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The Cognitive Abilities of Trump and Biden

Updated on August 24, 2020

Joe Biden

There have been some recent polls indicating that some voters have some concerns about the cognitive abilities of Biden. Social media and the Trump supporters have done their best to prove with questionable videos that some sort of early stage Alzheimer's or dementia has set in. Most of the videos have been tampered with in some way to demonstrate Biden is losing it. The video of him on the TV show, The View, where he is asked about his affair with Tara Reade, really does leave rather speechless and wondering. However, this video has been proven to be edited and not what actually was broadcast.

Many on the right feel that Biden, if elected, will not complete his four year term and Kamala Harris will become president. They honestly think that Biden does have some diminished capacity with early Alzheimer's onset that has NOT been disclosed. Maybe. With Hippa regulations as they are, it is entirely possible.

However, Joe Biden did prove in his Democratic speech at the DNC that he is NOT losing it. It was near perfectly executed and no gaffs. That said, since then, reports have come out that Biden practiced it for most of the day before since he does have a stuttering issue at times. With 24 hours to perfect it, he managed to convince most voters in a recent poll that he was mentally sound and there is nothing to be concerned about.

Maybe. The real tests are coming with two debates with Trump. We know Trump will badger and attack. The question is how will Biden handle it and at what point does he begin to lose his temper and fire back and perhaps make errors or gaffs. Should this happen, it could unravel the confidence many have and give the impression to others that he does have some sort of cognitive disconnect. A poor debate performance would make a tighter race because it leaves a bad impression for either man. Biden, in past debates, only performed so-so. It was Harris that was a barracuda. Biden was too proper, too courteous, too humble, much of the time. Will he wither under a Trump barrage?

President Trump

In the past four years, we have seen the cognitive abilities of this man. Much of it has been suspect. The guy believes in so many nutcase conspiracies, or appeals to them for his support, indicates he will do anything to get your vote. He is a classic bullshitter- doubt everything he states unless proven with actual facts. Even his agreeing with the QAnon conspiracy and the FDA is deep state along with the CIA and others, tells you this man is suspicious of everything if they do not agree with him. The Narcissism is stunning, even when he jokes about things that promote his brand, he is actually serious (like, suggesting he should be added to Mt. Rushmore).

The guy is a mental case in another way. He is in love with himself so much, how could he even take a trophy wife (of course, she married for other reasons because they sleep in different bedrooms now).

Even his sister and cousin have come out with details about internal family issues of the past and they ALL paint a despicable man most of the time. Trump is mentally competent in that he is alert with all his cognitive abilities, but he is still a nutcase in many ways.


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