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What now for Ted Cruz?(my hopes of a Cuban Connection, not Happenin', not by a long shot!)But, moving forward,what now?

Updated on July 21, 2016
abwilliams profile image

I took an interest in Politics at a young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

Wow, last night there was nothing boring about the G.O.P.

The Republican Convention brought it... with Fireworks...indoors!!

We all knew that Ted Cruz would be speaking.

Many wondered if he would bite the bullet and endorse Donald Trump, some thought he'd give a half-hearted endorsement and some of us just had a feeling that he'd stop short of an endorsement.

Donald Trump brought this upon himself!

During the campaign season, he repeatedly accused Ted Cruz of being a liar. He hit Cruz hard. He used so much energy attacking Cruz, (because he was the biggest threat to him getting the nomination) that there doesn't seem to be much left for Hillary.

I'm not seeing the energy, maybe it will be back tonight when Trump speaks and officially accepts the G.O.P. nomination.

I get that it's Politics and you take out your competition, but in my opinion, Trump took it too far.

He attempted to assassinate Cruz's Character continually. He accused Ted's Father of an atrocity and he insulted Cruz's wife.

Seriously....if it were you, would you endorse the man?

Last night,Ted Cruz came out and articulately gave a heartfelt Speech!

He agreed with Trump on building a wall and let it be known that they are in complete agreement as to whom the real enemy is.

Cruz did not tear down Trump, he did not rehash their rocky campaign history. He did not say anything negative about Donald Trump.

He laid out the case against Hillary Clinton and he congratulated Trump on getting the Republican nomination.

If Cruz had taken it any further with the Woop Woop Trumps and the Rah Rah Donalds, it would have been seen as disingenuous. It would not (it could not) have been believable.

We all know it, right?

It would have been seen as:

  • Politics as Usual
  • All of these Politicians are the same, they stab each other in the back and then they embrace and sing Kumbaya
  • Cruz has not Set himself apart, he's no different than any of the rest
  • Cronyism on full Display last night

Just imagine if it had gone the other way......

What would the Media be saying this morning?

All of the Above! I can hear it now!

I admire Cruz for his Stand. Standing on Principle used to mean something in America!

I don't know what will become of Cruz after this, only God knows the future, but I suspect that Respect will come Cruz's way. It will not be today or tomorrow and it will certainly not come before the election, but it will come!

When people see him in different venues, they'll remember him as Standing out from the Crowd....Set Apart!

I admired Ronald Reagan so much, because he Set Himself Apart from All others.

He was Unique.

He helped us to all look past all that was wrong in America at that time and see the Greatness of America, that was always present, we were just having a hard time seeing it.

We all fell in love with America again!

He spoke from his heart and he was genuine.

Cruz still reminds me of Reagan, that hasn't changed. In fact, I think The Gipper was smiling down on Cruz last night.

I may be in the minority right now, but that's okay, it will not be the first time and certainly will not be the last time.

I've said it before, I'm not a Trump fan, but I know without a doubt that a Hillary Clinton administration will be a continuation of this Obama administration and we can't have that!

It is my intention to vote for Trump this go round, but I'm not on the Trump Train.

At best, I'm on one of those old-fashioned Railroad Handcars that we occasionally see in the old black and white movies.

I'm coming along, but not quickly and not hurriedly!


However, I am excited about the pick of Mike Pence as Vice President.

I'm a fan of Mike Pence and I have been since I saw him speak at a Tea Party a few years back. He was as Dynamic as he was last night.

He's a big plus on the Trump Ticket!

I'm praying for safety for All, throughout both Conventions.

May God Bless and Keep America!


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