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The Corruption of Anarchy 4

Updated on June 18, 2013

Following up on Corruption of Anarchy 3…..which dealt with the thought process required for one to be able to “think Anarchy”…we should address the consequences of thoughts, which are usually represented by actions.

Positive reactions due to good emotions usually will not bear any consequences to an Anarchist society due to that positive reactions usually are related towards happiness, joy, and overall goodness…this won’t have negative connotations in any society actually…unless it relates to some sports when for some reason riots break out due to excessive celebration to some sort of title or championship….this curiously enough is usually referred to as Anarchy by media outlets…simpletons. To act Anarchy, once the thought process is in place is actually very easy…it is related to kindness, helping others mentally and physically and just being plain neighborly. In a society where Anarchy is the central belief, theoretically there would be no government and the people must then self-govern themselves – THEMSELVES – not others. This is possible when there is a general census that every single individual is part of the society and that it is imperative for everyone to participate in the society for it to be able to function. I am not referencing neighborhood watches or the formation of militias….this would hint towards a hierarchy, remember, everyone must self-govern with the basic understanding that there is no greater body overseeing anything. What rules is that each individuals elevated mind understands basic good! Not everyone acts the same but no one goes beyond certain understandings within the society. In other words…imagine the society as it is today, but with no consequences…very difficult to capture this ideology due to the knowledge we have of human nature. But for the argument of this subject, the actions of a person in an Anarchist society wouldn’t be that different from todays, IF you are a law abiding citizen, the only difference is that you would have the complete and total understanding and trust in other citizens because they would ALL be “law abiding” citizens….except there are no laws, just understandings. The word law, automatically implicates repercussions. Every citizen would be extremely conscientious of the understandings of the society such as not to steal, drive intoxicated, corruption, etc etc…this is a long list….I understand this may be a bit hard to understand and what I am describing is indeed a fantasy world, but to act Anarchist, is to self-govern, have responsibilities and essentially be Good. In the current world we live in, there are plenty of law abiding citizens which unfortunately become suspicious until you get to know them because of the amount of negative/bad/evil people in our societies….we must lock our homes and vehicles, we must be aware of our surroundings and aware of where we are going to avoid getting into trouble. What we can learn from the actions of a theoretical Anarchist society is overall positive, even though we are surrounded by negatives. When the thought process is achieved the actions will speak for themselves, all actions will most likely go above and beyond our current laws in a positive way. You will be able to feel the effects of these actions through other citizen’s reactions. Just because an Anarchist society is truly impossible on this rock, it does not mean one cannot think Anarchy as it was originally designed to be. Unfortunately, even though you may be able to think Anarchy, act Anarchy and be Anarchy….all other forms of society, whether Democracy, Communism, Socialism, Monarchy, Dictatorship or whatever – Anarchy differs in one main component! There is no one person in charge of weapons.

Once again, Anarchy in it’s true form is nothing but Good, nothing but positive and even though there are many aspects of Anarchy which must be conquered within oneself to be able to understand and become Anarchy, the main ideology of this movement has to do with removing the government figure(s) and still be able to exist without the collapse of all surroundings. Impossible feat to achieve based on the society I live in, but this ideology must be cleared of its negative associations. Anarchy does not deserve to be aligned with chaos.


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    • Rod Rainey profile image

      RodneyBlaec Rainey 4 years ago from Louisville, KY

      While I agree that what you speak of would be the only way to achieve a harmonious anarchic society, I think that Anarchy is not only possible, but inevitable if our species survives the collapse of civilization, which by the way, is also inevitable based on the natural laws of thermodynamics. Peter Alexeyevich Kropotkin, scientist and anarchism advocate saw small anarchic communities as the best way to improve society based on patterns of cooperation he observed in nature. Basically Anarchy is nature. Humans are interdependently tribal by nature. Civilization has turned us all against our nature by glorifying independence, transforming the relationship into the service and the cooperative into the competitive.

      There would be consequences in anarchic communities just as there were in tribes. Those who behaved illicitly were ostracized, banished or in extreme cases, shoved off a cliff. Don West, who you also follow, talks about us all toting guns creating a fear of mutually assured destruction between people. It wouldn’t always be pretty, but it could work.