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The Corruption of Anarchy

Updated on February 18, 2013



Anarchy! A word with so many meanings...Every meaning is completely dependant on what rock your are standing on.

The Dictionary has four definitions to the word. The first being: a state of society without government or law. That for sure sounds frightnening...but it is true. The original intent of Anarchism was indeed to depend on a society without government or law, but what is impossible to fathom in a post-industrial and post-modern era is the ability to have humans co-exist in an Anarchist Society without chaos. The reason why Anarchy and chaos go hand in hand is because we all understand that without law or governement, people will take advantage of others... no concequences to actions will indeed lead people to harm others ....this is how we(humans) act. So, Anarchy leads to lawlessness which in turn leads to criminal activity, corruption, deceit, rage, disorder, death! This brings us to the rest of the definitions according to the Dictionary: Political and social disorder due to lack of government; lack of obedience to an authority, insubordination; confusion and disorder. All of which are directly related to the first definition just because it makes sense...This is the demonization of a movement, the demonization of an ideology based on human nature.

20th century so-called Anarchists have created the greatest injustice to the ideology in order to promote a life style. So-called Anarchists have corrupted the ideology to promote anti-government and disorder in order to demonstrate their disgust towards authority and law. This behavior is most afluent in the Punk movement which peaked in the late 1900s, Punks have actually been the Ambassadors of Anarchism for decades in every corner of the planet. Let me clarify....."some" within the Punk movement have taken advantage of the Dictionary's first definition of Anarchy to promote their anti-governmental views! The symbolism used by Anarchist, which is a capital letter "A" with a circle around it, went very well with the imagery of the Punk movement and had much influence in their anti-law, anti-establishment views. The image was/is agressive and against the grain and viewed by society as violent and an auto afirmation of being outcasts....but that is a whole other subject for a later date....the point is that the imagery, the posture of hostility, aided in the twisting of a whole ideology. The Corruption of Anarchy is therefore created from human perception based on knowledge of how the mind functions. Another factor as of lately has directly to do with media! The media wrongfully parades the Anarchy ideology around as if does indeed only reflect the last three definitions of the Dictionary, automatically assuming and branding it as direct result from the first definition. This is an accurate perception of events, but it is NOT by definition the ideology of Anarchism. Anarchy IS no government and no law....that is what it is - but without the chaos - that is the foundation of the ideology.

Anarchy, as viewd by this writer, could of been a good thing, but for sure will never exist because of human nature. The idea of not having a Governement or Law is foreign to any homo-sapien due to our own knowledge of evil doings. Imagine a place with no surveilance cameras, no traffic tickets, no prisons, no fences, no gates, no clock in-clock out, no law enforcement, no politicians etc etc... All of this based on a superior human being which is intelligent enough to know not to take advantage of others, not to steal, know to stop when the light turns red, not to be corrupt, be honest and correct, aid others, do what you have to do based on the sole purpose of not harming others or cause distress onto others. All these "good" things, for sure can be picked apart by a seven year old, but only because we know how we are and cannot understand a collective we being "good". Again, this is why I have already mentioned true Anarchism in a grand scale is impossible, at least it is on this rock.

Main point of this scribbling is to enlighten few, hopefully most, of the Corruption and Misconception of an Ideaology which when created or thought about by regular folks as you and I was designed to imagine a society where government and law didn't exist because it would be irrelevant and not required based on the advanced and superior intelects of "good" human beings.

Anarchy does not equal Chaos! least in some minds.


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    • Rod Rainey profile image

      RodneyBlaec Rainey 

      6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      I think the establishment falsely perpetuates the notion that it is human nature for people to take advantage of each other. Sure, I know some unsavory individuals, but the vast majority of people I know are considerate and have ethical intentions.

      In an anarchic community everyone is a police officer in plain clothes. I think there would be less crime. For a small example, the idiot who would normally speed down a road where children were playing might think twice if he had to contend with an angry mob of parents who are probably armed on his ass.

    • InglenookObserver profile image


      6 years ago from Southwestern Wisconsin

      Sangue Sujo -

      Thank you for tackling a totally impossible topic and making some good points. We so often use a word without understanding its full connotation. You are right, the original concept of Anarchy does not connote Chaos (a good topic with which to follow up). You are also right, that to attempt pure anarchy or communism, or even democracy in the world as it exists, is nigh on to impossible.

      Great first run at this question. Hope to see more.


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