even spammers have first amendment rights. However, I would suggest that before anyone makes decisions based upon the above post, consider the source.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      > > > 1.) Selma March Got Me Born - NOT EXACTLY, your parents felt safe enough to have you in 1961 - Selma had no effect on your birth, as Selma was in 1965. (Google' Obama Selma ' for his full March 4, 2007 speech and articles about its various untruths.) > 2.) Father Was A Goat Herder - NOT EXACTLY, he was a privileged, well educated youth, who went on to work with the Kenyan Government. > 3.) Father Was A Proud Freedom Fighter - NOT EXACTLY was part of one of the most corrupt and violent governments Kenya has ever had. > 4.) My Family Has Strong Ties To African Freedom - NOT EXACTLY, your cousin Raila Odinga has created mass violence in attempting to overturn a legitimate election in 2007, in Kenya . It is the first widespread violence in decades. The current government is pro-American but Odinga wants to overthrow it and establish Muslim Sharia law. Your half-brother, Abongo Oba ma, is Odinga's follower. You interrupt ed your New Hampshire campaigning to speak to Odinga on the phone. Check out the following link for verification of that....and for more. > Obama's cousin Odinga in Kenya ran for president and tried to get Sharia Muslim law in place there. When Odinga lost the elections, his followers have burned Christians' homes and then burned men, women and children alive in a Christian church where they took shelter.. Obama SUPPORTED his cousin before the election process here started. Google Obama and Odinga and see what you get. No one wants to know the truth. > > 5.) My Grandmother Has Always Been A Christian - NOT EXACTLY, she does her daily Salat prayers at 5am according to her own interviews. Not to mention, Christianity wouldn't allow her to have been one of 14 wives to 1 man. > 6.) My Name is African Swahili - NOT EXACTLY, your name i s Arabic and 'Baraka' (from which Barack came) means 'blessed' in that language. Hussein is also Arabic and so is Obama. > Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. If elected, he would be the first Arab-American President, not the first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side and 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side. While Barack Hussein Obama's father was from Kenya , his father's family was mainly Arabs... Barack Hussein Obama's father was only 12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father's birth certificate even states he's Arab, not African Negro). From....and for more....go to..... > African > > 7.) I Never Practiced Islam - NOT EXACTLY, you practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years, until your wife made you change, so you could run for office. > 4-3-08 Article 'Obama was 'quite religious in islam'' > 8.) My School In Indonesia Was Christian - NOT EXACTLY, you were registered as Muslim there and got in trouble in Koranic Studies for making faces (check your own book). > February 28, 2008. Kristoff from th e New Yo rk Times a year ago: Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it'll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as 'one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.' This is just one example of what Pamela is talking about when she says 'Obama's narrative is being altered, enhanced and manipulated to whitewash troubling facts.' > 9.) I Was Fluent In Indonesian - NOT EXACTLY, n ot one te acher says you could speak the language. > 10.) Because I Lived In Indonesia , I Have More Foreign Experience - NOT EXACTLY, you were there from the ages of 6 to 10, and couldn't even speak the language. What did you learn except how to study the Koran and watch cartoons. > 11.) I Am Stronge r On Forei gn Affairs - NOT EXACTLY, except for Africa (surprise) and the Middle East (bigger surprise), you have never been anywhere else on the planet and thus have NO experience with our closest allies. > 12.) I Blame My Early Drug Use On Ethnic Confusion - NOT EXACTLY, you were quite content in high school to be Barry Obama, no mention of Kenya a nd no menti on of struggle to identify - your classmates said you were just fine > 13.)An Ebony Article Moved Me To Run For Office - NOT EXACTLY, Ebony has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn't, and never did, exist. > 14.) A Life Magazin e Article Ch anged My Outlook On Life - NOT EXACTLY, Life has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn't, and never did, exist. > 15.) I Won't Run On A National Ticket In '08 - NOT EXACTLY, here you are, despite saying, live on TV, that you would not have enough experience by then, and you are all about having experience firs t. > 16.) Voting 'Present' is Common In Illinois Senate - NOT EXACTLY, they are common for YOU, but not many others have 130 NO VOTES. > 17.) Oops, I Misvoted - NOT EXACTLY, only when caught by church groups and Democrats, did you beg to change your misvote. > 18.) I Was A Professor Of Law - NOT EXACTLY, you were a senior lecturer ON LEAVE. > 19.) I Was A Constitutional Lawyer - NOT EXACTLY, you were a senior lecturer ON LEAVE. > 20.) Without Me, There Would Be No Ethics Bill - NOT EXACTLY, you didn't write it, introduce it, change it or create it. > 21.) The Ethics Bill Was Hard To Pass - NOT EXACTLY, it took just 14 days from start to finish. > 22.) I Wrote A Tough Nuclear Bill - NOT EXAC TLY, your bill was rej ected by your own party for its pandering and lack of all regulation - mainly because of your Nuclear donor, Exelon, from which David Axelrod came. > 23.) I Have Released My State Records - NOT EXACTLY, as of March, 2008, state bills you sponsored or voted for have yet to be released, exposing all the special interests pork hidden within. > 24.) I Took On The Asbestos Altgeld Gardens Mess - NOT EXACTLY, you were part of a large group of people who remedied Altgeld Gardens . You failed to mention anyone else but yourself, in your books. > 25.) My Economics Bill Will Help America - N OT EXACTLY, your 111 economic policies were just combined into a proposal which lost 99-0, and even YOU voted against your own bill. > 26.) I Have Been A Bold Leader In Illinois - NOT EXACTLY, even your own supporters claim to have not seen BOLD action on your part. > 27.) I Passed 26 Of My Own Bills In One Year - NOT EXACTLY, they were not YOUR bills, but rather handed to you, after their creation by a fellow Senator, to assist you in a future bid for higher office. > 28.) No One on my campaign contacted Canada about NAFTA - NOT EXACTLY, the Canadian Gover nment issued the names an d a memo of the conversation your campaign had with them. > 29.) I Am Tough On Terrorism - NOT EXACTLY, you missed the Iran Resolution vote on terrorism and your good friend Ali Abunimah supports the destruction off Israel . > 30.) I Want All Votes To Count - NOT EXACTLY, you said let the delegates decide. > 31.) I Want Americans To Decide - NOT EXACTLY, you prefer caucuses that limit the vote, confuse the voters, force a public vote, and only operate during small windows of time. > 32.) I passed 900 Bills in the State Senate - NOT EXACTLY, you passed 26, most of which you didn't write yourself. > 33.) I Believe In Fairness, Not Tactics - N OT EXACTLY, you used tactics to eliminate Alice Palmer from running against you. > 34.) I Don't Take PAC Money - NOT EXACTLY, you take loads of it. > 35.) I don't Have Lobbysists - NOT EXACTLY, you have over 47 lobbyists, and counting. > 36.) My Campaign Had Nothing To Do With The 1984 Ad - NOT EXACTLY, your own campaign worker made the ad on his Apple in one afternoon. > > 37.) I Have Always Been Against Iraq - NOT EXACTLY, you weren't in office to vote against it AND you have voted to fund it every single time. > 38.) I Have Always Supported Universal Health Care&nb sp;- NOT EXACTLY, your plan leave

