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The Church And Global Security: Introducing A Fifth Gospel To Nigeria?

Updated on October 22, 2010

The Church And Global Security: Introducing An Fifth Gospel

Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi
Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi
Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi
Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi
Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi:Blessing his Mama and Papa during his First Mass on 13th July, 1997 at St. Augustine's Catholic Station, Ntigha-Uzor.
Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi:Blessing his Mama and Papa during his First Mass on 13th July, 1997 at St. Augustine's Catholic Station, Ntigha-Uzor.

The Church And Global Security: Introducing A Fifth Gospel To Nigeria?

Rev. Fr Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi

Flat 24, Road 12

Federal Housing Estate

Woji, Port Harcourt

Rivers State


October 22, 2010.

His Holiness

Pope Benedict XVI

C/o His Eminence

Claudio Cardinal Hummes, OFM

Cardinal Perfect

Sacred Congregation for the Clergy

Your Holiness,


Three Categories of Documents are hereby enclosed: A, B and C.

Category A documents represent an outstanding Appeal which I made against the judgement of my former bishop, Most Rev. Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia, CCSP, Catholic Bishop of Aba and for Total Re – Instatement as specifically demanded by the letters.They are:

i) A1 - Threat to Life and Real Threat To my Life (October 18, 2004).

ii) A2 - Re: Imposition/Admonition (September 26, 2006).

Subordinate documents to Category A are:

a) Aa – Mary: Mother of God and Mother of Us All in Nigeria.

b) Ab – Living in the Power of the Crucified Lord.

c) Ac – Jesus Christ: The Bread of Life.

d) Ad – Request for Excardination from the Catholic Diocese of Aba.

Category B documents represent official reports which I have sent to the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They are:

i) B1 – An Appeal for your Intervention (March 26, 2008).

ii) B2 – “An Accelerated Attempt to Assassinate me (May 8, 2008).

Subordinate documents to Category B are:

a) Ba – Permission to be Joined in Suit NO HIH/21/2008 as a Co-defendant (May 22, 2008)

b) Bb – Distressed Call to Uphold the Dignity and Authenticity of the Church and the Priesthood in Aba Diocese, Abia State (August 22, 2008)

Category C documents represent new grounds for Appeal. They are:

i) C1 - Terrorism in Nigeria: The Ukwa/Ngwa Experience

Of Abia State, Nigeria.

ii) C2 – Re-Permission to be joined in Suit No.HIH/21/2008 as a Co-

Defendant (June 18,2010).

Subordinate documents to Category C are:

a) Ca - A Letter to Very Rev. Msgr. I.I. Alaribe (President of the Senate of Priests, Aba Diocese) by Rev. Fr.( Barr.) Ignatius Onyebuchi Nwoko demanding for the Resignation of Most Rev. Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia cssp as the Bishop of Aba.

b) Cb – Still on the Security Question (September 26, 2010)

c) Cc – The Church and Global Security: Introducing a Fifth Gospel to Nigeria?

All documents enlisted here have been sent to, and or, are accessible through the Apostolic Nunciature in Nigeria.

Relying on the Testimony of these documents and the arising circumstances, I do humbly and solemnly pray you the Holy Father to, among other things:

· Request the immediate resignation of Cardinal Tarcisio, Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State.

· Appoint Rev. Fr. Hans Kuhn as the Vatican Secretary of State.

· Dissolve the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) and effect the necessary changes in the Nigerian Church and Episcopacy.

· Grant me Total Re-instatement in accord with my letter of March 25, 2008, or, according to your own discretion as a Competent Judge.

These are not, and therefore must be distanced from acts of impositions on, intimidations against, and usurpations of your office. Personally, I am frozen at the weight of these divine provisions for the Security of the Church and that of the World that have come to us as recommendations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fatima. It is a reflection of the miracle of the marriage Feast at Cana in Galilee which goes to validate the provisions of the Mystery of Light.

I pray that a reply to my letter be given to me within the canonical time limit provided.

I am

Yours Obediently,

Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi.


1. Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,

President and Commander- in- Chief,

Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

3. Prof. Tam David –West.

4. Chief Anthony Enahoro.

5. United Nations Organization, UNO.



It is no longer news that I have been at the center of a silent controversy sweeping forcefully across the Nigerian church within the past few years. And for a century old church that has been tutored almost to the point of indoctrination, in an act of total denigration against every resurgent inflammatory behaviorism, whatever fact that presents itself to the contrary is always neglected or treated as a big suspect. To assume that the powerful influences in my life and ministry as a priest no matter how remote, for instance people like Msgr. T. Okere, Fr. Mark Njoku, Fr Maurice Jiwike, Fr. Richard Onwuanibe, Fr. Jude Uwalaka and Msgr. Emmanuel Maru; and to feign undisturbed about the disapproving silence of my friends like Fr. Julius Olaitan, Fr. Rowland Nwokocha, Fr. Augustine Obasi, Fr. Gilbert Alaribe, Fr. Emmanuel Aguyi, to mention but a few, do not have anything to add or subtract from my comfort is to be very much economical with the truth. This piece however, is not an exercise in self – vindication. And definitely, such a thing might not exist, and I hereby retrace my every step that seems to suggest anything in this direction. Instead, over and above all these, I turn and directly fix my gaze, unrepentantly, on the theological questions and implications that confront the Church in Nigeria with regards to the 2011 Elections. Indeed, when you have a Revelation (Amos 3:7) which builds up your Vision (Prov. 29:18) so as to send you out on a Mission (Jn. 15 & 16, Matt. 28:19-20), the most important asset that saves you from a chronic defeat is “resoluteness”. That is, “ikata obi”, in Igbo language


Watching global events unfold in strict accord with the Masonic blueprint for global change and integration is an unhappy task which I took upon myself since the past ten years. These events have not been anything entirely distanced from full and conscious embrace of total disguise, subversion and equivocation. It therefore, does not require sending another V – Satellite into the orbit so as to know why the anti – Christ is the newborn baby on every Christmas celebrated in the Vatican, and why fascist Germany is the force that rises from the dead yearly on every Easter Sunday celebrated by the Pope.

As the Rolex wristwatch ticks valuable seconds, minutes, hours days, weeks, months, seasons and years away with a precision that is uniquely its own, the empowered erudite journalists at the TIME like Jeff Isreally and Howard Chua – Eoan will be forced to discover to their greatest shock that Terrorism, and not Rolex, has been the real and only issue advertised in the attractive glossy pages of every edition of TIME Magazine. It is only after this that they will begin to “see the world differently” – no longer through Masonic spectacles which the TIME Magazine wears with the pride of an ostrich but with the naked eyes of reality which only the silent but volcanic effects of global terrorism can awaken in the sleeping consciousness of a European/American atheist. The decade old 9/11 attack on America is a step in this direction, but that it came from far away Afghanistan has made it attractive to dismiss Terrorism as an Osama Bin Laden branded product and contraband of the first grade in Europe/America. It has always been my candid opinion, and one I have always pursued with vigour and unalloyed conviction that terrorists are not worth dying for. They are worth fighting against. Wherever they are, whatever they profess and represent, and however disguised or decorated, real terrorists must be unmasked, denied every form of legitimacy and be compelled to take responsibility for their actions.

