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The Crimes Of Passion

Updated on March 23, 2012

Welcome Readers!

I want to talk about the notorious deadly crimes of passion that are being committed almost every 4 seconds. While I am writing this article and while you are reading someone is being a victim of a crime of passion. They usually end up being notorious and show up on the local news. Or sometimes its so big it makes national news. So i want to explore what leads up to a crime of passion. First I always wonder what could have possibly made that person go off so far in the deep end like that? Regardless if they was nutty before they committed the crime or not, I know their is a story behind every murder. I just find those crimes to be the most interesting. So with that being said I want to explore some feelings, behaviors, that could have lead this person to do the ultimate. I know some of you maybe thinking that they are just cold hearted murders, as true as it may have been at the moment, I'm not talking about serial killers. Or people who repeatedly keep killing their partners out of sheer joy. I'm talking about the housewife down the street that no one ever thought to be dangerous and then suddenly you find out she killed her husband. Or the man with 3 kids who always worked and one day you find out he killed his wife and kids without any warning. Those are the crimes i'm talking about.


Lets start with one possibility cheating. Now a lot of us know how much it hurts when you find out someone is cheating on you. Cheating hurts a lot because it isn't just physical. Its emotional too. Lets talk about why sometimes people cheat. Sometimes they feel so trapped in a relationship that isn't working out and they just don't know the way out. Like when they are married or have kids or both. Sometimes no matter how hard they work at it, it just won't work, so they go out to get away from the drama and end up on someone else's pillow sheets. Or another reason is that they just aren't happy with their usual sex life and don't know how to tell the other person. So they have a bit to much fun when they go out and end up cheating. Then their is the ones that cheat because its fun. They like having a double life it makes them feel like they are important. Whatever the reasons sometimes when someone is so invested into a relationship they just can't cope with the fact that you could hurt them so much. Or that you could go behind their back and just toss aside everything they did for you. Some people believe cheating is the worst thing you could ever do to someone. It can actually make someone so unstable that they could become a danger to you, the other person, the kids (if there are any), or themselves. Like I said cheating is just as not as simple as being physical. It is emotional as well. For some people its the trill of a double life. Or the living in the moment and taking advantage of being wanted at the moment. Or the trill of not having to wake up to drama they can just go. Their is ALWAYS a reason for cheating. It just doesn't happen by mistake. Their was reason that person went to the next step without thinking. Maybe they didn't want to think about it. Maybe they did and just wanted to cut loose. Honestly it could be lots of things but when you cheat their is always the possibility that someone will lose it big time.


Sometimes the victim becomes the Abuser. Sometimes after someone gets beat so much that they just end up lashing out. They get sick of always being someone's punching bag. They just loose it and become the person's worse nightmare. Their reaper. Abuse can happen to anyone. Children, babies, and adults. An abuser always seeks to trap their victim. Using emotional and physical tactics. Its really hard to just get up and go. Anyone who has been abused you know its not just one time. Its on going. It can be random or planned. Sometimes the victim ends up dead in most cases. Sometimes they escape and its over. Then sometimes the victim becomes worse than the Abuser. They become a killer. Now lets look human nature, when we are danger our body actually prepares for it. It sends a message to the brain kill or be killed. So when someone is being abused it is almost natural for the brain to say we have to find away out. So when someone who has been abused becomes in raged they tigger those memories of when they was helpless. They lose control and only think of that person needs to pay for what they did. As almost anyone can agree with that statement, and almost agree with that the abuser deserved it. The problem is when kill someone your never going to be the same. It's like when dog kills another dog, you have to put the dog down because they will kill again. Its much like that with humans. Once you kill another human being it is almost 90 times likely you will kill again. WHY? Because in that moment you created a place in your mind far past logic, reason, and control. That place will always exist as long as you are alive when you get past a certain point. Then you might kill again. Some times you can get help for it and never do it again. It just rarely happens because of how far that place you created is. That is why their is always a chance that when someone is being abused they might truly lose it.

In closing

Their are so many more reasons why this happens that it would almost be impossible for me to list them all. These two reasons though always stick out to me because to me it could happen to anyone. Even the most wonderful family their could be a dark secret on the inside. You never know until its too late sadly. I think that if we did more to educate people on crimes of passion we could understand it better. Maybe even save a life. So with that being said I hope that next time you even think about cheating on someone you seriously think about it. You never know how the person if they find out will handle it. Remember even if you are a great cheater, everything in the dark will come to light eventually. Just like the sun will raise and set. So be aware of what you are doing to someone. Its all fun and games until someone gets killed. It could even be you. As for an abuser i can't say that i would be sad at all if they end up dead, but i will be sad for the person who became a killer though. It doesn't have to end that way. Their is a better way I promise you. I hope that you found this article enjoyable, informational and had a good time reading it. If you want to leave a comment at the bottom of the page feel free to do so. Thank you for reading. :)


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