    • ADVANCEDATAVIST profile image


      10 years ago

      Indeed the 3 questions of What will you do to make America a bettewr place: How will you do it and What will it take to make it happen are the most salient and important for us all to look at. We as voters must realize that never before have we had verbal input from foreign leaders expressing their liking for one of the candidates; we do now. Didn't Amidinawhatsis just express his preference for Obama. Also didn't Obama, some time ago, state that here in America what we consume and use here is seemingly a bit too opulent and wasteful in the eyes of the rest of the world. Gee, I don't think I want the neighbors coming over and opening my refrigerator up because they percieve that I eat too well for their taste and figure they should camon down to the galley Attila style and chow down; but isn't this in effect what Barack is saying. The memories of Quislings and Neville Chamberlain have just about evaporated: Just About. I submit to the readership that McCain is someone who is less likely to allow our country to become weak and manipulated by the U.N., and various pro Islamist groups that are making great stride5 to change our country to their liking. Perhaps all of this discourse is for naught anyway. Usually governments don't endure more than about 200 years due to the evolving weakening that takes place in a society resulting from our human frailtys of greed, laziness and selfishness which come to outweigh the importance of insuring a continuance of a benevolent government for our progeny. I certainly can not say that all of you who don't believe as i do are wrong; i only know that I'll vote for McCain and Palin because I believe they will do their utmost not to sell America "'down the tube". Yes, Democracy is a bad form of government but I think Mac and Sarah will remember that all the others are so much worse. I forthwith stow the breeze and rest my blether: Amen. See ya on election day!!!!!!

