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The Corruption of Anarchy 8.5

Updated on March 20, 2013

The Corruption of Anarchy 8.5

Benefits…..continuing on, concerning the benefits of living in an Anarchist Society, probably, the most advantageous factor would be the complete and total elimination of violence. Referring back to previous posts… intelligent and advanced mind is able to relate and solve problems….all problems….without resorting to any kind of violence, whether it be mental or physical violence.

In this difficult to grasp concept, which may be plausible in hundreds of years in the future, the evolution of the mind would be at such a great level that we would be able to use the mind to control emotion, instead of emotions controlling the mind. We all know ourselves and how we react when emotions, whether negative or positive, arise. We do not stop thinking; we may stop rationalizing, but not stop thinking and many times what follows are quick, not very thought out decisions which manifest themselves in drastic actions. This obviously varies by the individual. The mind can obviously be molded, we are raised by other individuals which have direct and successful influence in what type of adult we will become. This is obviously not a rule, but works for the most part. A racist, raising children in a racist environment will most likely guarantee his beliefs will be carried on. Same scenario for radicals, fanatics, religious etc etc…. So, a child growing up will have their minds molded to recognize certain patterns they are just plainly use to following. For sure once the individual leaves home they will pick up other habits or beliefs but the core is set up. This means the mind is definitely “bendable”, for some reason it is just harder to mold or re-mold a mind after adulthood is reached. An individual with a short fuse will most likely continue to have a short fuse unless there is some sort of intervention. If this intervention is not self-inflicted or remedied with the aid of others, the short fuse will remain a problem….people with short fuses normally are easily recognizable by their actions of violence whether it be verbal or physical, thus the signs of a primitive mind. This quick example can be utilized in various aspects of life when it comes to emotionally charged actions. Let’s analyze the other spectrum, deep sadness….this emotion usually does not, but may drive to violence as well. Again, the mind will not stop thinking, but may stop rationalizing. The loss of someone important to you, for instance, will for sure bring great sadness, if the mind is not able to rationalize, individuals may enter in the despair mode and decide to “get even” with whatever they may perceive as the cause of the loss. Even happiness can cause violence, we’ve seen time and time again fans of sports clubs destroying private property after their team wins a championship…..which erroneously gets branded as Anarchy, and quite frankly one of the driving reasons for my attempt to distant this ideology from hooliganism, chaos and wasteland. So, think of any/all types of violence, against women, children, wars, verbal abuse, physical punishment, against animals and fellow humans in general…..the ideology basis was designed to eradicate primitive actions such as violence, a well based society would naturally eliminate most violent acts, and a superior mind would eliminate the rest. We all see how our current societies work, the underprivileged have a higher tendency to commit crimes and violent acts, not because they are not educated but because it’s deemed necessary for whatever reason; whether it’s to get back at the system, or it’s what is needed to feed their family or it’s just passed down through the generations….we can add various other reasons and this example is not unique to social status, violence is present at all levels within our society and mainly is there because we are not able to utilize our minds to control our emotions which in turn reflects on our decisions.

So….benefits….this is just another observation of hopefully many to come concerning how the evolution of the human mind may one day be able to eradicate everything that causes despair, suffering, inequality, and everything that is crooked in an non-Anarchist Society.


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