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The Constipation Of The United Blights Of America.

Updated on September 11, 2016

What truly is skewed in America.

The Constipation of

the United Blights of America


“ We the Puppets

of the divided states,

both red and blue

in disorder choose

to deform a more perfect Union.

We’ve hung like chads and suffered

skewed election result

while strings were pulled

by those above us big business

and special interest groups,

bringing curtains for so many

truly good laws left unpassed.

We establish Justice

and then plea bargain it down

to a hand slap and probation,

while jails sit overflowing

with common purveyors of hemp.

We insure domestic Tranquility by

eavesdropping in on

electronic transmissions.

We grant the severing

of families through divorce

to the highest bidder...bitter.

We Silenced the masses

with fear of anti-patriotism,

As we send their sons

chasing the carrot of Bin laden

And dying for too many

years of terror extended.

We provided insufficient body armor

for the common defense,

overtaxed our reserves

with three and four tours,

and stirred up hornets nests till the

sting of death bit us all.

We promote the general Welfare,

now known as workfare,

with a minimum slave wage,

little to no health care,

and a war on poverty long ago

surrendered and lost.

We secure the Blessings of Liberty

to ourselves and our Posterity

by planting greedy footholds

in aggressively hateful countries

that only protect the precious oil

and other U.S. so called interests

in exchange for blood shed.

We do ordain and establish

this Constipation for the

United blight of America,

but the excrement has

backed up so deep

that the banks and financial wizards

are drowning in it,

homes are being emptied to sit idle,

brain injured soldiers are being lined up

two deep in puke green

institutions of inadequate care.

We abort our most precious commodities

by the hundreds weekly,

perhaps the only answers

to many of our dilemmas

wrapped in newborn flesh

and sent from God above,

only to be scraped

from the face of the earth.

The dust of our founding fathers

Create small tornadoes

in constant turmoil,

and their bones rattle

in staccato avalanches

over what constitutes

their dreams lost forever

in present day America.

Godspeed to far more

brilliant leaders and healers

but not yet…Oh, Lord, Not yet!

Matthhew F. Blowers III


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