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 

      10 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      Huuby7 & Advancedatavist - I believe that Advancedatavist has presented a lot of the ideas being floated out there by people who have heard these concerns, and then heard them over and over. I don't blame Advancedatavist or anyone one else because they might believe these things to be true. I do, however, blame some portions of our popular media for hammering on issues that really don't mean anything to aninformed vote.

      To tell the truth, I have heard the Left-Wing blogs and pundits posing just as issueless questions about McCain and Palin.

      My reasons for voting for Obama, after a long time of refelction looking at what both candidates had to offer, was based mostly on McCain's lack of voting resord for Veterans' issues. He has actually done harm to serving members of the m ilitary and veterans of all wars. Most this hard has been done rather recently, with his either not showing up to vote of vets issues when the bills came up, or even once remaining in his office when he could have gone down, voted, and then returned to wahtever it was that occupied his day.


      on the other hand

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 

      10 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      Huuby7 &  Advancedatavist - I believe that  Advancedatavist has presented a lot of the ideas being floated out there by people who have heard these concerns, and then heard them over and over.  I don't blame  Advancedatavist or anyone one else because they might believe these things to be true.  I do, however, blame some portions of our popular media for hammering on issues that really don't mean anything to an informed voter.

      To tell the truth, I have heard the Left-Wing blogs and pundits posing just as many issueless questions about McCain and Palin.

      My reasons for voting for Obama, after a long time of reflection looking at what both candidates had to offer, was based mostly on McCain's lack of voting record for Veterans' issues.  He has actually done harm to serving members of the military and veterans of all wars.  Most this harm has been done rather recently, with his either not showing up to vote of vets issues when the bills came up, or even once remaining in his office when he could have gone down, voted, and then returned to whatever it was that occupied his day.

      Obama on the other hand did lot of vets while in the Illinois senate and from what I have read or seen on C-CSPAN done much more for vets and others. McCain is a social conservative, also a late arrival in that camp, but definitely more to the "Goverment should not do much to help" kind of mentality while Obama does believe that government is there to help the people, and as a public servant should listen to the people, not preach at them.

      You see, McCain has retreated from the "Maverick" of old and has become a much more solid, dyed in the wool Social Conservative. If you like that, then vote for him. His recent taking on the mantle of "Change" reflects a McCain that has left us long ago.

      Palin did shake up a lot of deeply corrupt people in Alaska, and I applaud her for that. However, she still has some stigma of go-along-to-get-along in her, and some of the things she did in Alaska were, to my mind, self-serving. I hate to say this because really I do believe she was a breath of fresh air in Alaska, but after a year and a half in office, she also changed, as I believe will be pointed out as the weeks wind down to the election.

      Personally I do not want a government that gets involved in all my affairs, knows all my business, and looks into records without my knowledge and consent.

      Obama did a stupid thing voting for the FISA bill, but McCain seems to represent the kind of government that wants to know your daily habits, keep a file on them, and them decide just how American you really and truly are.

      Palin seems like the kind of person who would want you to become her kind of Christian and would brow beat you until you wore down and gave in.

      I do not agree with her vision of religion in politics, and she seems quite willing to make her beliefs into her politics, and that disturbs me.

      I do not know if Obama's lack of being a governor or CEO of a major corporation takes away form his ability to govern. After all Kenneth Lay had tons of experience as a CEO and he killed his own company, buried the stockholders and made millions before (I beleive) his conscience got the better of him and he died.

      Charles Keating was a perfect CEO, one of McCain's best & closest friends, and managed to get McCain all wrapped up in the Keating 5 scandal. McCain was censured by Congress, but faced no further changes. Still, he was closely aligned with Keating, much more so that Obama was with Resko. The "big" scandal about Obama and Tony Resko was that when Obama wanted to buy his $390,000 house, the seller would not sell unless Obama also bought the adjacent vacant property. Mrs. Resko bought it, and so Obama was able to afford the house.