In its June 7, 2010 edition with the cover “Why Being Pope Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”, TIME authoritatively reported that for some liberals, the crisis and scandal generated by the sex abuse of minors is a chance to argue old questions of dogma and discipline once again. For others, it is for the authority of the bishops – and the Pope – be shared with the faithful. And yet for others, although not mentioned by TIME, it is for the Pope as the Head of State of Vatican to resign, forfeit his immunity and sovereignty and plead guilty before the International Court of Justice at the Hague for his complicity in the sex abuse of innocent children from across the globe. This is understandably urgent since, following the direction of TIME’s argument and in accord with the Masonic blueprint, the Catholic Church as represented by the Pope is the most stubborn obstacle with awfully influential tentacles across the globe as signified by her local churches and rugged institutions, to the final evolution of the New World Order. For the protagonists of the New World those determined churchmen who command the most important moral and spiritual attention of over 1.2 billion Catholics excluding non-catholic and non- Christian unpretentious collaborators hold the original key to the conscience of the world as it grapples with the choice between freedom and slavery. It is this key – the Key of St. Peter, more than the genuine agitations of abused people, that the protagonists of new social morality are struggling hard to steal by intruding into the Vatican archives in the pretext of a search for justice for sexually abused victims. On the other hand, it is for this reason of the invasion of the Church by terrorists and armed bandits in disguise that the Church continues to appeal in tears and in strong and unreserved terms to the conscience of her numerous sons and daughters, not only the sexually abused but also the scandalized and traumatized, for forgiveness, support and prayers – the basic ingredients of sustenance for the Church during this trying period as she journeys home to the Father through the wild, wild world – - of the internet and viciously tele-guided hyper-technologically induced information–driven propaganda against God and humanity.

Without prejudice to the trauma, scandal, suffering of as well as the justice denied these victims of sex abuse, it is important to point out that a New World comprising of a new social morality is an insipid symbolism of the Tower of Babel. This presents no attractions, no options and no appeal to the Papacy. The key of St. Peter cannot be surrendered to terrorists in disguise and wolves in a sheep’s clothing in their unfathomable lust for power and wealth which only informs the reasons and serves as the legitimizing factor for erecting another Tower of Babel as a proof of a radical break-through in the field of human knowledge and in the new understanding of the concept of freedom. If the whole of Europe/America has been deceived into believing this by the chameleonic Masonic beasts that disguise themselves to sit in judgment and in the Parliament/Congress to subvert the people’s will with equivocational statements or clauses on democracy and freedom, the Catholic Church as headed by the Papacy is not. This, more than the dangers posed by sex abuse, is the real issue that has assumed the first consideration as the Church grapples with the issue of justice and redress for the numerous suffering servants of God in the wide, wide world in which plans have been concluded to enthrone Satanism as an official but secret religion of the 21st Century using the World Union (a hundred and sixty six membership organization, aka, 666 which constitutes the most highest but secret and faceless level of Freemason. It is the anti-Christ and anti- God).

The Celibate Priesthood, the marriage institution, innocent children, the faith of the members of the lay faithful and indeed, the entire Church life and ministry have suffered huge abuses, have been severally betrayed and deeply wounded. The damage is awfully penetrating and legally incisive. A grossly abused and deeply wounded mother and spotless bride which the Church signifies and authentically lives out in the 21st Century must also appreciate and nurse the wounds of her other numerous sons and daughters and again, at the same time atone for their sins in justice which these people have committed against God and humanity on the one hand, and against the wild, wild world of freedom and democracy as ruled by Satanists, on the other hand. Of course, it was programmed to be this way especially since the Fatima apparitions of 1917.

“You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry”, Benedict XVI wrote. “I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured. Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated. Many of you found that, when you were courageous enough to speak of what happened to you, no one would listen ----- It is understandable that you find it hard to forgive or be reconciled with the Church. In her name, I openly express the shame and remorse that we all feel”. According to TIME, the words are moving, and for Catholics, it may be enough to hear the Pope express remorse this way. But Benedict (XVI), according to TIME, has also talked of penance.

Of Course, penance has been handed down in stringent terms to the perpetrators. Many of the offenders were suspended and placed under severe penal conditions while others were defrocked and shown the way out of the priesthood. And the Church, as represented by her many dioceses and institutions parted with large sums of money in cash and in kind as compensations, cushioning effects or outright restitution for the harm done. Yet, the Courts came into the matter resulting in absurd and bizarre sequestrations of Church funds, security and property. It is unfortunate that many of such cases were not charged to Court at the time they happened many years back but were seen and treated, albeit unpretentiously, as father – son, parent – child affair as the case may be. But that they were pushed under the carpet is too presumptuous a statement of bias and duplicity. Or is it not worth it that such insinuations of neglect be investigated further, at least, to unravel their sources.

Today, principles of diplomacy are acquiring new modes with simple statements as “it is better to quarrel with the enemy in his own bedroom than to exchange a cup of beer with him in your own sitting room’. In practical working terms, this implies that defense depends much on the wealth of information one is able to deny the enemy about the facts of one’s own security and the much information one is able to force out of the enemy albeit by any means, not excluding some form of arms twisting. Such statements like the one referred to above provide the under-pinning and defining issues in diplomatic involvements and thus guide the major thrusts of foreign policies of many independent nations and institutions. And with the members of the World Union sitting on the seats of national governments, world institutions and multi-national co-operations, and having managed to find a comfortable accommodation and acceptance among some cardinals, bishops, priests and, monumentally in the pious organizations like Opus Dei and the Knighthood, one is no longer keen to doubt or ignore the force of the speculations and fears of Zionists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other Christian sects, even in their own eccentricity, bias, frustrations and grossly deformed insinuations, that the Papacy is the Anti – Christ. Even as one is entirely convinced on the veracity of the opposite, the need to search the different corners of the edifice which houses the fundamental deposits of our faith is a strangulating one. In the presence of this need, on the one hand, and the seductively subtle but very powerful weapons employed by Satan hiding behind the World Union on the other hand, such insinuations which have acquired wings and legs today do raise critical, urgent and inescapable questions for Vatican even in connection with the sex abuse scandals. For obvious reasons, these questions confront, first and foremost, the person of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, and mercilessly place an irrepressible task on his sincerity and commitment to the person and mission of Jesus Christ in the Universal Church generally and in the local Churches in particular. Or are we to rest on the presumption or calm assumption that the concept of the Universal Church has been long overtaken and replaced by that of Universal Brotherhood – a kind of functional religious socialism. In this case, rather than throwing pebbles against sincerely dedicated but unguarded theologians like Professor Hans Kuhn (President and founder of Global Ethic Foundation) and the liberation theologians of Latin America, the Holy Office should be re-engaged. Does this not provide the understanding about the complacency of the Nigerian Bishops to the fact of the monumental, conscious involvement of the Knighthood in Satanism and terrorism especially the Knighthood of St. Mulumba, Nigeria as well as their cowardly silence about the travesty of Social Justice both in the Nigerian Church and in the Nation thus reducing the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria together with the other governing Christian bodies to a mere lipstick which decorated Obasanjo’s mischievous lips as he uttered the phrase “CAN my foot”. And because the highly discredited Owu Chief saw nobody, he went ahead to say that “their Jesus Christ cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria”. In this regard, therefore, it is very important to categorically state here that the most authentic sign of true conversion to the Christian faith today which can also be of an immense security to the Church is that some Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, the Religious, General Overseers, Superintendents and many other big names and organizations in the Church completely and necessarily renounce their booming trades in triumphant churchism together with the power, pride and prestige that drive the motive for this kind of venture. The authentic and sincere search for the real Jesus Christ and the true measure of service in the Church begin from here.


