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The Common Sense Question

Updated on January 13, 2015

The Drought

One of the most asked questions I've come across recently was, "Why isn't common sense common anymore?" I believe this is one of the big questions of our generation. It's embarrassing really because whenever I've discussed this topic with any of my more intellectual peers we've come to the conclusion that we really are in a "drought" of common sense. As an individual I've found I really enjoy being around people. I love a fun night out with a giant group of friends or walking through large crowds of people at big events. I always observe the passers by wherever I am. In my mind I read and study everyone. Because I realize not one person is better than the rest I abstain from judgment and merely resort to making the best conclusion of individuals as possible. Through all my observations I am extremely aware of my own flaws and imperfections but this self-discovery has enlightened me to truths about those in my own generation.

I've realized my highest intolerance is the fact that I look at so many members of my generation and the first thought that comes to mind is, "Why are you so dumb?" I'm not trying to be mean or judgmental but am asking an honest question. What happened?? Most of us can barely read a page of a book out loud in an upper high school class without making it sound like we've just learned the language. Others of us are horrified and perhaps insulted when excellence is the standard expected in the work place. For those of us who are very much aware of the intellectual shortcomings of our time I believe we are not exempt from the harsh criticism and lifestyle that comes from taking part in this common sense drought. Education is the mother of common sense. And I'm not talking reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. I'm referring to education of the mind. Not what to think but how to think. From clear, well thunk thoughts flow good refreshing common sense.

From a young age the greater percentage of us were fed through the public school system. A system of rules. Sit. Stay. Hush. Read. Write. Play nice. Stay in the box. Up through our teen years our identity became determined from the most sought after topic. Most popular music artist. Best looking style of clothing. Even most influential culture and ethnicities.The number one brain failure is when our generation started thinking that how people see us, how they see our social groups, our social media popularity was how we were defined. It was more popular to fit into cultures and to belong to what was looked at to be the most dominant group of people. We also became used to being spoon fed what to think through social media. The birth of smart phones in our generation became our intellectual downfall. What was created to be a useful tool became our crutch. Thinking for ourselves wasn't a necessity anymore. Observations of the world around us, political views, and social standards were only seen through the eyes of Viners, Intsagramers, Tweets, and Facebook users.

Common sense is basically defined as good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. Point blank; it's an independent mental process. This does not mean we don't need to listen to others or heed advice. But when it comes down to it, very few of us were really raised to think for ourselves; we are mentally dependent. We weren't raised to think smart or efficient. Our generation was brought up on a wants = needs lie. You deserve this. You have earned that. In reality the greater part of us haven't done anything to get the credit we so crave. We lack common sense and the ability to think for ourselves.

In conclusion.. well there is never a fin to this sort of discussion. This is exactly the point. It's like learning to ride a bike, hopefully this serves the purpose of holding on to you for a while to show you the how to, but ultimately there must be the final solo soar of independence. Be free my generation! Our brain is the best and greatest gift given to us and we really are selling ourselves short by so many of us thinking were not more smart. This article should be clay to be molded in the mind of free thinkers to create beneficial thoughts and new opinions. We are not a stupid generation nor are we hopeless as scholars and future leaders of our world. Just like exercising any muscle, strengthening our mind for common sense takes work and motivation. But perhaps this is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves...think about it.


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