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The Combination: Original Murder Inc.

Updated on July 27, 2014
Albert Anastasia
Albert Anastasia | Source

AKA "The Big Seven Group"

The Combination was a gathering together of various ethnic street gangs of Brooklyn New York, namely of Jewish and Italian heritage. Developed into what is also called "Murder Inc.," The Combination is an independent group that existed prior to formation of the National Crime Syndicate. While the group's original name was "The Combination," media frequently referred to them as Murder Inc. The gang encompassed well over 200 members at its height and was lead by Charles Lucky Luciano's associate, the notorious Albert Anastasia, who was dubbed the "Lord High Executioner" and his partner Louis "Lepke" Buchalter.

The Brownsville Boys, and Ocean Hill Gang made up most of the members of Murder Inc. The Combination was responsible for nearly 800+ hits that were extremely brutal, many of which went unsolved for several years.

Forming of the Commission

In 1931 a summit was held in Atlantic City, during which formation of an organized crime figure regime emerged, known as The Syndicate. A board of directors were appointed: Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, Tommy Gagliano, Joe Profaci, Joseph Bonanno, Vincent Mangano, Al Capone and Stefano Magaddino. Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Joe Adonis, Abner Zwillman, Frank Costello, Johnny Torrio, and Louis 'Lepke" Buchalter were also in attendance at the summit and frequently part of subsequent board meetings alongside appointed board members. All the board of directors collectively formed what is known as the commission, which called upon The Combination to enforce their decisions, including those having to do with debt collecting, dispute regulation and hit contracts.

It is important to note here that while Sicilian Mafia members were all required to be Italian, those involved with The Combination could be of any ethnicity. The commission was a concept envisioned by Luciano, who also served as chairman of the board.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano (1897-1962). He formed  The Commission in 1931.
Charles "Lucky" Luciano (1897-1962). He formed The Commission in 1931.

Louis Lepke Buchalter: Mob Go-To Guy

Louis "Lepke" Buchalter (1891-1944)
Louis "Lepke" Buchalter (1891-1944) | Source

Louis Lepke Bucalter was the direct connect to the commission, responsible for ordering contracts. It was Lepke and Anastasia who then decided who would be the best guy for the hit. Lepke would become the first and only major mob connection to receive the death penalty for his crimes. In 1944, he died in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison.

Abe Reles AKA "Kid Twist" (1906-1941)
Abe Reles AKA "Kid Twist" (1906-1941) | Source
Abe Reles AKA "Kid Twist" (1906-1941)
Abe Reles AKA "Kid Twist" (1906-1941) | Source

Abe "Kid Twist" Reles and the End of Murder Inc.

Kid Twist is most known as the one who brought down Murder Inc., sending several of its members to the electric chair by providing a significant amount of evidence to the Feds. As a result of his cooperation, he received total immunity for his involvement and any crimes committed, even though he was one of the most active figures of the group. At the time, Kid Twist faced a murder conviction for which he was to be executed.

HIs death was sift and mysterious. It is unknown whether Kid Twist was pushed out of the window of the Half-Moon Hotel, if he was trying to escape and fell or if he just committed suicide. Whatever the case, his death was declared to be "accidental."

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    • jeffduff profile image

      Jeff Duff 4 years ago from Southwest Wisconsin

      Murder Inc. was guilty of over a hundred contract killings. Most were low-level hoodlums who had angered the Mob for some offense or another. But some of their victims were higher-level, better known gangland leaders, uncooperative businessmen and government officials.

      Why not tell us some of those stories of murder and mayhem? Also, if Murder Inc. was brought down by "Kid Twist", why not develop that part of their final story, more fully?

      You've just scratched the surface here ... it's as though you tried to write the history of World War II in just four paragraphs!

      You've started an interesting article, but you haven't developed it to anywhere near it's full potential! Do more research and write more Hubs about the rise and fall of Murder Inc. It would be a fascinating series of Hubs!