That the person of Jesus Christ is the decisive, radical and irrevocable self – communication of the Divine Absolute Mystery which God is in himself, and that Jesus Christ is a historically tangible human personality, seen, touched and heard, as it were, by many people of his time means that universal statements of fact which can be considered decisive, irrevocable, final and universally binding about God can be, and in fact, have been made. The scriptures especially the gospels hold a bundle of these complementary, though oftentimes, seemingly contradictory statements. That the original Christian community was founded on the Rock which Jesus Christ is as its visible Head; and that this community is one that is open to growth and development; and that in truth, growth and development have occurred in leaps and bounds, evolving over the centuries, of course not without the attendant problems associated with these, give room for a resilient articulation of the reality of God and the community’s objective experience of him into a functional, protective and preservative mould which has a significance for future generations. To deny the statements which solemnly hold, protect and preserve the originality of the events of God as set forth in Jesus Christ the character of infallibility is to leave them at the mercy of theorizers and predators who often times are constituted at their subconscious depths by atheism and Satanism. Does this not present us with an insight into the origin and development of dogmatic statements? It must be reasoned that the event of the incarnation is a divine invitation to a sincere and necessary appreciation, appropriation, contemplation and articulation of the Being of God in an authentic human language, and to apply this concretely to the human condition while at the sametime protecting, preserving for and transmitting it to future generations. This is a necessary function for tradition as signified by the Magisterium – one which involves a discerning observation of the interactive actions of permanence and change, objective experience and subjective one, form and matter, substance and accidents as well as the tensions that brew up in the course of these interactions.

The Eucharist is the final shape and form Jesus Christ took as the perpetual presence of divine love at work in the world in a total and irrevocable donation of God-self to humanity through the Church. This is correct if it is true that the powerfully sustainable old Eucharistic theology is not a futile venture in philosophical naturalism. The most important custodian of the Eucharist is the Holy Spirit but He does this in and through the Church. To offend the Holy Spirit is a sin that cannot be forgiven. For Catholic members who have formed the habit of donating the sacred specie to secret cults in place of the human sacrifices which are expected of them by these cults, this is an illumination of the implication of your actions. It is one way of playing the Judas in today’s church. (As an aside but also, to dig deeper into this issue, does anybody has the right to take another’s life?) In the Eucharistic specie, the limitless omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Being of God who came to us in Jesus Christ and remains with us in the Holy Spirit as Love is fully and actively downloaded and disposed for a dialogue and an encounter in view of a transformative action of our individual lives and the life of the world. The Eucharist is the visible shape and form of Jesus Christ who is God as he remains and works with us by the power of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of transformation. In the Eucharist, God continues to create, to redeem and to transform creation in an act of sacrificial love.

Thus, the Eucharist is the decisively efficacious, irrevocable and comprehensive statement of facts by God himself about the perpetual presence of Jesus Christ as Divine Love at work in the world. The Church through the Celibate Priesthood, even in its grossly incapacitated appearance, constitutes the mouth, hands, eyes, noses and ears of the Jesus Christ of our time on the one hand. On the other hand, the marriage institution in its most authentic form, symbolizes the power which holds the Church together as a family in an indissoluble union of mystical communion with God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Thus while national governments hold the will of the people on trust for them and exercises this power on their behalf, the Church holds the perpetual presence of Jesus Christ on trust for God and exercises this power in the world in total humility and unceasing repentance for the salvation of all peoples, races, gender and colour. It is therefore ridiculous for anybody, especially the professedly sons and daughters of the Church including those occupying the seats of national governments, to draw parallels between national governments/institutions and the Church, what more of forcing the Church to bow and surrender her divinely instituted resources, despite their scandalous but merely ephemeral flaws, to serve the interests of Satanism, executive rascality, international gangsterism, insipid plutocracy and terrorism. If the person of Jesus Christ is a final infallible statement of fact about the Divine Absolute Mystery which God is, and if something infallible and tangible can be said and in fact has been said about God by the very historical personality of Jesus Christ, then equally, an infallible statement of fact by the Magisterium is possible and necessary, and of course has been made and will always be made if it is at once proved and therefore established that the Church is the sacrament of Jesus Christ in the world.

With the Eucharist at the center of the Church’s life and mission, it becomes all the more illuminated why some ecumenical preponderances and liberal attitudes are still shut out from the borders of traditional (not conservatist) Catholicism. The Church speaks fluently a divine language with a deeply grave human accent. In this way, some words that have been clearly pronounced by her have constantly become a subject of review by an expertly disguised subversive and equivocal voice of satanic predators. It is unfortunate that many believers have been helplessly caught up by such antics and held in bondage. TIME Magazine raises the question on what next Benedict XVI should talk about arguing that justice implies restitution and penance. Firstly, the next thing to be said is that, concerning the Celibate Priesthood, what is written is written. Beyond the sex abuse scandals, the Celibate Priesthood stands. What Adam forfeited was restored in the Eucharist. At the last Supper, Jesus Christ got the table set and sat at the Eucharistic table as the Chief Celebrant (the Priest). Then he laid himself (symbolically) on the Eucharistic table and went to the Cross (Victim) to cause to happen that which is the will of the Father. It is embarrassing and unnecessary to spread raw blood and human flesh on the Altar table and invite people to cannibalism. But so long as blood was shed and body broken at the appropriate place – and since this was perfectly and irrevocably accomplished once and for all, and that there is the need to recall and make present (without subjecting the son of God again to excruciating agony and treachery in connivance with Satanists); and if the inexhaustible values and treasures merited for us by Jesus Christ at Calvary are readily but symbolically abundant under the specie of bread and wine, all to the delight and praise of God, then the law of Remembrance is a forceful legitimizing factor of the Real Presence. Between sincerely dedicated bishops and priests together with the powerful institutions of the Church, even in their weaknesses, God takes evil upon himself at the numerous Calvaries of our time symbolized by the Holy Masses and burns it to nothing and reduces it to non entity – to total annihilation. The devil, whether in the form of P2, Freemason, Ogboni Fraternity, Traditional/Students Cults’, the evil genius himself, is a nobody; a non-entity. All of them put together and challenged by the Eucharistic Jesus is “a worthless bunch of nameless nobodies”. In this regard, the Church must not hesitate to go to Calvary and watch Satan destroy himself to the point of total annihilation. And because Satan does not believe in the resurrection, he has no hope at all. For the Church, the resurrection beckons on us to “resolutely” match on with Christ on our journey to God via the Cross. There is nothing to be afraid of. But there comes a time in the Church’s life when the journey becomes tough – tough and rough such that married family men need only to wait so that like Jesus Christ would take Peter, James and John, the Celibate Priests who have no fear of loss for anything, may match forward to pave the way for these men and their wives and children to continue on their match towards God and at the same time defend the pilgrim Church with their sweat and blood. This is the reason why the Priesthood is about celibacy – the state of not getting married or being attached to any person in a marital obligation. The question of the sin of fornication does not arise out of this obligation but is a universal binding moral norm espoused by the sixth commandant, but to foolishly assume that it does not add to or detract from the celibate obligation, like it does with marital obligation, speaks volume of an escapist’s attitude to life and responsibility. The celibate Priesthood is about the open – secret army. It is the most powerful cult in the world designed and totally committed to the service of divine government as made manifest in Jesus Christ and the implications of this for the world. It therefore stands in a directly inverse proportion to every satanic cult like P2, Freemason, Ogboni Fraternity, Students’ cults and humanistic traditional cults. Yet with reference to the global economic meltdown, priests are beggars. Secondly, over the years, critically minded but sincerely concerned theologians have, often times found dogmatic statements to be hostile, irrelevant and an over – arching usurpations of divine power born out of an idle exploitation of an incandescent ontology and sophistry that are, consciously or unconsciously, distanced from and thereby constituting at the same time irritating contradictions against basic human experience. Consequently the Church must refrain from making such dogmatic statements or allow an open – ended statement instead. But the Magisterium simply cannot stop or refrain from taking such dogmatic stands. She is simply constrained to do this for the reasons espoused above. It says nothing about humility, divine wisdom and caution. It rather speaks volumes about cowardice and naivety. In fact, to succeed and remain what she is, especially at the face of a monumental solicitation to failure and extinction and in the midst of violent impositions and codified oppositions, it is very imperative that such statements be made. The most credible theologian, Christian activist, advocate, philanthropist, businessman, etc, is one who is well armed with the knowledge of the subtle disguise, equivocations and subversion of the vocabularies of faith today and the governing pretensions about power, freedom and democracy as well as the implications of these for existential decisions and action. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, (the man who became Pope Benedict XVI), William Cardinal Joseph Levada, the Cardinal prefect in-charge of the Holy Office are such theologians.

