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The Corruption of Anarchy 2

Updated on February 12, 2013


The extremely complex ideology of Anarchy is as difficult to grasp as trying to define the Universe. The only reason this is such a daunting task is because the human brain has not evolved to the point where one can picture infinity without an end. It has to stop somewhere! There has to be a cliff or a wall or something! We understand what the word infinity means but cannot picture it. The ideology of Anarchy is very similar. Taking the true aspect of Anarchism, which is a society without government and without law, and eliminating entirely the chaos aspect of it, makes it not plausible in our minds for various reasons. We have been indoctrinated with every aspect of good and bad/evil since birth, since beginning of time and this concept is tattooed in our minds never to leave. Few examples: Go to sleep or the boogey man will come; if you’re bad Santa Claus won’t bring you any presents; if you sin you’re going to Hell; if you steal you’re going to jail. Being taught that there is good and bad, and as you progress in life you are able to witness good and bad, this is what we humans know about life….there are good folks and there are bad folks! Having said that, this is where the ideology of Anarchy gets complex…in an Anarchists perfect world, no park bench would require to be bolted to the ground and trash cans would not be required to be chained or fixed in cement, no park would be fenced in, no bars on windows would be necessary, no locks or keys would exist and certainly no need for weapons. This is because in this “perfect world” everyone is “cool” with everyone…. this is the infinity with an end part….this is impossible! Thus, we corrupt a perfectly good ideology and add chaos simply because our minds haven’t evolved to a point where a simple word which means helping others, being cooperative, living in harmony and in peace is unimaginable. Because it is unimaginable!

Chaos, this is Anarchy’s nemesis….you may have chaos and no Anarchy, but you cannot have Anarchy and no chaos in our simple minds because humans aren’t equipped mentally to handle lack of government and law. Since one would be required to participate in a society to actually have Anarchy, this is the greatest challenge and most likely the greatest reason Anarchy would never work on this planet: Society!

Society is “sold” to us all as to be held in high regard, to be respected, to be admired and one should always attempt to “fit in” because it gives us a sense of security, order and harmony….and because everybody is doing it…this sense is a false fragile sense of security because the sole entity which would be able to create chaos is society itself! When some members of a society become oppressed for some reason or are outcasts because they appear different or dress different these members are usually a minority and they are the ones to “rebel” against the Society. So, there can be chaos and no Anarchy, but no Anarchy without chaos, but Society has to be present in both. Having stated that, one can come to a conclusion that the same Society which created Anarchy doomed its own ideology right at conception! The same Society which envisioned a prosperous future based on Anarchy has corrupted an entire ideology into chaos! Our Society is currently and has been in chaos for some time..….just without the Anarchy.

The ideology still does NOT equal Chaos……….for a few of us.


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