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The Concept of Oprression

Updated on April 2, 2016

What does it mean to be held back by an outside force?

Since the beginning there are certain groups of people that have a control/power over other groups for whatever reason. These groups at the mercy of the more elite rely on a greater power to determine their existence. How did the weak become controlled? Really the only way to have domination over a group of people and maintain is to take it by force and prevent them from progressing. Such as a war group takes a country, disarms them, and maintains power by physically keeping it that way.

So whats the deal here in America?

Why are women still oppressed?

Men are generally more dominant then women. Men are more self reliant and capable of accomplishing more duties. We are stronger, bigger, and less emotional majority of the time. We are more useful to the work force usually because of our physical attributes and dominant mindset. Women are usually smaller, frailer, and have a nurturing gentle mindset. That being said it usually links with natural dependency on men for multiple things. Most women could not win a physical conflict against a man so women rely on us to not abuse them. Women usually need to hire a man to move heavy objects or fix nasty situations i.e plumbing. So thats about the extent of oppression women have physically to face and its not against their favor either its just a small dependency.

When women want to be equal

Women relied on the decision of men to allow them to vote, join the military, so on. So we now acknowledge the fact that men and women are equal, but why did men need to grant the privilege to do so? We could force them to live by our standards but they could not force us to stop. They needed us to grant the privilege of equality. So are women really equal or just dependent on men not to change their minds on their perception of them?

Working women

There will always be a small amount of women that can do just as good, or better, in a man dominated labor field. Other jobs that takes more mental than physical work is more able to balance the majority class rank between the two. Even though women are doing just as much at the same job as a male co worker, men usually make more money from the employer. Both employees are dependent on the employer to determine their value and earnings from contributing to the company. The employer decides who makes what, and if they want to pay someone less they can for whatever reason.

Feminists today want "fair wages" regardless of individual contributions. These women are now relying on that employer to grant them equality. Why cant they just create their own and become reliant on theirselves? If women wanted to start a company that would pay their female employees more than a male why not do it? Why not establish their own equality? If granted acknowledgement as an equal from the elite you are dependent of their perception of you. Thats not being equal only treated and allowed as such. Its a subconscious need to be allowed privilege of higher power. Why cant women determine the well being of men like we generally do to them?

Men are more prone to start and own businesses while women need to rely on them for pay. Some women rise above the mental state of being dependent and establish their own relevance and make their perception the one that matters to others. Some men are reliant on a greater power to ensure their well being. Majority speaking men earn their place where women are needing us to approve theirs. So when women make less and want to become equal to their superior is truely earned by empowering their self to make a difference vs fighting to be accepted just because.

Minority groups

When I say minority Im implying smaller culture groups regardless of social class, race, gender, etc. Like tattooed/body mod culture includes men, women, blacks, whites, gays you name it. Ghetto/hood culture is like the projects, trailer parks and many races fall under this lifestyle. So basically any group that is beyond whats perceived as "average or normal" by the majority society label. People are told not to get tattoos or whatever because youll never get hired or someone wont get a job cause they are black or muslim or whatever. The Black Lives Matter group is basically out protesting the demand to be acknowledged as equal by a greater power than them. While that small culture of people need acceptance some break away and make their perception the one that matters. Tattooed people live typically as dependent on someone else to accept them and determine their well being. They demand tattoos allowed in work places and blah blah blah and need that acceptance. They arent becoming equal just treated as one. Like ghetto cultures they grow up learning a concept of being a fitting candidate for an elites perception. As in "theyll never make it out of the hood" or "youll never get a job with those things in your ears" and live forever dependent.

Establishing True Equality

The oppressed in America arent being held by guns and forced to obey with no way to change. We simply allow ourselves to mentally fall to the fact someone perceives them higher than you. Instead of relying on being allowed equality the oppressed must instead set their own relevance. Instead of earning it people feel entitled to it there for leaving the decision to a self reliant individual. The government who supposedly keeps us down is run by a small group of people who simply determine our relevance and we need them do it. Atleast thats the mindset. If we were self reliant when our politicians try to rob us or implement terror among us the ones who are forced to pay them we would perceive much differently. Instead of relying on them to change their ways at their discretion we would have the perception to disregard their order. We pay for those in power, the ones that protect them, why are we disregarded and dont do anything to change it? We have been mentally made to always be reliant on something so instead of establishing our own equality against criminal government police and what not we instead make groups like BLM and what not to demand our equality and wait for them to grant us with it. Instead of doing it ourselves, we are subconsciously dependent and at the mercy of others all just because of your mindset.

All In All You Have Equality

You just have to make it yourself for it to matter.

Now i am for fair wages for contributions to companies and equality of minority groups

But not for people needing to be accepted but for people creating it


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