With the recent visit of the Pope to London, the Vatican has gone through all the processes and fulfilled all the conditions required before a just war can be waged on behalf of God and his Church. The next thing to do is to issue a warning specifically to Europe/America by demanding in strong diplomatic terms or body language that Satanists and global terrorists hiding behind the US government and the Parliament/Congress withdraw the case of sexual abuse of children they have instituted against the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and indirectly against William Cardinal Joseph Levada in their bid, sponsored by spurious and diabolic allegiance, to kill every Joseph Ratzinger who is considered a possible candidate for the papacy in the event of a conclave. The Church must not be afraid to follow Satan into the archives. She must take up this challenge, not cowardly but courageously despite the shame and scandal that may emerge as an after effect. The Church must not permit that the events of the incarnation and the Paschal Mystery – two decisive historical moments of the Church’s faith be reduced to a mere rubber stamp of Satanism.

For a Church that celebrates hierarchy and holds the celibate priesthood as a value so dear to the success of her mission in the world, these are not actually the best of times for the Vatican. Benedict XVI in a homily he delivered on Palm Sunday advised Christians to be courageous and not be intimidated by the “chiacchiericcio” – petty gossip – “of dominant opinions”. The circumstance of time and space do always raise strong issues of relativity in connection with dogma. But this does not need to breed any unnecessary tension and destructive argumentative attitudes about the character of “permanence” engraved in dogmatic statements and the challenges posited by change which in its right is very necessary in order not to make a particular age or place stagnant and unproductive. Nevertheless authentic change, as a stubborn fact of reality, must and cannot refuse to confront the reality of permanence per se. And having done this, it must allow itself be conducted through the Mystery which God is not only in himself but also in reference to the required harmonious inter play of unity and functionality. This process is the defining as well as the legitimizing factor of every reform, or to use a wild phrase, of every legitimate revolutionary action. Definitely God can never be an object for reform. Rather, it is the human person that is the object of reforms. The human person is an existential symbol of that Absolute Truth which God is in himself. This symbolism finds its most highest and final accentuation in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazereth to the extent of making explicit in him the two natures which are inseparably and yet irreducible qualities of the person of Jesus Christ. Before and after him, no other person – individual or cooperate – has or can decisively again exemplify the Divine Absolute Being of God. In him, God is not, in the words of Karl Rahner, the “Undiscovered Unknown” (something never ever fathomed or discovered and therefore unknown and unknowable) but the “Discovered Unknown” (something fully discovered, tangible and experiential but yet not fully known or understood). Through the law and prophets, God spoke his word to humanity. But in Jesus Christ the Word took flesh, acquired hands and feet and walked the streets of Palestine. In Jesus Christ, God is fully revealed, present and at work in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. The end of his earthly life is a confirmation of the finiteness of his humanity. His real and ever abiding presence in the Eucharist by the power of the Holy Spirit is the final confirmation of his divinity. The Eucharist is the gift of God – self in perpetuity to humanity. The Eucharist is the most radical and final existential reality of God in continuous communion and dialogue with estranged humanity as led by the human person in his individual life as a subject of freedom and responsibility. In this regard celibate priesthood holds a significance. However, it is very interesting to note that Jesus Christ who represented and championed the greatest cause of womanhood to the extent that the position of his earthly father was reduced to that of a foster – father. And again, despite the powerful attention he received from women like Mary Magdalene, He did not pick a woman for the priestly ministry. Could this possibly mean a conscious exclusion of women from ministry? Not at all! Yet everything the Church was, and is meant to be was fully asserted as a character and developed as a theme in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The status of Joseph as foster father almost relegated to the background and the prominent role played by Our Lady in the life and ministry of Jesus present a contrast to the insinuation that an exclusion of women from ministry amounts to mere chauvinism. While it is true that such a situation raises necessary issues for women liberation and empowerment, the intervention of Our Lady by her imposing personality into the agitation for women ordination is what is signified by the intervention of the Holy Spirit in the life of St Joseph as he contemplated the most justified but misdirected step in the scandalous issue of Mary’s pregnancy.


Prior to 1970, I cannot authoritatively lay claim to any statement of fact about Satanism as it affected Freemason. Consequently here, I resist the temptation to do this, but the instruction of Giuseppe Muezzini ( 1805 -1872), as informed by his membership of the 33rd Degree of the Freemasonry and his position as the leader of the Italian revolution as well as his deep involvement in a powerful satanic cult known as the Illuminati, to Albert Pike in a letter dated January 22, 1870 would surely remove the veil and pretense from the face of every Masonic member today, and thus compel them to admit either the presence of a chronically damaging ignorance about their so called imposing and time tested convictions, or an inexcusable culpability in global terrorism, insipid plutocracy international gangsterism, executive rascality and other numerous criminal actions committed against God and humanity. In the Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albert Pike had written thus:

“Masonry …. Conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the truth, which it calls light, from them, to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it … The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the temple. Parts of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry. The whole body of the Royal and Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries since, in the High Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to solve many of the enigmas which they contain. It is well enough for the mass of those called masons, to maintain that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whosoever attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept. Masonry is the veritable sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped round it by the ages… The true name of Satan, the cabalists say, is that of YAHWEH reversed; for Satan is not a black god but the negation of God. The devil is the personification of atheism or idolatry. The first three degrees of Masonry are referred to as Symbolic Masonry. Degrees four through 32 are part of what is referred to as Philosophical Masonry. The degrees that follow, from the 34th and up are referred to as the “Esoteric Degrees.”

And in their search for a respectable forum in which to hide their clandestine activities, Giuseppe had instructed thus:

“We must allow all the federation to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organizes as they are at the present but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those masons of high degree whom we shall select, with regard to our brothers in masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown”.

That Albert Pike was a confirmed unrepentant satanic apologist who was widely reputed to have the ability to hold discussions with Lucifer, and that he single handedly developed exhaustive satanic rites and rituals for the worship of Lucifer in his book ‘ Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’’ and that this book became the Sacred Scripture of Freemasonry, inexorably goes to uncover the hypocrisy, deception, terrorism, corruption, immorality, fatalism, impotency and criminality which all masons both low and high degree members have brought to the center stage of local, national and international affairs whether these be political social , economic, religious, science, technology, etc. The discovery of the Satanic Code

( S- Code) as operative and effective instrument in the hands of professional Satanists ( or the World Union or the 666 members) coupled with the fact that the members of the World Union is the highest but secret degree of freemason, and again , that the S – Code has remained one of the most fiercely guarded secrets of the decades of years go to confirm the facts, the pressing issues and re- occurring questions as contained in the 3rd Message of Fatima.

Vatican must not allow itself to be fooled into believing that the level of growth, development and progress in the Church’s missionary work of evangelization can be measured by the level of its involvement and influence in World Affairs as built up and solidified by the collective contributions of the many bishops and ecclesiastical institutions across the globe in conscious but secret connivance or alliance with criminal, oppressive and corrupt regimes of national governments, co-operations and institutions. This is the greatest self-deceit and a forceful assertion of the success of the diplomatic ambush which Satanists have laid against the Church. When the church is uprooted from her spiritual foundations, or when these foundations are compromised at the altars of spurious allegiance, alliances and mundane interests expressed in equivocal and subversive terms, then a total collapse of the entire super structure of faith becomes imminent and a matter of time or is swallowed up effortlessly by the opposing structures which it seeks to dislodge.