      Where that $4 million dollar figure came from beats me - I can only guess it must be chalked up as just aother exageration to make Obama look bad.

      Actually, also, when you look into many of the emails and blogs making Obama look bad, the facts, figures and statistics the use come from web sites that want to make Obama look bad.

      Of course the same thing happens with the more Liberal blogs and pundits.

      To me it's is rather like the murderer pleading mercy after killing his parents because now he's an orphan.

      Obama is no saint, and neither in McCain. I really don't care about their warts - I just want to know three things:

      1): What will you do to make America a better place?

      2): How will you do it?

      3): What will it take to make this happen?

      If they answer those three question to my satisfaction (and to my mind, Obama has, while McCain has not), then I will make up my mind about who I shall vote for.

      As a U.S. citizen, and hopefully a patriot in the truest sense of the word, it is not in our own best interest to berate the opponent with false accusations, claims that are completely or even partially false, or to assainate a character as Karl Rove and his cronies did to John McCain in South Carolina in the 2000 primaries.

      Even though Rove is not hired by McCain, He works for FOX News now), the cronies were brought into the McCain campaign, and they are busy doing their best to make Obama look bad, using issues which tug at our gut feelings, but when examined and analyzed, do not make sense or hold water.

      We have become a very cynical society where our candidate is above board and honest, and the other candidate is a despicable, lying, cheating scoundrel, when the truth is that we are not voting for saints, but for very flawed, ambitious people who want the power of elected office. That is why we must demand of them to be good public servants first, and ambitious SOB's second.

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Dottie!

    • Dottie1 profile image


      10 years ago from MA, USA

      Voting for Obama makes the most sense to me. I appreciate you taking the time to write this hub. I love all the comments too. Thumbs up.

    • hubby7 profile image


      10 years ago from Chicago

      Excellent research crashcromwell. Immaculate presentation of the facts on the experience of the various Presidents. Two thumbs up! And to you, Jeff, flawless logical in pointing out the illogical of Obama being a Muslim and yet being a member of a Christian Church. It just doesn't add up as you so clearly state. Two thumps Up! And to you, Advancedatavist, instead of presenting the facts, you instead engage in slant writing, loaded words, and name-calling in respect to Obama--pure prejudicial writing, that is. Two thumps down!


    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      I couldn't have put it any better Chef Jeff! Thanks for posting!

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 

      10 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      Advancedatavist, as a resident of Illinois I have followed very closely the carrer of Barack Hussein Obama since he got started in Chicago years ago.  Not every decision he has made turned out perfect, but we know he has a very impressive career of working with both Republicans and Democrats in Springfield.

      Years ago I had a rather famous restaurant where politicos form both parties came to dine, and at times our place was rented out for the night by Gov. Jim thompson, a Republican whom many of us in Illinois liked as governor.

      He invited Republicans and Democrats to his parties and they worked together, with none of the angry, backbiting comments I have read thrown at Obama.

      First of all, your comment about Sharia law is just another way of saying you may still believe Obama is a Muslim.  Even if he were, there is no law against being a Muslim in the U.S. unless your man McCain has managed to sneak a bill past the Congress making it so! 

      However, people who claim he is a Muslim then usually follow that by stating he went to Rev. Wright's church for 20 years.  So, if he is a Muslim, why would he go to a Christian Church?  Why has he never been seen going to religious services in a Mosque?  Surely there are people out there who would be dying to see that happen, yet no video, no stories, not even the Republican journals would ever dare to create that big a lie!

      Also, Obama offers something that Mr. McCain does not.  I am a vet, and McCain has managed to throw my former support for him out the window.  In 2000 I supported Senator McCain against Bush.  Bush, with Karl Rov's help, torpedoed McCain with that horrible "If you knew that John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child..." phone message.

      That was bad enough,but now McCain has hired that same team (minus Rove) to help him get to the White House!  If that is good experience and presidential judgement, then maybe I am just too stupid to see it, because I don't think McCain is putting Country First as he says, and I think he is a Johnny Come Lately on the Change message!  Political plagerism?  I would think so! 

