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The Crucifixion of Paula Deen

Updated on June 30, 2013

The crime

According to the media, Deen admitted to saying the "N" word some thirty years ago. This statement was made in a private conversation with her husband. This conversation allegedly took place after a black man came in to rob the bank where she was then working and shoved a gun in her face. Deen was also accused of racism because she hired older black men to dress up in white coats and bow ties for a weddings reception.

Since this is a legal case in civil court I decided to try it here on, You have the allegations against Mrs Deen in front of you now lets get the facts. After all, this is America by the people for the people, thus according to the allegations made against her, Deen's crime is against the people. Now for the sake of time and the fact that we don't have the defendant here with us at this time we will use her media plea of "Not guilty."

Because there is two separate counts against her we must look at them individually. the first allegation, the "N" word, Does saying this word in itself constitute discrimination or is it a matter of free speech. For help in this matter we decided to consult the document of documents the Constitution and it's bill of rights. This first Amendment gives Americans the right of freedom of expression, unless the the words used are hurtful or inflammatory to the hearer(s) and could cause a crime such as a riot. Therefore Deens use of the "N" word at the time she used it and in the context she used it in could not be considered inflammatory since she and her husband were the only ones there at the time and her husband wasn't black. It should also be made aware that under the law a husband cannot testify against his wife and vice versa. Also Deen's use of the word cannot be considered racist or discriminate because it was said in the privacy of her own home.

On the second part of the allegation: Dressing older black men up in a white coats and black bow ties for a wedding reception. According to the media Deen stated she liked that "Southern Plantation" look. You the jury must decide if the act coupled with that statement constituted racism. That being said we have to find out what racism and discrimination is according to the law. For some help with that I consulted with Black's Law dictionary online, according to them discrimination is the act of failing to provide legal protection for everyone one under the law or treating one group of individuals differently than another.

Therefore according to the law, Deen's actions could have been considered discriminatory if she dressed all the black staff in one fashion and told them they would not be allowed to work unless they did so and allowed the white staff to dress differently with no fear of not getting to work. Was her statement "I like the "southern Plantation look" inflammatory? Only if the plaintiff can prove by the court that wearing white coats and black bow ties personified slavery. Just a note on that matter, Colonial Harland Sanders wore that same get up and made millions of dollars doing it, as it became an Icon for his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants.

In light of the evidence submitted here we have no choice but to find the defendant Paula Deen not guilty, case dismissed. If you disagree and you feel you have evidence to prove otherwise feel free to submit them in the comments section. But before you do let me ask you would you want to be punished for something you said to a loved one three decades ago?

The Real Story

If this case was levied against any other person in America it would likely be laughed out of the court. However because Paula Deen is a public figure and has amassed great wealth by being a public figure, in the name of ratings it is allowed to continue. This story Ladies and Gentleman is about much more than Paula Deen, this is about the redistribution of wealth. Paula Deen pulled herself up by the proverbial boots straps and made a name and a life for herself. All be it, it was by the grace of God that she was able to do so, she had to do her part and work hard.

Now that she has made it to the top everybody loves her cooking and it would appear now that she is under attack everybody and his lawyer is lining up for a final piece of the pie. But can we as Americans stand by and allow this to happen? America do you really want to reap what you are sowing here?

Today it's Paula , tomorrow it could very likely be you or I. Honestly speaking this lady never had a chance. Before she ever had her day in court she was stripped of her livelihood, as soon as it was made public that she willing admitted in a court deposition to saying the "N" word she became toxic, first she was fired from Food Network and then Harrah's dropped her name from their chain of restaurants. If that wasn't bad enough she was bludgeoned by the people on twitter. Then Slowly but surely the American public began to fashion her cross out of greed and envy.

Never mind that none of these allegations had been substantiated, never mind that none of this took place at any of her restaurants or food network. Forget the fact that the statement she made in connection with any other crime but murder would be long past the statute of limitations. She was found guilty by the media and for a crime such as this there is only one punishment fit for it, crucifixion. Where the accused is fastened to a cross and put on public display, it takes the criminal a long time to die, because they die of suffocation. Meanwhile all the world watches as his or her accusers go past and heckle the dying, sometimes gouging them with sharp sticks and throwing stones and broken glass at them. A sad state of affairs when we allow it to happen in a so called "civilized society."

"Now Johnny, you know that is not really happening here." "Really, are you that blind? That is exactly what's happening here. Not in the physical sense but even worse in the physiological sense. The main stream media and the liberals in the name of political correctness is murdering this individual and if it is allowed to continue her blood will be on the hands of the American public. What can I do? Start by standing up. Tell Food network that we the America people will not further the socialist liberal agenda by allowing an America citizen to be tried and convicted by the media before she has her day in court. Boycott Food Network, petition your local cable company to drop them from their lineup.

Why such drastic measures? Because of what the media has done Paula Deen will never sit before an unbiased jury of her peers. Because of their irresponsible behavior, her life as a public figure is marred forever. Because the media exercised it's first amendment rights so irresponsibly, Paula Deen's first amendment rights were forever violated. America should be ashamed.


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    • johnnyco12 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      Thanks Angela GREAT to hear from you!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 

      5 years ago from Central Texas

      In my opinion the whole Paula Deen thing is just another smear campaign -- happens all the time to folks of all races. It's time for the press to drop the subject of Paula Deen and get on to the subject of this country going to hell in a hand basket -- and doing it truthfully. Very enjoyable Hub and good read! Best/Sis

    • johnnyco12 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      Again remember your words from when you were young and tell me you would like to be blamed now for what you did back then.

    • johnnyco12 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      Thank you for reading my hub as for your comments, I do indeed live in a civilized society and far from being the red neck that you depicted me to be in your comments, Those of us who are civilized are intelligent enough to choose what we eat and don't eat unlike others who blindly follow whatever the media feeds them. Just because someone cooks toxic doesn't mean I have to eat toxic; Stupid is as stupid does. As for being quite it will take more than narrow mind, bitter individuals filled with hate to silence me. God bless have a great day!

    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      You are saying:

      "However because Paula Deen is a public figure and has amass great wealth by being a public figure in the name of ratings it is allowed to continue. This story Ladies and Gentleman is about much more than Paula Deen, this is about the redistribution of wealth. Paula Deen pulled herself up by the proverbial boots straps and made a name and a life for herself."

      I wish I was that forgiving as bloominglily above, but I am not. You Sir, are full of hot air, and you would be served better by your silence instead of talking stupid in public.

      She is a public figure, and usually this position comes with a lot of responsibilities. It may not seem important to you, but then again, I am not sure you are living in a civilized society, but in some woods some place with the wilderness... In civilized societies, there are certain rules that we can't break, even if they are not written.

      This is not the first time she proved herself a liability. It takes guts to show people a totally toxic cooking, to advice any one to eat your poison lying that you eat it also, while you suffer of a disease that you keep in control with food that you are not cooking on camera and with a life style totally opposite to how you are making your money!

      It is not easy to be a public figure, you have a lot of advantages, but you have more disadvantages, one of them being honest and respectful.

      Paula Deen is none of them. She was an obscure bitch who made it to fame and into money, but could not forget her obscure beginnings...

    • bloominglily profile image


      5 years ago

      I appreciate your opinion yet, she is a public figure that needs to remember her audience and fan base. She is from the South and there are many people from her neck of he woods that know better than to use that offensive outdated language


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