Indeed, no divine institution, if it is to maintain any modicum of authenticity and relevance, can align itself with, sponsor or hide any concept, structure or project thrown up or induced by a serpentine suggestion despite the huge attractions this may have to offer. Without prejudice to the suborn fact of human weaknesses associated with those who constitute the vehicles which carry such notable emblems of the divine, and to save this point from an irremediable inclination to extreme Puritanism, suffice it to say that such an alliance is a contradiction of the very nature of the institution itself. An alliance, sponsorship, or even ordinary support provided in this regard under any form of diplomatic padding always ends up with threatening moral burdens of unimaginable proportions. Repentance as well as total and unconditional withdrawal is the only viable seed of revitalization. Giving the force, acceptance and influence exerted by Atheistic Communism today in Europe/ America in the guise of relativism, homosexuals, lesbianism, pornography, etc, can it be realistically argued that the last vestiges of Atheistic Communist errors actually left the departure hall of world affairs? Or is it not safer to discard this false euphoria about the collapse of USSR, and inaugurate a verifiability programme for the real identity of Atheistic Capitalism that is sweeping across the globe like a whirlwind. To approach this issue directly, is it not possible, and indeed the case that communism is the other side of a capitalist democracy that pays only a lip service to God and his Church. A step further in the direction of unmasking the real identity of the owners of this coin will bring the church to a rude and paralyzing shock - one which may inflict perpetual deformity or paralysis on the Vatican unless she takes up this task herself and courageously resolves to bear the cost on her own. Yet this task cannot be said to have been accomplished completely if the arising questions are not handled the way Jesus handled the coin of Caesar presented to him for some “diplomatic clarifications.” Such a task involves a critical self-examination by the Vatican which must not be sabotaged or put into a shelve for fear of scandal, shame and humiliation of potent credentials. The fact that priests are human beings has giving the Satanic image a character of an uncompromising judge in an age that has lost regard for Mystery and the real meanings of Being and Existence. This character, grossly misconstrued to be at the service of freedom and democracy, has been largely sustained by a certain reactionary attitude which has evolved against the abuse of power, rights and privileges in the name of the Church. To rectify the anomaly of an abuse- any abuse at all, is a need not only for the society but also for the Church. But to permit that Satanism play the Judge and be dressed up in the garb of an impartial umpire and thus constitute itself into the redefining factor of the Church’s life and mission is a situation, or an event that demands a vehement resistance from the Church, and justly so. This challenges the church to a resolute illuminative action aimed at unmasking Satanism and denying it of every form of legitimacy, as well as compelling it to adorn its natural dress which is nothing less than global terrorism, deceit and conspiracy sponsored by insipid plutocracy and advertised in the coveted language of freedom. Satanism doest not merit a disposition of dialogue but only a rebuke which often times has been mistaken to be inflammatory remarks. Today the credentials of the real protagonists of the authentic struggle for freedom depend largely on the level of devotion and honest commitment to the gospel ideals. It is this, not American dollars and vast Vatican connections that brought the world to her knees as John Paul II took his final bow out of the world stage in 2005. It is equally this commitment to the gospel ideals that Satanists seek to deny about the more towering personality of Benedict XVI as they attempt to excavate every lump of blackmail and libel against this German born legend of the 21st century. The Church must not even permit or accept that Satanism becomes a partner in dialogue, or an arbiter in the affairs or issues that concern her or in which she is directly or indirectly involved. Dragged wickedly along the road to Golgotha and under the frustrating and paralyzing gossips - “chiacchiericcio” - of her own children who have found the character of Judas very attractive, the Church must not subscribe to the global conspiracy against God and the allurement therefrom, but must not be afraid to go to the Cross and there and then watch Satan destroy himself. The Church has been excellently tutored and is convinced on the significance of the Cross for her life and mission in the world by the example of Jesus Christ. She must not shy away from the path of the Cross but she must ‘resolutely “take the road to Calvary. This alone is the real source of power and security which the Church can bring to bear on her situation and on the World Affairs. The Eucharist alone holds the power, the resource and the information required for a successful open outing against 21st century atheism. Without conceding to a secularist myopic scientifism, but rather in an effort to place the Eucharist in its contemporary synthetic-analytic mould, it is the case that Jesus Christ who is God remains fully present, alive and active in the divine micro- chips otherwise known as the sacred specie. And if by a validly and legally instituted office and ministry of an ordained catholic priest, Jesus Christ is what the Eucharist symbolizes and realizes, then the products of an honest priestly industry are priceless and therefore cannot be for sale. If for the Microsoft Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world, then by one single sacred host, a celibate priest is richer than Bill Gate and cannot be adequately remunerated by the whole Budget of the government of the U.S. in all its years of existence.

With John Paul II, Freemason met a stiff opposition in the Vatican but no actual war was waged in retaliation. The approach was mainly defensive, and not offensive. Benedict XVI’s pontificate is a resolute search in the Church’s archives for an adequate and prompt response to the Masonic menace. Vatican Secret Service used Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to infiltrate Freemason. But the Masonic beasts are no fools. Today, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is a very serious war casualty on the Vatican side. On 6/6/2010, Freemason introduced a renewed media approach to the Third World War specifically targeting the Vatican in preparation for the next Conclave during which it intends to install an Anti- Christ as the Pope. The first target in the renewed media war against the Vatican is the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, William Cardinal Joseph Levada. What else do you think Freemason wants to achieve by re-opening the child abuse suit against the Archdiocese of San Francisco? The African connection to the renewed Masonic war has been anchored on the Ibrahim Babangida’s presidential ambition in Nigeria. Satanism may succeed in its quest for the sequestration of church fund, property and security but with the Eucharist, “The Church”, in the inaugural words of Benedict XVI’s Pontificate, “Is Alive.”


By and large, Babangida’s presidential ambition is an expansionist program sponsored by Freemason in furtherance of the Anti- Christ project in the Vatican. Like Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State, President Goodluck Jonathan who has indicated his intention to contest the next election in 2011 will simply be instructed by PDP to hand over to IBB irrespective of whether he contested on the PDP platform or not.

Anthony Cardinal Okogie is a prototype of a historical preponderance of the Church’s authoritative contribution to the evolution of an authentic progressive nationalism. Today, Okogie is understandably taking the alternative course of elderly vigilance and guidance having successfully fought at the war front in the war against dictatorships in the nations match out of political doldrums. But the part he played was not an exclusive reserve of those with the red hat as demonstrated by the emergence of Fr. Mathew Hassan Kukah. In total and unreserved appreciation and full re- enforcement of Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s powerful spiritual arsenals and beyond this, it is very imperative today that the ideological presuppositions of a Fr. Kukah be effectively combined with the inescapable authority and force of an archbishop Okogie.