      First of all, he offers no change.  His VP choice surrogates weep about her being treated unfairly by the press, but she manages to directly and forcefully tell lies about Obama, Democrats in general, and then goes on to tell us that she has more experience than Joe Biden!

      Go ahead and vote for John McCain because you believe in his vision and his plan for America, but do not fall into the trap of repeating lies that have already been shown to be false and baseless.  To do so undermines the credibility of your choice of candidate.  Debate on the issues, not the slanders and lies.



    • ADVANCEDATAVIST profile image


      10 years ago

      It must be my corroded, conservative, crusty cerebrum; but don't you folks realize we're not electing the senior prom king. This is about your kid's and grandkid's chances to continue to live in a democratic republic. Where is the legislation he has authored, what is his voting record. What did he do when he heard John Kennedy's statement of "Don't ask what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." We out here must ask, what does one have to do to have the tag of "Apostate" removed: Perhaps deliver a country lock stock and barrel over to a caliphate under Sharia law. You who cherish the libertys that folks exercise in this country, should think long and hard on that. I know McCain is flawed but he's a real PATRIOT, who has really given his blood and sweat for our U.S.A. We need to elect the more SEASONED John McCain; keep after him and the congress folks with e-mails and phone calls and not elect the suspect, sophomoric Barack Hussein Obama of specious reasoning and air filled rhetoric.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The idea that executive experience prepares a person for the job of President of the United States has been shown to be a fallacy over and over again. George Bush has lots of executive experience. He headed up an oil company that he ran into the ground even with daddy's money, and he has an MBA from Harvard, and despite all that he has made some of the worst financial decisions in the history of this country. Dick Cheney used to be CEO of Halliburton and has a net worth so astronomical he would never have to work again for the rest of his life if he didn't want to, and look at what a mess he made of Iraq. On the flip side, he did funnel plenty of no-bid contracts to Halliburton, so yes, he probably did enrich himself--but the rest of us? No, he hurt us all, badly.

      The executive that ran the corporation I work for left in November of 2007 with a $120 million golden parachute, a month before the stockholders took a bath when his greedy acquisition of some major subprime loan companies backfired causing record losses and putting the company on probation with the SEC. Is that the kind of leadership we want? Because if what we want is executive experience, that is what we will get--it's what we have, and we'll get more of the same.

      Obama came from nothing and ended up a law professor at the University of Chicago, then an Illinois State legislator, then a U.S. Senator. He is the only candidate with a true working class background, the only one who literally pulled himself up by his bootstraps, and the only one who's getting accused of being 'elitist.' It's ironic and kind of sick.

      Personally I think the executives have had their chance and blown it. I say throw the bums out and give somebody with some vision a chance.

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      Thank you's funny you should mention that, but as I wrote out that response, I felt like I was writing a new hub! But I felt Ann's question needed to be answered, because it is a message that Obama's detractors are going to continue to cite until November 4.

    • marisuewrites profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      I hope that Obama can overcome this temporary hype of Palin's...he did well against Clinton...better than I imagined....and Clinton will add her voice to his as she campaigns and attacks McCain on his own record.  great hub!!!! Your explanation and comparison in your comment was worthy of another superb hub!! both every informative and removes all doubt in my book!

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      Ann - I have a few thoughts on this subject of executive-level decisions you have raised. First, if executive level experience is the standard you are applying, then I suppose you won't be voting, since all of John McCain's experience has been legislative, like Obama's.

      I found a blog at that outlines the amount of overall experience many current and past candidates have had when they reached the White House. Let's take a look:

      George W. Bush: At time of his election in 2000, total of 6 years experience in government, all state.

      Those of us who think that George W. Bush is the most incompetent president in 100 years would suggest that his 6 years executive experience as Governor of Texas did not prepare him to be President.

      Ronald Reagan: At time of his election in 1980, total of 8 years experience in government, all state.

      Republicans call Reagan one of the best presidents ever. I'll give him props for his first term, but he slept through his second term, which is a concern when I think about a President McCain.

      Jimmy Carter: At time of his election in 1976, total of 10 years experience in government, all state.

      Jimmy Carter had executive level experience, as Governor of Georgia, and yet his four years were an abomination. Even as a Democrat, I can see that he was ill-prepared for the complexities of the White House.

