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The Corruption of Anarchy Ate

Updated on March 13, 2013

What would we be missing out? If indeed Anarchy was possible, what would we be giving up? On the eighth version of this subject, I will try to explore small factors which we wouldn’t have to deal with when surviving in a superior state of mind environment.

Let’s begin with Hierarchy, everyone would understand their role in the society, so actually having a superior would be irrelevant, this would be replaced by mentors without any correlation to a boss. All would understand the importance of their activities; I’ll try not to call it a job because it may have different effects on different readers, and what it means as far as contributing to their society. Now, not having a boss already eliminates many aspects of the workplace which most of us despise anyway such as, sucking up, work place favoritism, the “click”, unfriendly and unfair competition, back stabbings so on so forth… All of this would be nulled. Please keep in mind, we are dealing with individuals who are capable of higher thinking, I’m sure you are already thinking about your own jobs, err activities, and relating to the descriptions above…..remember, superior minds would eliminate “stupid people”. I have attempted to describe the actions and thinking of an Anarchist Society in previous versions of The Corruption of Anarchy, please keep that in mind. Individuals would not get involved with company politics because these politics would not exists; you see…..politics creates favoritism between the ones “in the know” and the ones outside….. Information is power….let me elaborate, information is power for those trying to climb the slippery slope of the corporate pyramid….the only reason its slippery is because of all the slobber you have to step and slip on. The power of the business card!! The higher ranked you are, the more slobber you get…..shameless slobber at that! The more single capital letters your business card has….the more “respect” you’ll get!! BS! You get slobbered because others want to keep their positions or because they want to improve their position by other means other than working. An Anarchist respects others the same, not for their talents or capabilities or status, but because you are a fellow human being, because there is an understanding that whatever activity it is that one does in an Anarchist society, it is vital to maintain and sustain the positive flow. Due to all the superior minds involved in such a society, all have their own responsibilities and duties which are self-understood, there would be no need to clock in or out, if you have 60 hours of activity in a week, you are self-driven towards your activities, the same would work if you encounter yourself with 20 hours’ worth of activity during one week, no more putting 20 hours’ worth of actual positive results in a 40 hour span! You have your results to manage as you please. It’s confusingly simple. Everyone has their activity and everyone performs! Everyone accomplishes their activities. Now…how does Capitalism work in an Anarchist Society? I will refer to it as Compensationism instead of Capitalism due to an already pre-determined assumption and opinion on Capitalism. “Compism” is exactly what it sounds like it should be, compensation based on results, all results. All parts are divided equally! All associated to any activity would benefit if the activity is successful. I understand this concept is difficult to grasp….how can the person which has the activity of emptying trash cans earn the same amount as the person with the activity of designing a product?? The reason this is difficult to understand is because we are already pre-wired to feel that this scenario is unfair due to the complexity level of both activities and not that both activities are just that….different with equal importance! Grasp it. This may be mind bending, but this is indeed an advantage as compared to what we live and experience in our day to day….or so I believe. I completely comprehend the big picture of this example is complex for our simple minds because we already assume that the “engineer” went through a higher learning process than the “janitor” due to the differences in talent of both activities, but who’s to say that the “engineer” wouldn’t want the “janitor” position and the “janitor” to be an “engineer”? In an Anarchist society there are no inequalities! It wouldn’t “cost” more to be an engineer as compared to a janitor, people wouldn’t pick an activity based on the type of life style they would rather lead, they would pick an activity based on their desire and understanding that whatever activity was chosen would be as important to the society as any other.

As off the wall as all this may seem, I must remind you once again that this type of society is impossible to achieve with the population we currently have on this planet. The complexity of an Anarchist’s mind is simple and it has everything to do with evolution. All it is is an idea someone had a long long time ago, where someone had the illusion that primitive humans as we are today could exist in the same space without killing each other before evolving to a sane, calm, smart and coherent state of mind.


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