Mohammed Haruna, a back cover columnist in one of the Nigerian dailies THE NATION, Wed. September 8, 2010 re-examined the significance of two surveys done about the inevitable war between the west and Islam and published by the Economist with the titles “in the name of God” and “The next war, they say… respectively. Significantly, Haruna noted that the second survey was published after 9/11. According to him, Dr. Rewan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury and head of the church of England said in effect that the way the west has tried to corner the world’s resources and to impose its ways on the rest of its ways on the rest of the world is to blame for the rise of radical Islam. It is possible, the Archbishop was quoted, to eliminate the one, two or even 1000 terrorists, but if you don't go to the cause of terrorism you will never eradicate the phenomenon. And the causes are political, economic and cultural... Not only the United States but the entire West should make an examination of its conscience of how they oppress the rest of the world. Then Haruna, like the Archbishop, stumbled on the most significant fact that inescapably relate to the two sides of the debate when he introduced Samuel Huntington into the picture. A world of clashing civilizations, writes Huntington, is inevitably a world of double standard: people apply one standard to their kin-countries, and a different standard to others." The entire review by Haruna also reminds one of a novelist's indictments of the Vatican on the death of John Paul I in 1978 in a novel titled "In God's Name". That novel, I strongly believe, lacks facts and evidences, and seems to hold some unappealing agenda underneath its dirty armpit but then - the truth must be told- it raises questions for the Vatican conscience. The soul of a nation is the conscience of her own people. I am convinced that the undying will of the people is the soul of democracy. And that democracy acquires an additional force and significance far above and beyond politics when that will belongs to a poor and oppressed people. Whether expressed through votes, or through strikes, or through a revolutionary action, the undying will of the people is the underlining, defining and legitimizing factor of the machinery of government. A focused and determined leadership which is surrendered unreservedly to the service of the people's will is the nucleus of every political activity. Nevertheless, I am forced to admit that the people's will can only be validated on the basis of it being a branded product of living consciences, and not of beasts under the cover of human skin.

The religious and ethnic sentiments being introduced by PDP and the IBB’s presidential campaign/propaganda are not intended to reflect in any way nor advance the interests of the Church and the Vatican. It is rather a perfectly designed but disguised commitment, expressed equivocally in religious and ethnic sentiments, to Freemason through P2 (a secret satanic cult in the Vatican) and Ogboni Fraternity (the faceless Cabal in Nigeria) in an effort to subvert the people’s will and the Church’s mission pursuant of the Masonic project to install an anti-Christ as the next Pope in the event of the next conclave. For the Igbo race, it is a consciously induced flight into obduracy and Satanism.

For a Church that can boast of courageous men like Anthony Cardinal Okogie, resolutely focused minds like Benedict XV1 and late John Paul II, a rich tradition of total commitment to Social Justice and singularly, a custodian of a Eucharistic faith and Marian sanctity, the effort fuelled by greed and selfish ambition to recycle a Satanist and an expired old tyrant for the presidency raises a strong suspicion about the Church’s honest commitment to global security, national integration and the dignity of the human person. To this point, why has the CBCN kept mom about the monumental, conscious and influential involvement of the Knighthood in occultism, terrorism and Satanism? What really are the attractions of Babangidarism except insipid plutocracy, international gangsterism, global terrorism, executive rascality, jaundiced protectionism and Orkan (Gideon) exclusivism. With the Knights of St Mulumba as a forerunner of Babangidarism, Our Lady of Fatima weeps for the Nigerian Church like Jesus would weep over Jerusalem. Could this be an introduction of a fifth gospel on the Nigerian ecclesiastical horizon? And what, may I ask, is the content of this Fifth Gospel?

The great concordance which runs like an antiphon through the pages of the gospels of Mathew, Mark and Luke, and reaching a crescendo in the theological treatises of John before finally dissolving into the book of the Acts of the Apostles and the early Epistles do not leave anyone in doubt about the congenial disposition of these inspired authors regarding the mission and unity of purpose which governed the Apostolic College about the person and mission of Jesus Christ, and the methods he employed in this regard. The Church as it is today with a population of about 1.2 billion people, had already existed as a microcosm in the pages of these books. The late but symbolic vocation of Paul in the gentile territory may have introduced a hiatus into the entire process, but it is evidently clear that it could boast of no ulterior motive other than a heuristic denouement of Jesus Christ as the only mediator between God and man. That John Paul II wrote and dedicated his encyclical “Dominus Iesus” to this subject is an indication that the Church has not departed from this position. Within the time bracket which these inspired authors functioned is found the greatest repository of facts about the person and mission of Jesus Christ. And, of course, outside of the person and mission of Jesus Christ, no authentic knowledge and experience of God is possible. Whatever came before or after is just a mere co-efficient. In this regard, the faith of the Church is historical. This faith is the force that pierces the womb of time, impregnates every event, tests the fertility of ideas and achieves the resolution and harmonization of necessary contradictions. Against this loud drumbeat of the Church’s faith, no contrary position can be advanced save perhaps the bias, frustrations and commandeered sentimentalism that might arise at the back yard of a traitor like Judas Iscariot who, spurred by un-audited applause and propelled by a reprobate ambition, remained adamant to the loving invitation unto true discipleship even after Jesus Christ offered him, free of charge and with a guarantee, the power and love of God through the Eucharist.

In total repudiation of a renegade’s assumption of a Fifth Gospel purportedly written by Judas which is held by Freemason to be the most balanced account of Jesus’ life and ministry, and which provides the foundations for Masonic creed, code and conduct as well as the rites and rituals of Satanic worship developed by Albert Pike, it is very important to authoritatively assert that Judas hung himself out of frustrations, and died with a strong rebuke against betrayal and treason which divine wrath placed on his accursed personality. A Judas, whether this wear the regalia of a cardinal, a bishop, a General Overseer or a Knight, has nothing to offer except wild rumours and petty gossips – checcorroci – which are of course “spread by idiots, accepted by the ignorant and believed by fools”. And so I dare to raise the question and with a corner of my eyes fixed on the “Da Vinci Code”, where does one find a copy of a Fifth Gospel? One of the greatest discoveries I have come to make is that, despite their wealth, connections, degree of exposition, level of education, intelligence and knowledge, most people live their lives on rumours and build their so-called tested convictions on total self-deception in their bid to run away from the inescapable demands of love and freedom.

Freemason tasks the world to unreservedly subscribe to freedom while it means and offers only slavery; to surrender to a democracy, while it means and offers dictatorship; to defend the faith while it means and offers Satanism; and to erect structures of security, while it means and offers terrorism. By the disguise, equivocation and subversion employed to execute its agenda in the world, many good people, races, ethnicities, churches, Islamic communities, institutions, etc, are sleeping comfortably on “mattresses of maggots” and are covered with “blankets of worms”. While a Constitution Review Conference, independent of government interference will evolve effective combatant instruments of conferment of nationhood and an extinction of terrorism on the one hand, a Buhari presidency presents a determined practical expediency in the match to a prosperous and united Nigeria. Pursuant of this idea, a Fifth Gospel that is rescued from the poisonous claws of Masonic subversion and deception can only be an honest commitment to faith, hope and love which form the soul of the life and ministry of our Lord and master Jesus Christ.

In the face of the glaring betrayals against the church from the hands of her own children, even from those who, like Judas she has unreservedly favoured and empowered, and coupled with the fact that she is being compelled to atone for these sins committed against her and heal the infested wounds there from, it will be very strange and a confession of criminal collaboration for the Vatican to remain silent about the abysmal sacrilegious disrepute which the Knighthood, especially the Knighthood of St. Mulumba has dragged the Church - the spotless Bride of Christ into in Nigeria. The fact that the Supreme Council of the Knighthood of St. Mulumba is under the very watchful eyes of the CBCN has compounded the situation the more and thereby raises a question about the attractions of Babangidarism to the extent that it has been made an article of the faith of the Church and elevated to the status of a dogma. What credentials do the advocates of Babangidarism possess in the Church except being the criminal beneficiaries in one way or the other of Ibrahim Babangida”s mushroom

Wealth- generating factory erected on the twin pillars of corruption and satanic benevolency.