      John F. Kennedy: At time of his election in 1960, total of 12 years experience in government, all federal.

      President Kennedy could have been one of the greatest Presidents in history, had his life not been ended so prematurely. All of his experience was legislative.

      Richard Nixon: At time of his election in 1968, total of 12 years experience in government, all federal.

      Richard Nixon served as Vice President of the United States and he still will go down in history as one of the most corrupt Presidents ever.

      Barack Obama: Total of 12 years experience in government, both state and federal.

      Bill Clinton: At time of his election in 1992, total of 14 years experience in government, all state.

      Aside from the Monica Lewinsky affair, he could have been regarded as a great President. He seems to be the exception to the rule, in the sense that he had two successful terms in office, after serving as Governor of Arkansas.

      Franklin Delano Roosevelt: At time of his election in 1932, total of 14 years experience in government, both state and federal.

      Roosevelt had executive level experience, and perhaps that was one of the reasons why he was elected to four terms as President. More likely, however, it was a combination of factors (not the least of which is that the Republicans ran the country right into the ground in the 1920s, leading us into the Great Depression.

      Now, I suspect you will say that John McCain's military experience makes him a better candidate than Barack Obama, but I would suggest to you that Military Experience is not the same as Executive Experience, and a quick look back in history tells us that great military leaders do not always make great Presidents. Eisenhower, for example, was not considered a great president. Going back into the 19th Century, Ulysses S. Grant's administration was considered the most corrupt administration in history (though it should be noted that Grant himself was not considered corrupt, just the people he hired to work for him.)

      That is a significant concern of mine regarding John McCain. When I heard the other day that most of Sarah Palin's speech was written for her by a Bush speech writer before she was even chosen as running mate, it told me that the Bush team is already transitioning into McCain's campaign. Eight years of Bush is quite enough for me!

    • Ann Smith profile image

      Ann Smith 

      10 years ago from Southeastern U.S.

      Thanks for the hub! I am not sure why, though, it is so clear that Obama should be someone's choice. In fact, it baffles me to be honest.

      Many work at law firms, high paying ones at that; many are charismatic; many teach classes and give back.

      Obama is truly a gifted person, but where is the substance as to how he is prepared to be President of the United States?He is not my choice, based on his obvious lack of experience.

      There are many incredible hotshot young career people, but they are not promoted immediately to CEO, as they do not YET have the experience required to do so.

      So, I respectfully disagree with you, but would be curious to see more on his actual executive-level decisions and deliverables. Substance over style is what I am seeking! ;-)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great hub. I think he's the most exciting candidate I've seen in my lifetime. I'm doing everything I can to help him win.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 

      10 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Good hub, Crash. I hope to God he wins!

    • hubby7 profile image


      10 years ago from Chicago

      Hi crashcromwell,

      I think that you should have been at the DNC. You would have made an excellent addition to the line-up. Palin is too far to the Right for me. She doesn't appear to take constitutional rights seriously. She appears to respect power more than law. Not only that, she doesn't appear to have any great respect for science either. If something were to happen to McCain, do we really want someone who holds neither science nor law to be President? It's something we must seriously ponder.


    • Marina Rosa profile image

      Marina Rosa 

      10 years ago from Southern California

      This is excellent. Thank you for sharing your viewpoint so articulately.

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 

      10 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      As i said, McCain's move to the Right has chilled me to his campaign.  His move in that direction occurred before he chose Sarah Palin, but slid like an avalanche after he did.

      I supported McCain in 2000, but I do not support him now. To me he is no "maverick' and he has sold his soul to the far-right wing of the Republican party just to get elected.

      Country first?  If he believes that then he would not have alienated Independents such as myself.  I am a vet, like he is, but I truly believe and know that he has sold veterans down the river just to please his far-Right wing base.

      Obama will be my choice, and I came to that decision only recently, so I guess you could say that while Palin envigorates the far-Right, she chills the Moderates and Independents I know.  In fact, a few Repuvbican pals of mine decided to ride out the election and not vote at all.  While they couldn't muster the gumption to vote for Obama, they tell me that they absolutely DO NOT want McCain/Palin in the White House.

      The GOP claims to be the Party of Lincoln?  Not the Lincoln I have spent my life learning about!  To find Lincoln's true ideals look at Obama.


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