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The Communist Infiltration of the United States

Updated on July 12, 2016

The Enemy Within

Many think that the transformation we are seeing within the United States started with this administration, but in fact it has all been part of a much bigger picture than anything Barak Obama could pull off on his own. More than fifty years ago a plan was put into action by members of the Communist Party to bring about the downfall of America as we know her. A step by step plan was set into motion that has been steadily moving us toward where we are today, ever closer to a communist nation.

Where was this plan hatched? Why don’t most Americans know about this well laid out plan? How was it kept so secret for the most part all these years from the average citizen? You will probably be surprised to know it was discussed by Congress in January of 1963. It was entered into record a portion from, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen, a former FBI agent, who listed 45 goals of the Communist Party to transform America over time into a communist nation (Swank, 2002, web). If Congress knew the plan over fifty years ago why have they continued to approve and let come to pass nearly every item listed and discussed in Congress that day. More over why haven’t Americans risen up and refused to stand for it.

Most of what we are experiencing currently is the after effects of those goals being gradually implemented the past fifty years. However, Obama has been instrumental in bringing us closer than ever before to fulfilling the necessary requirements to America’s collapse and downfall into communism. He has used a series of events coupled with executive orders to take away many fundamental rights that have stood in the way up until now.

Checks and Balances

Our founding fathers knew this day in history would come and they tried to put restraints in place to prevent it. That is why the three branches of government were each given separate power that had to be checked and balanced by the other branches. Someone paid Obama to go to law school to become a constitution law specialist. A coincidence? I think not. It was just one more step in many to destroy America as we once knew her.

The Communist plot laid out in “The Naked Communist” had to occur in stages so that Americans would not realize what was happening to them. The United States has never shied away from fighting an enemy of our freedom and they realized that if the average proud American knew what was happening we would stand ready for battle with every resource available to us just like in times past.

The Goals

You may be wondering exactly what those 45 goals were. The use of the Atomic bomb against Japan in World War II caused horrific devastation and loss of life. Those that survived have experienced horrible side effects and even their children have been to this day inherited many problems. Most Americans although they felt the Atomic bomb was needed to end the loss of American life and end the war felt the atrocities from the aftermath have been disturbing to say the least.

The first step was to make us believe we had to coexist in order to avoid another atomic war. They knew we would be willing to capitulate to avoid engaging in atomic war again. The sixties brought about a new generation of anti-war protestors. It was during the Vietnam War, which was a police action, that for the first time American soldiers were greeted with hate when they returned home. They were spit on and treated like no American veteran had ever been. It was a sign for the times and just what the communist regime wanted.


They worked on convincing us that nuclear disarmament would make us look morally upright and that the advantages outweigh the risk. We have all too quickly been urged to forget we are not dealing with just and upright people in most of the world today. This is an all too apparent fact that can be witnessed from watching almost any world news channel any day of the year.

Although we don’t have a complete disarmament against nuclear weapons, since 1963 we have passed a number of agreements through the UN to try to limit all nations from having too many nuclear weapons and have agreed to limit our own. We, of course, no longer hold the monopoly on atomic bombs or atomic energy. Now a number of countries hold the power at the mere push of a button to cause the entire annihilation of the world as we know it, causing dust particles to be all that is left of mankind!

Trade and Business

We wore down on our stand about not trading with communist nations and agreed to free trade even if the items could be used against us or other nations in war many years ago. How many years have we been trading with Communist China? As long as I can remember I have seen labels on things that say “Made in China”. This was number four on the list of goals. Even as a child I began seeing these labels, so it did not take them long after hearing the list of the Communist goals for converting the United States to communism for our congressman to sell us out for the almighty dollar.

Now we have literally had hundreds of American businesses that could not compete over the years that have went under because we give the bulk of our money to companies overseas. Companies that support their countries military. While our military has gotten weaker under the leadership of this administration China has grown their military and are the strongest they have ever been. Does anyone believe that is an accident?

Financial Support and the United Nation (UN)

They planned all along for us to give Russia and the Soviet Union extensions of long-term loans. This was number three on the list. They wanted us to provide American aide to foreign countries regardless of if they were a communist nation or not. In America we have gave out billions every year in aide to other countries. We borrow billions of dollars and still give billions out in foreign aid. Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop giving away money we simply do not have? We are still paying interest on loans we took out in the Second World War.

Another step was to get China into the UN. This was accomplished in 1971. With each step they have been able to promote their cause further. Another step was to prevent the outlawing of the Communist Party in the United States. Even before women were given the right to vote the Communist Party was alive and well in the United States.

Infiltration of our Political Parties

They also wanted to infiltrate at least one if not both of our political parties. We have seen for many years the Democratic Party moving closer and closer to a Communist Party. They promote let the government take care of you. Income inequality even though countries that have tried it have eventually fell from the collapse of the financial system. You cannot have only a few people working to support the majority. The middle class can only pay so much to carry the rest of the country and the rich seldom are willing to give up their fortunes to make income equable.

Oaths and the United Nations

They want the United States to do away with loyalty oaths. The Pledge of Allegiance to the United States has been under attack for years. They do not like us having “one nation under God” in our pledge or “In God We Trust” on our money.