With the indiscreet endorsement, flamboyant involvement and euphoric commitment of the Catholic Bishop of Aba to the sarcastically ominous ambition of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu subtly tucked away behind the struggle for Igbo Liberation, the entire life and mission of the Catholic Church in Aba (however, inclusive of other denominations) was re-designed and re-packaged to accommodate witch-craft, wizardry, traditional/student’s cultism, thuggery, Satanism, gangsterism and executive rascality. The whole arrangement depicts a synergy of the good, the bad and the ugly which resulted in, and donated wings and legs to a symbiotic symbolism and despotic mal-administration where opposition was at the risk of public humiliation, irremediable bankruptcy, ostracization, banishment and miserable death. In view of its expansionist strategy, the Aba Cabal was inaugurated in 1996 and then re-incarnated under the very tutelage of the Knights of St Mulumba, who subversively pursuant of the Masonic agenda dressed themselves up as vanguards and soldiers of the faith and Igbo liberation. To adjust to this eerie novelty, even with reference to ecclesiastical laws and pastoral ministry, became what it means to possess a true “diocesan spirit” in the Catholic Diocese of Aba. I say this as it affects me as a theologian of the Church but that almost all the Christian denominations in Abia State were affected with the virus do actually throw much light on the very personality of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Chief (Mrs. Eunice Kalu) and Chief Theodore Ahamefule Orji, the incumbent governor of Abia State and the immediate beneficiary of this Christian experiment in Satanism respectively. And despite the new song he is singing, it has not changed the fact that Chief T. A Orji is fully committed to Babangidarism. It therefore amounts to nothing but a betrayal and a treasonable felony of the first order for the Bishop of Aba to disregard and discredit the beneficent powers of our merciful God which Mama Mary, the Our Lady of Fatima has won on our behalf for the succour not only of the Catholic Church but also of the poor, oppressed and misled citizens of our dear nation. By this, it is evidently clear that, with such ugly packs of despots of the like of Bishop Ezeonyia sitting on ecclesiastical thrones and with the criminal connivance of the Knighthood of St. Mulumba, the anti-Christ has invaded the Church in disguise and walk with shoulders high on the streets of Nigeria and in the Vatican on a terrorist mission. Its ultimate target in the Church is the Key and Throne of St. Peter. Is Bishop Ezeonyia a forerunner of the gospel according to Judas? And which gospel is the Knighthood preaching in the Church and in the nation today?

Now that it has become very imperative that the Satanic Masonic dictatorship be confronted headlong considering the threats it posits to the people’s will, national security and to the faith (both Christian and Islam) with regards to Babangidarism, one cannot but be abjectly bemused at the complacency or rather impotent resolve of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN). To be straightforward, it is a matter of stating the obvious to say that the CBCN as presently constituted has woefully failed the church consciously or unconsciously by pandering either to a subtly seductive satanic distraction or by a helpless subscription to insipid plutocracy and jaundiced survivalism. The Episcopal body has failed to live up to the challenges which the Nigeria Church presents to it. The Church hierarchy in Nigeria may perceive this as an insult but it is Our Lady’s bet on behalf of her Lord and Master Jesus Christ against theirs that this is a Samuelite rebuke against Saulism. In this regard, I solemnly but with all due respect call upon the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to place a blanket ban on the leadership and activities of the Knighthood of St. Mulumba, Nigeria, and in the same vein dissolve the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria as presently constituted and reconstitute it again with Archbishop A.J.V Obinna as the president. This, among others, is Nigeria’s version of the urgent response which the attack against the unity of the church and the person of the Holy Father present as it affects the Church in Nigeria. It is also a demonstration of the Church’s commitment to Social Justice and a show of solidarity with President Goodluck Jonathan on the security situation in the country.

According to Our Lady, Major General Muhammed Buhari is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most qualified candidate for the presidency come the 2011 General Elections in Nigeria. Major General Muhammed Buhari (rtd) has all it takes to send the military back to the barracks. He is resourceful, resilient and responsible.

The Military, in the real sense of the word, has not returned to the barracks. The corruption of the military is one of the greatest tragedies that can befall a nation. This was Ibrahim Babangida’s deliberate engagement with the Nigerian military as he plotted to enthrone himself as a life president. And with late Gen. Sani Abacha, the situation became a risky subject for discussion. The military is trained to kill. If a trained military personnel means to shoot a gun, it is not to excite anybody or to disperse a crowd. He means to kill, and will feel a sense of failure if he does not achieve this result. For a terrorist to cause a total destabilization of a race or state and then incite the deployment of the military against innocent, suffering, poor and oppressed people – a situation he stage-managed - just to score a political point is the meaning of genocide. My heart bleeds as I take a look at the condition of my immediate local ethnic community – Ukwa/Ngwa people of Abia State in general and Aba town in particular – the Enyimba City to which many of us Igbos have an emotional attachment.

What actually are we afraid of? Definitely, a Knighthood that has lost direction and focus of her mission in the church and in the nation, in exchange for unbridled appetite for power and blood must be afraid of something, and of somebody. Supposing but not conceding to the fact that MEND or the Niger Delta struggle has been hijacked and turned into a terrorist action with the sole purpose of destabilizing Nigeria, and that President Goodluck Jonathan is also being re-designed, perhaps unconsciously to subvert the Niger Delta struggle like Chief Obasanjo did to A.D., my candid and sincere advice to Mr. President is to refuse that his family compound which, as the President he is has come to depict the entire Niger Delta region, be turned into a battle ground for terrorists. Terrorism is a Nigerian factor, not a Niger Delta branded product. If he succumbs to this temptation, he may not have a family to go home to, or a Nigeria to hand over to the new president. The way forward which demands every reservoir of courage as a man and shows his commitment to the Nigerian project and to the Niger Delta struggle is to give a tacit approval and solid support to a Sovereign National Conference in the guise of a Constitutional Review that is independent of government interference including both houses of NASS. And then turn around to adopt the New Constitution by prevailing on the NASS to pass it into law. With a positive disposition towards this challenge hanging on his shoulder more than a vain pursuit for a tenure as a new President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been placed on the road to being one of the most popular and most respectable world leaders of the 21st Century.


The visible face of the Masonic agenda in Nigeria is the People's Democratic Party, PDP.

Numerically analyzed,

P = 16

D = 4

P = 16

Total 36,

Breaking the figure down the more,

3 + 6 = 9.

9 here signifies the I personality which can only be possessed by a member of the 666.

In the PDP vocabulary as given above, the code: PDP means:

P = Power

C = Capital

P = Power.

Thus, in a layman's language, this implies that the World Union through PDP owns and must hold power in all the 36 states of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. And PDP has the mandate of the World Union to deliver Nigeria to the central body at whatever cost, irrespective of the contending issues. The will of the World Union is the meaning of democracy. And government is defined as the government of the union by the union for the union. Anything that provides an obstacle or attempts to sabotage this Project is considered as high treason. Once a member of the World Union, the personality acquires the mystical number 9 (The Personality who has a membership of this world body is IBB). The World Union is made up of only 666 (Six Hundred and Sixty Six members only). It is the highest but the most secretly guarded degree of Freemason. It is the Anti – Christ (For more information visit the articles published by “evurulobi” or “marysrose” in the HUBPAGES Website). The personality who has acquired the 9 or “I” personality is the immediate beneficiary of all the projects and propaganda of the World Union as well as the remote executor of those projects. Terrorism is a very complex phenomenon. For instance, the specifications of the bomb which exploded at the Eagle Square in Abuja is just slightly different from the one that was exploded in the hall of the banking industry. Mrs Cecilia Ibru is just one casualty among many others not yet announced. Chief Obasanjo's tenure, especially the 2nd tenure almost turned this agenda upside down. But because he signed the Agreement of which, like many of us priests in Aba, he was oblivious of the original and full content and import, Chief Obasanjo cannot contest that agreement. He simply cannot, except he wants himself and the entire members of his household dead. The Agreement he signed includes, consciously or unconsciously, a resolve to implement unreservedly and to its fullest the irrevocable demands of the World Union. The cost of betrayal is very much unaffordable even for a person like Obasanjo. Even though bruised by some elements of greed and unforgiveness, Chief Obasanjo's so- called betrayal against PDP is not, first and foremost, the betrayal of Nigerians, it is rather a conscious effort singularly displayed by an old war veteran for a cause he believes in and fought for - a united and prosperous Nigeria. Obasanjo is another Ngige from a distance. But highly discredited by emerging facts and giving the PDP factor, Chief Obasanjo is very much aware that he holds no bargaining power with either PDP or with IBB. Unlike in 2007 when the Northern factor re- enforced the Umaru Musa Yar’dua contrived presidential ambition, Jonathan’s hope of riding on the back of PDP and that of Chief Obasanjo’s on a return mission to Aso Rock is a jolly good journey headed for the rocks. And having been labeled a usurper or an ingrate, President Goodluck Jonathan does not have what it takes to challenge the PDP zoning formula. To go ahead in that task is to sign his death warrant.

