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The Craigslist Killer "Phillip Markoff"

Updated on March 14, 2011

A Killer On Craigslist?


A Craigslist Killer this can’t be real, that’s what we all thought when the news first broke.  But in Boston the Craigslist Killer was as real as a snow is in Chicago when winter hits.

The Young Man With the Promising Future

The Craigslist killer whose name is Phillip Markoff would’ve indeed killed more victims if he hadn’t been caught. Phillip Markoff was a promising young man with a great future ahead of him. He was a medical student who graduated high school early. He also had a normal upbringing coming from a small town in upstate new york said to be a place where families would actually want to raise children and have the happily ever after.

Phillip Markoff had basically everything in his life in order. Besides being a medical student he was your typical boy next door with the handsome features and care free attitude. Phillip Markoff was also engaged to be married to a very beautiful young woman by the name of Megan McAllister who was also planning to attend medical school. Life would’ve been so great for this young man so it just makes you wonder what could’ve went so wrong that he’d just risk throwing it all away by robbing, terrorizing and killing women off craigslist?


Friends and Family In Disbelief

When Phillip Markoff was brought up on charges everyone who knew him was in disbelief, they backed him 100% by setting up a group on the popular social network Facebook. The group was called the “Phillip Markoff is Innocent until Proven Guilty”. The Facebook group had a huge amount of followers, people who loved this young man, people who felt as if they really knew him inside out. Can you imagine the disappointment when all the evidence was surfacing and they would actually have to face the fact that there was something dark inside the handsome carefree dorky Markoff they knew?

There are many who would blame the media, but there are also many who would just speculate that he had some sort of mental disability for years that nobody who knew him or came in contact with him could see. Whatever it was that lead up to the events that took place is something that everyone will continue to speculate but will never be known because the craigslist killer succeeded in one of several suicide attempts on August 15,2010 in his Boston Nashua Street Jail cell.



The Beginning of the End


His crimes started on April 10, 2009 in a Boston hotel where he bound and robbed a paid escort at gunpoint.  The spree continued on April 14,2009 when he killed a young woman who had posted an ad on the craigslist site offering erotic services, then ended on April 16,2009 when he attempted to rob an exotic dancer offering lap dances on the craigslist website as a means of making extra money.

Phillip Markoff was easily identifiable by the two victims who survived his attacks because he never wore a disguise.  It’s also speculation that the three known crimes of the craigslist killer may not have been the only crimes he committed but there have been no other victims to come forward so he hasn’t been tied to any past murders or robberies.

Who's to Blame Craigslist or the Women?


Are you thinking that maybe these women set themselves up for something like this to happen to them? If you are then you’re joining millions of people who have the same idea. Would it be right to honestly blame these women? Or maybe you’d rather blame the Craigslist for allowing such activities to be posted in the personals or service sections of their ads.

Is Craigslist A Playground for Illegal Activities?


Craigslist over the years has become a major site for posting and responding to ads in just about everything you could name. The personals section of craigslist along with the services section has become a major trafficking area for prostitution and other erotic services. If you’re looking to have a sexual encounter for the night the only thing you need to do is search craigslist personals. Of course  services the prostitutes and pimps are offering will not be direct or in bold print but because of how the ads are placed with the pictures and the not so direct descriptions like “looking to party” or “looking for a friend” one has an idea of what the ad posters have in mind. There have even been erotic photos online of one’s private parts. Craigslist has site monitors that could remove the ads the instance they are placed but it’s become so out of hand that once the ads are removed they are soon reposted under different accounts while even more less descriptive enough to be removed again.

If you still want to blame craigslist then you should blame ever other classified ad website that’s pretty much the playing ground to the same type of thing. Perhaps more authorities monitoring these sites would be ideal but it seems they are being constantly outsmarted.

Does the Media Glorify Killing?


Is the media glorifying the events of the craigslist killer? There is a movie coming out set to premier on lifetime movie network based on the events of the craigslist killer. You’d think that’d be the end of things because the movie can’t tell us the answer we all need to know, the reason the crimes were committed. It’s really eerie just looking at the preview plus the actor playing the lead role is really creepy looking. Definitely won’t be on my list of things to watch but lifetime will end up with good ratings for the movie premier. What has this world come to?  It’s a fact that the story will not talk about the lives of the young women that were affected, but they’re going to probably start from childhood or medical school detailing the young killer’s life and death. What’s your insight, do you want to see this movie premier? Also who will be making the money behind the film? The victims that are still alive won’t see a dime of the money but the killers’ family might.  It doesn’t seem like a fair thing to do.

Did You Catch the Craigslist Killer Lifetime Movie Premier

 Okay so I said I wasnt going to watch this movie about the craigslist killer on lifetime but i did because i was curious to see exactly how the film makers would portray the characters especially that of Markoff. The guy that played Markoff had something really creepy about him that almost made me afraid to watch the movie throughout to the end.

The movie Craigslist Killer was  exactly what i espected  because it told nothing of why the events occured the way they did.

Craigslist Killer On Suicide Watch

Craigslist Killer Commits Suicide

What was the motive behind the Craigslist Killer attacks?


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    • profile image

      sophia 7 years ago

      While at first I thought it was going to be a recap of events, now I think this premier is just an attention grabber. Why give this killer anymore limelight? Craigslist is part of the problem but those women are putting themselves at risk more than anyone else. Unless this movie can shed some light on the guy's psyche and not just some dramatized version, this really isnt worth watching

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Gregas, my words exactly. Maybe robbery was the intent but He found he could get away with a murder, definetely was going to strike again if he'd not been caught.

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 7 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Brandon, My feeling about this is, if he hadn't used Craigsliast for his victems, he would have used some source to find them. Once it hit him to kill, he was going to do it with or without Craigslist. It was inevitable what he was going to do. It's just a good thing he was careless. My feelings. Greg