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The Clinton Health Matters Initiative

Updated on May 22, 2016

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative works with strategic partners to effect the goal of reducing the prevalence of chronic disease in the United States. The obesity problem is not a new problem here in the US, and CHMI is doing its part for this uphill climb. There are four areas CHMI focuses on: National Health, Community Health, Digital Health, and hosting events related to health and wellness. CHMI has thirty six strategic partners ranging from charities like The Jed Foundation, nonprofit organizations like The American Diabetes Association, sports organizations like The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), hospitals like the Eisenhower Medical Center, and corporations like MTV, Facebook, and Nike.

National Health

CHMI works to improve national health in these key areas: Employee Health, Prescription Drug Abuse, Physical Activity, Health Disparities, and Access to Nutrition.

For employee health, CHMI and its partners provides guidance, through the Employment Health Improvement Framework they developed, to companies large and small. For the problem of prescription drug abuse, CHMI has a section on the Employment Health Improvement that offers guidance on how to address substance abuse. CHMI also partnered with the Jed Foundation, with help from Facebook and MTV, to launch the Clinton Health Matters College Campus Program to improve the health, both physically and mentally, of America’s college students. Adding to that, CHMI convened a meeting with the FDA and other stakeholder groups on how to improve Naloxene access, a drug that counters the effect of drug overdoses.

For improving physical activity, CHMI works with Nike, the American College of Sports, and others to figure out ways on how to increase physical activity in the population especially children. For Health Disparities reduction for minorities, CHMI with Joslin Diabetes Center, an organization affiliated with Harvard Medical School, is working with corporations, public agencies, and NGOs to improve diabetes prevention methods. For Access to Nutrition, CHMI, in partnership with Palisades Media Ventures (PMV), the James Beard Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, weightwatchers, and others, spreads awareness for healthier eating with the America Cooks with Chef campaign. They have a website for people to find out about healthy recipes or inspirational stories and outreach like spots in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Community Health

CHMI is active in Central Arkansas, the Coachella Valley of Southern California, Greater Houston, and Northeast Florida to improve community health. They get together local governments and organizations to work on local blueprints for action with the goal of improving the local population’s health.

Digital Health

CHMI wants to use technology to improve public health as well. They are doing it through three approaches: Integrating Health and Technology, Scaling Innovation, and Leveraging Big Data Applications. An integrating health and technology they, in partnership with the Jed Foundation, initiated was the “Help a Friend in Need” resource to help young people spot signs of distress in their friends. Facebook, for instance, added this resource into their site when users see a “call for help” type post. They scale innovation by hosting “codeathons” for coders to create a program concerning public health. Finally, they work with the Harvard Medical School and The Sumall Foundation to build public health type data sources like The Sumall Foundation’s dashboard to help out college administrators find risk profiles for student’s prescription drug misuse culled from data like Twitter.


Every year, CHMI hosts their anchor event, The Health Matters Activation Summit, where people and organizations convene to discuss public health as well as announce new strategic partnerships to help improve American health. CEOs of health related companies like Humana, health entrepreneurs like Elizabeth Holmes, inventor of the non-invasive blood test and the CEO of Theranos who was featured on the cover of Fortune magazine, prominent doctors and professors like Dr. Meredith Rosenthal of Harvard, leaders like the Governor of Kentucky, and celebrities Wayne Brady and “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore” none other than singer Barbra Streisand attended the 2015 Activation Summit. Last year, Tae Bo’s Billy Blanks led a morning workout during the 2014 Activation Summit!


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