From the data available to my team, the Third World War was declared against an ignorant humanity on the 06/06/1996 - 90 years after the last registration into the 666 organization (World Union) took place. It is a spiritual war by Satanism but visibly led by Freemason. The U.N., European Community and the U.S. Government as presently constituted, irrespective of whoever sits behind the desk at the Oval Office, is another Hitler in the guise of Freemason executing the Third World War against humanity (including Americans, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Africans and Europeans) by a subversion of the great mandate in the book of Genesis to “subdue and conquer the world”. The most renowned scientists, astute billionaire entrepreneurs and top professionals are the chief protagonists of this war. The most effective weaponry in the hands of Freemason is a VIRUS secretly invented by the “U.S. Federal Virus Program”. The U.S. Government sponsored this program in conscious partnership with Freemason worldwide. Many types of this VIRUS have been manufactured by other affiliate Masonic research bodies. In each case, sincerely committed researchers are made to believe that the object of research was in aid of the national security. But in actual fact, Global Satanism was researching for the most effective weaponry against humanity. Today, not only HIV/AIDS but also Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Infertility, etc, are administered from the hands of Masonic medical personnel to millions of unsuspecting men and women across the globe. This is as it concerns the life and health of an individual. Adopted members (members of all secret satanic cults in affiliation with Freemason) of Freemason are also transformed into the VIRUS B or B+ type for the purpose of infecting a group, an institution, an organization, union, etc for the purpose of gathering intelligence, polluting, subverting, destroying or possessing it.

The trepidations which have thrown up renewed and strong agitations for Igbo Presidency are well founded. But one is compelled to raise the question whether the Igbos whose major claim to the Presidency is, among other things, rooted deeply in their divine ancestry and being co-beneficiaries of the Abrahamic covenant finding expression in practical Christianity - whether such a people can proudly identify itself entirely with Satanism. That it toyed with it during the Ibrahim Babangida's military regime is obvious as significantly manifest in the aggressive and shameless plundering and criminal distortion of our value system - spiritual, political, economic, traditional. And since then Nigeria has never woken up from a satanically induced coma. Instead her temperature has gone down to the freezing point. And that the Igbos are at the forefront to perpetually enthrone and legalize the highly discredited and incestuous marriage between Satanism and power posits difficult credibility questions against every Igbo man and woman and threatens as well, to illuminate the suspicion that an average Igbo person is a ready and willing tool in the hands of insipid plutocracy. Is it really true that an Igbo person can do anything for money? Otherwise where lies the attraction of a Babangida's Presidency except 419sm, corruption and dictatorship. This is why the Igbos must not be fooled by T.A. Orji's repentance. And it is important to warn my fellow Abians that T.A. Orji's repentance and face-off with Orji Uzor Kalu are all contrived with the intention to excavate, appropriate, block and mop up all the sources and roots of opposition to Mascot's ambition on behalf of Kalu come the 2011 gubernatorial elections in Abia State. For those who have unreservedly sold themselves to this white-wash project of Abia Liberation especially my Ukwa/ Ngwa brethren, I advice you all, of course at the pain of betrayal to learn a lesson from Chima Nwafor. Or, if you have forgotten Chima Nwafor's story, then take a little time off and do some eave-droppings at the backyard of the Deputy Chief of Staff. Poor Akomas! What a trusted friend you have in OUK ! The Ngwa man is the most discredited for terrorism and kidnapping in the whole of the Southeast. Now again, the Ngwa ethnic group cannot keep even the post of a Deputy Governor because they are simply incurable harlots. Does it mean that the Ukwa/ Ngwa elders have patronized the booming political harlotry trade somewhere in Aba at Nweke Street so much so that no one can call off this bluff?

Given all these, one can satirically assert that the forthcoming 2011 Election is something very much more than a do- or die affair. It is the resumed hostilities between the Independent State of Biafra and the oppressive government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; it is a drama between Odumegwu Ojukwu and Olusegun Obasanjo. Cast in this mold, and just as the biafran attempt at cessation did not present any option at all for Nigeria, it is all the more true today that a presidency that does not hold any irrevocable and realizable promise for Igbo liberation is an unthinkable option for the whole of South East. This is all the more intolerable if a sabotage of this cause is emerging again from a corner of the South South, seduced, held hostage and appropriated by Chief Obasanjo. On the strength of this, I seriously contend for the Aburi Accord. On Aburi I stand. On Aburi we stand. The implementation of the Aburi Accord is what Our Lady has outlined in the Call for National Elders' Forum (Hubpages) and on the pages of the SACRED DEED ( also published in the Hubpages as “An Appeal and A body Of Defense). This, and only this, is one Nigeria. In this case, let's have One Nigeria!

One Nigeria!What a great idea!!What a great dream!!!

Mr Goodluck Jonathan, please give us one united, progressive and prosperous Nigeria.By so doing, you would have greatly made Chief Obasanjo, your trusted benefactor, a happy man. One Nigeria has always been his dream and the dream of Northerners including IBB himself. And Chief Obasanjo and the Northerners are all honourable men and women.Or would Jonathan allow his rightful but misguided and misinformed ambition overrule the mighty provisions of providence for the liberation of the 140 million Nigerians, including his kinsmen in the Niger Delta? If so, then in the spirit of Ojukwu’s second but brief encounter with Ken-Saro Wiwa “in the morning of his struggle” shortly before he was executed by Abacha, I say:

Goodluck to Jonathan!


Good Night!!!


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    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile image

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I pray for you Fr. Evurulobi and all those who may have worldly issues. May we continue to equip ourselves with the greatest armor of all, the 'Words of God,' that in the power of God's love and mercy on us, we may learn to trust more on the Lord in prayer after enlightening all those who may go astray from the light of Christ.

      He knows our ways and what is in our hearts. Trusting, never doubting and never losing hope in Him, we know, our God in Jesus, our True Savior and Messiah and the Lord of All, will deliver us from all evil.

      All evil that happen around us will never cease if we face them with ungodly ways, in fear, violence and vengeance.

      Praying through the Holy Spirit for divine guidance may better provide the answer, that peace in the love of God and of others, and forgiveness, we may see true freedom in our hearts and spirit for in us, as Jesus reigns by the power of His words, evil may never win as we surrender all our hurts and worries to Him, learning to carry our own cross, in humility and obedience to His commands, we may die from our sinfulness, from our 'self' and from our pride, and start anew spreading the gospel among the poor and those who may have gone astray.

      May prayers are with you Fr. Evurulobi for lasting peace and prosperity in the light of Christ.


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