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The Coming Conflict With Iran

Updated on January 8, 2020

While it has been brewing for many years now, the recent boldness that shows their capabilities and emboldened the USA to do the same. It is a tit for tat situational face-off.

We all know the history since 1979, when Iran took over the U.S. embassy at the start of their radicalization, it was a response to the US supported CIA coup that happened in 1953, that put the Shah of Iran into power and fully supported by the USA. The Shah was as brutal as the current regime but was pro-USA. The American oil industry greatly benefited from the coup.

But that was then.

Now, Iran has the ability cause some harm to US interests with its ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, cyber warfare, etc. They remain bad actors as a government entity creating proxy forces to do their fighting away from their borders. They are terrorists, yet the paradox is, most Iranians are pro-West and embrace many Western cultural things common in Europe and the USA. It's the government that is the problem.

Iran will get the nuclear bomb. Some estimates state it could have enough nuclear material within three months for one bomb. They have the ballistic missiles they could send them into far off places. The West has tried everything to stall this event and has failed. It is inevitable.

Enter Trump. He vows (along with Israel) that Iran will never get the bomb while he is President of the United States. This collusion with Iran is coming to a head sooner than you think because the 2020 election is now and determined in November. The only way more conflict is averted after the election is if Trump is defeated and the Democratic winner deters Iran. If Trump wins a second term, the more chance a real war with Iran occurs by 2024.

Iran vows to get the bomb (an North Korea has been helping them) at all costs. Trumps vows this will NOT happen. Containment of Iran with a bomb is not an option for Trump or Israel. With the lines in the sand marked, the only solution is to use military force to prevent Iran, one way or another. Of course, Iran does the opposite and uses asymmetric warfare to make the world a dangerous place for anyone trying to stop them.

The only recourse for Trump is to use devastating force to destroy the facilities that enrich uranium and where the ballistic missiles are stored. Destroying all of them may prove to difficult but eliminating 75% is sufficient. But should this happen, Iran will do whatever they can (perhaps along with Russia, Syria) to retaliate against American and their allies. The easy targets are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, maybe Israel.

With Russia or China entering into the fray on the side of Iran, the Armageddon scenario noted in the Book of Revelations could happen, especially if America suffers a few catastrophic blows and NATO is forced to enter.

Iran's missile strike was just a warning. Their missiles were targeted not to hit to kill. It was for Iranian consumption. Trump applied even more economic sanctions on Iran as an result. In a sense, the ball has been sent back to the Iranians for a response. Perhaps they will just stall until they do have enough material for their first few nuclear bombs and then hit.

Of course, Trump may just attack to make sure they don't, without warning or provocation. In that case, war begins, also.

Just be ready, it IS coming.


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