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The Cost of Living in Iran Today

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Iranian rial is rather worthless, kind of like the Mexican peso, when compared to the dollar. The exchange rates are 12,000 rials to a dollar. On the black market there, it is 19,000 to 1. That is the stark reality of how the sanctions imposed by the US are impacting average Iranians. Of course, the government and its leaders suffer little, they still have little problem with buying food etc.

Iranians are starting to protest online despite the fact that this subject is taboo. The food prices are rising faster now as prices for meat and dairy products rise. Costs are increasing to transport goods from the ports and method of payment via electronic systems are creating more delay. Bakeries in Iran usually fills their ovens to cook fat bread fifty times a day, nowadays, at most, it is five times for lack of flour. Finding milk is also becoming harder to find and Iranians have started websites complaining about the food shortages are quickly shutdown.

According to many businesses there, milk and bread sales have declined well over 75%, mainly because of a local protest in prices to boycott grocery stores for a day or two. It is doubtful if the government is going to change there position on enriching uranium to get the nuclear bomb. But, with food prices rising daily there, and inflation at near 60%, maybe they will. Bread alone rose 33% in two weeks, chicken was a close second. On July 1, the oil embargo begins. That will hit Iranians as hard. A pound of tea costs almost $7, a carton of eggs, $4, and a two pound chicken runs about $5.

There is an outside chance that if the population becomes more vocal and belligerent about this daily lives, Iran's government might relinquish their nuclear bomb desires.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Who should feel guilty? An independent government (that refuses the U.S. yolk) or the U.S. that originated the embargo? Let us not be confused, Iranians are suffering from the direct effect of the inflation on the economy caused by the American and worldwide threats! Speculation at its best!