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The Crystal Theory

Updated on October 27, 2014

The Crystal Theory

I had a thought when watching a movie about a well-known murder, “Lizzy Borden took an ax”. This wasn’t the first time I had heard of these killings but it was the first time I had this thought. The Lizzy Borden murder sounded similar to another murder, the Villisca ax murders. They were both done around the same time period and I noticed other similarities as well. Perhaps the same person did both. I then looked into it a bit and there seemed to be an unusual amount of ax murders in the 1900 – 1920 time period. However, I did not look into any of the ax murders after that time period. I think that there was one person, one man, who was committing most of these 1900 ax murders. I have read all the newspapers have to offer and any court reports I could find as well, on the both of these horrific ax murders. I also searched online for any other articles or blogs that might lead to more information. I have yet to find any other article that suspects these two famous, vicious murders were done by the same person. I will begin to explore this theory now.

Both the Lizzy Borden and the Villisca murders were a huge shock to their communities. With Lizzy Borden there was a trial with a split community. I truly don’t think anyone actually thought she had killed her parents with an ax. I do think that a lot of people got caught up in the story, as it was new for a woman to do something so violent. Back then it would have been the first time something like that had happened. In current times we would only bat an eye because it was an ax and not a gun Female serial killers in that time were more angels of mercy and their normal means of death was poison. An angle of mercy is defined as a person in a position of power that may decide the victim would be better off if they no longer suffered from whatever severe illness is plaguing them. Even those were rare in that time period. The Villisca murders had an arrest but I am sure it was the wrong man. When I think of who may have killed this family, their kids, I can only see like a large mean looking evil bastard like a mix between the good guy and the real killer in green mile.

Based on my opinion of what I have read on ax murders in the time period of 1900 – 1920, there was a roaming serial ax murderer out there and I suspect he committed more than just those famous murders. It is not only the way the crimes were committed that made me think they were done by the same person but the random viciousness. The cases of Lizzy Borden and the Villisca, I believe are related have more than a few similarities. Here are the common factors: Each one has the element of a strange (medium build, dark hair, possibly Portuguese) man seen near the home and also somewhere around in the small town. They all mentioned having railroad tracks nearby the home, which in those days meant there would be a lot of homeless traveling through that area. In each one the ax was found washed at the home. The curtains were drawn and the windows and doors closed and locked as well. What there was to read on the subject suggested one serial killer. A serial killer is defined as a person who murders three or more people, in two or more separate events, in a period of time over a month. These two ax murders and a few others, follow the path of one very disturbed serial killer. Some papers and police had even dubbed him “Billy the ax man” after realizing he may have committed more than one brutal ax murder. Still there was nothing saying anything about these two famous murders being related. Recently, I read an extremely informative article about who may have been suspected for the Villisca murders that also mentioned the weapon of choice was an ax for a lot of, later proven to be copycat murders. This could be related to the fact that just about every household had an axe so it was an easily accessible weapon. In that time period there were a lot of blacks and mulatto's that were axed to death but their murders went un-investigated. So we will never know if they were related to what I am looking into.

My belief is this man traveled from maybe as far as Seattle, Washington area. He killed people with their own ax from their own yards. I do not think he always washed the ax as I know he was interrupted a few times. Always the curtains drawn and the doors and windows locked and shut though. Normally the people killed were couples, no kids, or like a single woman at home while her husband is off at work. Yes, the husband was always blamed, but looking back it may have been someone else. I then think he made his way to Villisca by train, as he did all his homeless man traveling that way. I even think that crime in Villisca scared him a little. I think it was so much satisfaction it was overwhelming. He may have also have been worried about how high profile that killing had gone. He may have laid low for a bit killing only other homeless even for a while. Then he ended up in Fall River, Mass. I believe the Borden murders were a convenience murder. I do not think he expected it to go high profile at all. I researched a little further and found no other significant killings after this time. As in, no other ax murders done with the family ax where the ax was cleaned in the tub or sink curtains drawn and windows and doors locked. So either the killer changed his M.O. and is defined as; Modus Operandi distinct pattern or manner of working that comes to be associated with a particular criminal. Either way I think these two high profile murders had a huge effect on how he felt about and continued killing. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove my theory. The evidence has long been tampered with, destroyed or never existed in the first place. I just have to go off what was reported in newspapers and court. If I am correct though and one man caused all these deaths he would have been bigger serial killer than John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy put together.


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