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The Chutzpah of New York's Mayor Bloomberg

Updated on February 5, 2011

The Chutzpah of New York’s Mayor Bloomberg

No one knows if New York’s Mayor Bloomberg’s undercover sting to purchase weapons in Arizona was an effort to obfuscate the embarrassment he suffered for his sanitation department‘s laziness, which resulted in actual New York citizens being left to die in the snow storm weeks ago. Think of the arrogance of Mayor Bloomberg to send his agents all the way to Arizona to purchase weapons to prove that he is an intrepid adversary of the Second Amendment. Perhaps, the Mayor for Tucson could send sanitation workers to New York to clean the snow and to show Bloomberg’s sanitation department how to handle snow, and moreover, showcase what it is like to have compassion for fellow citizens and a work ethic. Of course, having Arizona's sanitation department coming to New York to clean our snow would be jokingly ironic because Arizona has mostly hot climate. Could you imagine if the preceding scenario were to come to fruition - Mayor Bloomberg would be offended, as he should be.

I can think of a plethora of issues that need Mayor Bloomberg’s attention right here in New York- mounting unemployment; burdensome taxes; and the crippling influence the unions have on the bureaucracy - instead of him arrogantly interfering with the duties of another dignitary’s duties. I should have known that Mayor Bloomberg was capable of such actions – this is a man who vociferously campaigned for Plaxico Burress, the Giants wide receiver, to serve jail time for shooting himself in the leg. Mind you, this athlete had no criminal record, but our Mayor Bloomberg thought it prudent to send him to jail instead of compelling the fame athlete to use his fame to influence others about the careless use of guns. It is also an opened secret that Mayor Bloomberg has presidential aspirations – but it has been rather embarrassing for our mayor… because despite spending millions of his own fortune, he barely won the recent New York Mayoral race.

If I were a cynical man, I would say that Bloomberg is trying to garner political capital, at the expense of Arizona, for his pending presidential run in 2012. Whatever was the personal, selfish reason for Mayor Bloomberg to send his people to Arizona to purchase weapons, in an obvious effort to embarrass the Arizona officials – it was disrespectful… and nothing but a formal public, apology would suffice. To borrow a term from Mayor Bloomberg’s heritage: chutzpah!


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