They wanted to promote the UN as a One World Nation and have them have their own military. Under Obama we currently have thousands of UN troops occupying American soil. Much of our historical monuments have been signed over by Obama to the UN also. For one I am furious that American property would be given to any foreign agency ever under any circumstances.

Civil Right Issues and Retraining Our Children

Limiting our civil rights by arguing that in order for us to have our rights that we are harming other people’s civil rights is another goal of the Communist Party. They love us being stirred up about religious freedoms and gay movements.

They want to take over our school system. If you control the school system then you can retrain our youth to think along communist lines. Take away or limit parental rights and you have even more control over the way our future adults believe. Gradual indoctrination is the way to grow a party. Hitler used these same tactics in Germany.

If you think our youth is not being indoctrinated then you haven’t been paying attention. In a recent mock interview I saw, where college age students were surveyed they were asked if they would sign petitions to have all the people who would not willingly give up their guns put in concentration camps to await execution. Only a few refused to sign the petition. In fact, most did not seem to think there was anything wrong with it. They believe that if the police and government are the only ones with guns they will be safer.

Obama's Communist Agenda

Since I cannot possibly cover all 45 goals of the Communist Party I will end by explaining why some of the boldest moves have been made in the last five years and how. Throughout history it is hard to force people to do what you want if they have means to protect themselves. That is why the 2nd Amendment is fought against so hard by this administration. Do you think the Jews would have climbed into the railroad cars if they had a way to stop Hitler and knew what he had in mind? Maybe the first few, but as soon as they realized where it was headed they would have stopped cooperating. Human nature is such that we naturally want to live and will try to protect ourselves when possible.

Obama has used Sandyhook and every single tragic event of the last five years to his fullest advantage to try to remove Americans rights to protect themselves from intruders and a tyrannical government. He will not stop. We must continue to fight against gun control or we will not remain free. Obama has set up his own personal army and has weakened our military to the smallest in years. He has bought up so many weapons and ammunition, leaving very little for the public sector.

He has taken control of the media for the most part. Mainstream media seldom covers anything that is not flattering to Obamas administration. Controlling the media is number 21 on the Communist Parties goals. In doing so he is limiting freedom of speech and gradually tearing down our Bill of Rights. If he can destroy our personal liberties he can finally move us into a communist nation.

We must continue to resist and fight against the evil within this government’s movement. Never before have I seen a more aggressive move towards Communism in our country. We must pray for our nation and for those that do not see what is on the horizon. We must stand against the oppressors in this administration and fight to keep our freedom for the future generations! May God bless this nation and heal our lad and restore our freedom before it is too late!

Works Cited

Swank, G. (2002, December 04). The Communist Takeover of America-45 Declared Goals. Retrieved May 31, 2014, from


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    • profile image

      Klara Sever 

      15 months ago

      Great, clear& consice. Could you please talk to the deprograming of young people in the first place and wide public too. It is do late

    • Rebecca Reagan profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Reagan 

      4 years ago from Texas

      So true Jan! Thank you for your comment. We must realize there is a problem to fix it. Rebecca

    • Jan Wiese profile image

      Jan Wiese 

      4 years ago from Odessa, Texas

      We are on our way. China owns us. Our country is badly divided against itself and nobody wants to make compromises or changes. We are led by someone who wants our country to fail. If we don't pay attention and get it together, we will find ourselves gasping at the truth too late. Freedom isn't free. We have to fight for it. By just letting these things happen now, we are undoing all the freedom previously won by our veterans. It is happening now.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Nothing wrong with communist party......they have the right to be who they want.

      But the infiltraitors are hardy going to be public personas.

      In fact...if they are communists--they will keep it a secret!

      I do believe Glenn Beck shills for anyone he likes, is suspect to me. That includes Klousen.But that only my opinion.

    • Rebecca Reagan profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Reagan 

      4 years ago from Texas

      The Communist Party is alive and well in the United States and if you put them in your search engine you will see where they are about to have their 30th National Convention of the Communist Party on June 13-15th, 2014 in Chicago Illinois. They also have active group pages on Facebook, Twitter, U-tube and Google+.

      As to whether Glenn Beck discussed this book or communism in the United States I do not know as I do not watch Mr. Beck.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      4 years ago from Northern Germany

      Please - what Communism are you talking about?

      Communism is a theory to understand and predict social developments. Goes back to the 19th century. What does this have to do with the 21st century? Today there is no country on this planet, except a few leftovers from the cold war that pursues the ideas. Certainly not the US or while we are at it: China.

      What things are about is power, political power. Power over people, nations, continents. The ways and means to aquire power change over the decades and centuries, but to make a conspiracy out of this can´t be taken seriously.

      With due respect, i hope i don´t contribute to some Tea Party rant.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Isn't Skousen the one Glenn Beck worships?

      So, this is a right-wing conspiracy?

      Because, if anything--I would say the Bolsheviks were the great destroyers. Killed 30 million Russians.

      That's 5 times the Holocaust, yet we never hear mention of it.


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